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Coffee Reviews

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Maxwell House Original Roast Ground Coffee

101 reviews

We have been buying maxwell house tins for over 25 years and this one in particular is our favorite, smooth and a bit nutty. Not too dark in flavour and tastes great every brew!
Kicking Horse Coffee

88 reviews

This coffee is to die for. It really is fantastic quality. Great bonus is that it is fair trade! My favourite roast is Three Sisters, with Kick Ass a close second. I like to change up the roasts over time however and have tried them all with success. Worth the cost - but little...
Maxwell House Instant Coffee

95 reviews

Like the aroma, fresh coffee taste, wake me up in the morning. There's no after taste after drinking it. Price is very reasonable and can easily find in store
Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

70 reviews

Pumpkin Spice Latte is how we celebrate Fall! The day it is released we are at Starbucks ordering our PSL! Spicy, warm, creamy and delicious! What I like about Starbucks is that I can customize this drink to cater to my dietary needs as my daughter and I cannot drink milk so we...
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato

61 reviews

I'm freaking obsessed with this drink I even purchased an espresso maker and everything so I can make this beverage while in camp working nothing but the best for myself, Starbucks caramel syrup bottles are only $14.00 , Starbucks caramel macchito cold beverage big bottle $6.00...
Tim Hortons Premium Instant Coffee

38 reviews

Are you Canadian? Do you hate Timmies drive thru but need that little cup of sunshine in the morning? Well ladies and gents, here is your freakin answer! ready in like 2 seconds, you can be out the door asap anddddddd you can make sure you have the perfect cup everytime! No more...
Nescafé Rich Instant Coffee

48 reviews

The drink I can’t go without in a day, loving the taste of smoothness and warm feeling of satisfaction each cup. Make me ready to tackle everything with Nescafé :) the fullness of taste of coffee, you need to try!
Nescafé gold espresso

32 reviews

C'est mon préféré café instant. Je l'utilise aussi dans le yogourt grec nature pour en faire ...saveur café! Délicieux! Goût doux et bien présent, se mélange très bien en café, en moka-café ou en latté. En camping , a la chasse ou en plein air, un must a acheté...
atlas Coffee club

1 review

I received Atlas Coffee Club Costa Rica Dark Roast K Cup Coffee Pods free from Stack Influence in exchange for my honest review. Atlas Coffee Club K Cup Pods retail around $29.99 for a 24 count package. Costa Rica Dark Roast has a bold coffee aroma and rich bold coffee flavor. I...
Maxwell Coffee Dark Roast

77 reviews

This is our house coffee. It’s quite expensive where I live. So when we go into our nearest city we buy a flat or so of it. The dark roast tastes great and no after taste like some coffees
Bones Coffee Nightmare Before Christmas Box Set

1 review

Bones Coffee always has great and unique flavours of coffee. Always fresh tasting, and the flavours are beyond amazing. I say they had a cute Nightmare Before Christmas gift box set… and had to try! It’s comes in a beautiful box, and the most fun flavours ( Oatmeal Cream...
Ethical Bean Lush Medium Dark Roast Coffee

22 reviews

Like my headline says, I was surprised at how good this was! I made this in my French press as well as my regular coffee maker, but I preferred the French press much more. The coffee is smooth, not bitter, perfect way to start the morning or have a mid-day boost. Overall it's...
Starbucks Iced Coffee Medium Roast

13 reviews

I love how convenient is this coffee - no need to go to the store to actually enjoy Starbucks coffee. Easy, not super expensive, great taste. I’m really happy about the product
nescafe bold kcups

1 review

If you like a stronger cup of coffee then this brand is for you. A nice rich bold taste that has no bitter aftertaste. Not a cheap brand however you can usually find it on sale. The name really says it all and you get what you pay for.
Carte noire

1 review

Bought this coffee as try and also to receive some cashback on it but as soon as I try it i was impressed because of it. It taste so nice, strong, powerful taste and scent of coffee which a coffee lover would love that scent and taste. Is a delicat coffee but same time very...
Compliments Organic Peruvian Compostable Pods

1 review

This is an alright coffee. Not the worst, but also not the best I've tried. A little acidic with a nice nutty taste to it. The flavour itself is fine, but the overall quality could be better. It is weaker then I would like it to be and does taste a bit burnt.
Xoma Superfoods plant based coffee pods

1 review

I received plant-based @xomasuperfoods beverages are packaged in @nexeinnovations single-use pods, which made with plant-based materials and are nontoxic & fully compostable. The pods are safe for the soil, said to be fully broken down within 35 days in municipal compost...
McDonald's roasted coffee

1 review

I make this coffee at home and it tastes so good. Just like the restaurant. I buy the ground coffee and the flavour and smell are so good. The coffee turns out perfect everytime!
Nescafd gold instant coffee

20 reviews

I found this Espresso instant coffee to be milder in nature than most powdered instant coffees which tend to be quite grainy and hard on the stomach as well. The end result tastes similar to an espresso beverage and you can add in your own flavours and creamers as well.
Jay Street Coffee, Coffee Shot

1 review

This is my new favorite canned coffee (and I have tried MANY, MANY kinds). The second I tasted it, I immediately ordered more. It has a bold, rich taste. It's hard to find coffee strong enough for my tastes, but this is ideal. I drink it on ice with a variety of flavored...