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Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

2289 reviews

These shakes are not only delicious, but super convenient and nutritional! I mostly use them as a breakfast or lunch supplement, but find that it holds me over until the next meal as needed! At only 160 calories it provides the nutrients needed while helping with weight-loss!
Premier Protein Vanilla Shake

1390 reviews

This product is my go-to morning breakfast now. I drink it every single day. It has so much protein with little carbs and only 1 gram of sugar. It is so delicious when served cold.
Premier Protein Caramel Shake

939 reviews

Premier protein is one of the few protein shakes I can drink. Every flavour I have tried is so tasty. Even though it is a little pricey, I believe it is worth it. The shakes keep me full for hours and I don't find myself going for snacks all day like usual.
Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix in Chocolate

200 reviews

I grew up drinking these because I was a child who almost never ate food, other than yogurt and mashed potatoes. I am very much like that even now as an adult and I drink these for extra nutrition. I usually get the carton version and not the powder but I should go back to the...
BOOST® High Protein - Chocolate

162 reviews

I tried this drink as a meal replacement for busy days with work. Although I enjoyed the flavor it didn't not really keep me full for long. I would continue to buy it as a drink to go along with a small meal.
Ensure High Protein Meal Replacement Drink

168 reviews

You will find a lot of crappy articles about Ensure products and their nutrition, but I can tell you this drink saved my life 100% when I was Anorexic. And it still saves my life, as I am disordered in my eating habits to this day. At my worst, this drink was the only thing I...
Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix in Vanilla

89 reviews

I love caration breakfast. I just wish you could get the strawberry by it self. because if I want it I have to get the varity and I do not like the chocolate one. so I get stuck with just the vanilla one. sometimes I do not feel like it.
BOOST® High Protein - Vanilla

84 reviews

Quand jetait malade et que javais de la difficulte a manger et a le garder dans lestomac boost a ete ma bouee de sauvetage.Tres bon produit et bon cout pour les bienfaits quil procure.Bon supplement alimentaire.Je vous le recommande x 1000
MiO Liquid Water Enhancer Fit

108 reviews

A fantastic line of products, lots of variety with something for everyone. Like many of us I struggle with getting in 8 glasses of water every day, and would prefer to drink juice or pop, Mio makes it easy & fun to drink water again.
Kellogg's Special K Protein Breakfast Shakes

96 reviews

I was very skeptical about buying these, but I am so glad I did. They make for a wonderful meal replacement and they really do taste good ! I would definitely recommend them!
Carnation Breakfast Essentials

53 reviews

Fantastic quick on the go brrakfasy drink. Fills a hole until you get a minute to eat. And the price is better than boost or ensure. Nutritioal value is spot on where it should be for a on the go breakfast. Love it for picky eating as a vitamin boost or for my teen who wont eat...
Boost nutritional drink vanilla

8 reviews

I would have never thought to try it before I received a sample of it. I love it. I use it in my iced coffee’s instead of creamer. I find it creamy and a good taste. And the best part it’s good for you and fills you up!
Boost complete nutrition

3 reviews

I thought I would buy this in hopes of replacing the standard protine shakes that never taste good. I loved how this came in its own packages, no measuring, just open the package and shake! It was surprisingly yummy! Easy to use, taste great... the only issue is that I'm not...
Lightlife plant based burger

3 reviews

It might be on the expensive side but it tastes very good. You just dont feel that you are eating a vegetarian burger that also Vegan. It tastes great.Just grill it on the pan , each side for about 8mins and its done. Its very filling as well :) #vegan
Boost complete chocolate oat & flaxseed

6 reviews

I'm happy that the sugar content is reduced and it mixed well without me having to bring out my shaker bottle. That's a big plus for me. The taste is not bad. You definitely get the chocolate flavor but just behind it is the typical flavor that I like to call "healthy food...
Fiber One 110 Calories Brownies

56 reviews

The Fiber 1 Brownies are a perfect mid-afternoon snack when craving sugar, but with only 110 calories, i know i'm making a good choice. They're very moist and soooo chocolatey!!
Boost nutritional drink

2 reviews

❤️Firstly the taste is AWESOME! Boost Chocolate tastes just like chocolate milk. ❤️Secondly, we can all benefit from the protein found in Boost Complete Nutrition, which you can conveniently carry wherever you go. ❤️Lastly, it's reasonably priced around $9.50 (CAD)...
Ensure chocolate plus calories

1 review

This is my favourite meal replacement. I have tried a lot that are on the market and this one has the best flavour and taste. It’s thick enough and bubbly that it Alan it tastes like a milk shake. I have medical conditions that sometimes effect my eating habits and these...
Great Value Pink Lemonade Drink Crystals

1 review

I highly recommend the great value pink lemonade drink crystals, I recently started drinking them on the go. they help with blood sugars while allowing me a sweet tangy drink.
Optimum Nutrition Protein Almonds / Dark chocolate truffle

1 review

I love these Dark Chocolate Truffle, Optimum Nutrition Protein Almonds because they are a great healthy alternative to regular candy or snack foods. I like that even though they are 2x the protein and low carb, they don't lack taste or sweetness. They are crunchy and great...