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Premier Protein Chocolate Shake

2293 reviews

I am a busy, working, mom. I am often running out the door in the morning in a rush. I am so thankful for these shakes because they are high in protein, keep me full for hours, and they actually taste good.
Premier Protein Vanilla Shake

1391 reviews

Been using these for 2weeks now and i love them. Drink it 1st thing in the am with 1 cup of cold coffee and it keeps you full for hours. Highly recomened if your doing low carb this is great for high protein.
Premier Protein Caramel Shake

948 reviews

These are my favourite protein drinks. They are so convenient. I keep several in my car just in case I’m stuck in traffic, or don’t feel like making a protein shake from powder and milk. I also mix 1 serving with black cold brew to make a low cal/carb caramel macchiato.
Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix in Chocolate

203 reviews

I’ve been trying to eat healthier and these are a game changer for me. It keeps me full and has so many nutrients and is low calorie! It’s worth the price and it’s great for those trying to eat healthier
BOOST® High Protein - Chocolate

162 reviews

I tried this drink as a meal replacement for busy days with work. Although I enjoyed the flavor it didn't not really keep me full for long. I would continue to buy it as a drink to go along with a small meal.
Ensure High Protein Meal Replacement Drink

168 reviews

You will find a lot of crappy articles about Ensure products and their nutrition, but I can tell you this drink saved my life 100% when I was Anorexic. And it still saves my life, as I am disordered in my eating habits to this day. At my worst, this drink was the only thing I...
Carnation Breakfast Essentials Powder Drink Mix in Vanilla

89 reviews

I love caration breakfast. I just wish you could get the strawberry by it self. because if I want it I have to get the varity and I do not like the chocolate one. so I get stuck with just the vanilla one. sometimes I do not feel like it.
BOOST® High Protein - Vanilla

84 reviews

Quand jetait malade et que javais de la difficulte a manger et a le garder dans lestomac boost a ete ma bouee de sauvetage.Tres bon produit et bon cout pour les bienfaits quil procure.Bon supplement alimentaire.Je vous le recommande x 1000
MiO Liquid Water Enhancer Fit

108 reviews

A fantastic line of products, lots of variety with something for everyone. Like many of us I struggle with getting in 8 glasses of water every day, and would prefer to drink juice or pop, Mio makes it easy & fun to drink water again.
Kellogg's Special K Protein Breakfast Shakes

96 reviews

I was very skeptical about buying these, but I am so glad I did. They make for a wonderful meal replacement and they really do taste good ! I would definitely recommend them!
Boost complete chocolate oat & flaxseed

22 reviews

Got a free sample of this product and it tastes okay but I like the vanilla flavour better. I don’t like that you can taste the sweetener in both these products and I’m not sure it actually fills you up for it to be considered a meal replacement. You also have to use a lot...
Boost nutritional drink vanilla

11 reviews

This is such a great tasting nutritional drink. It has all the vitamins and minerals as well as having 10 grams of protein. There's also no artificial colors or sweeteners. I know that I don't always get the nutrition I need due to not being hungry or just too busy to eat, so...
Boost complete nutrition

7 reviews

Excellent petit déjeuner pour les matins pressés, il se glisse dans le sac a main ou se déguste au bureau a la pause. Il est agréable au goût tant la saveur vanille que chocolat , il m'apporte minéraux , vitamines et protéines tout ce dont mon corps a besoin jusqu'au...
Carnation Breakfast Essentials

54 reviews

I tried Carnation Breakfast Essentials in Chocolate flavour. I do not recommend this product for these reasons: 1) the serving size (one 40g sachet added to 250ml milk) has 21g of sugar in the powder alone - that's just over 5 teaspoons of sugar in one glass 2) due to the...
Fairlife Core Power Protein Shake - Chocolate

1 review

If you've been looking for a protein shake/drink that doesn't have the weird aftertaste or gritty texture, look no further. This is THE best tasting protein drink I've found. It tastes EXACTLY like chocolate milk and has a smooth texture. You could serve this in an unmarked cup...
Dr. Formulated organic coconut mct oil

1 review

This is a really great product. I am a fan of adding healthy fats to your diet and this is an easy way or doing it. Add to coffee, smoothies, or salad dressings. 1 tbsp of this and 1 tbsp of unsalted butter whisked or blended in coffee... Yummmm!

1 review

I had won a contest via Instagram from a Canadian company named Ironberry. After receiving their congrats email, they sent me some a small selection of some of the items they carry. I received one Ultimate Smoothie Mix, Ultimate Bites in 2 flavours, and Cranberry powder. The...
Biosteel Sports Drink White Freeze

1 review

This is now my new favourite sports drink. It tastes like white freezies! SO good! This drink only has 10 calories and won’t spike your sugars. It’s hydrating and delicious. It’s a bit on the pricey side for such a small portion unfortunately but I will still recommend it...
BioSteel Hydration Mix

2 reviews

Biosteel is my go-to. I love almost all their flavors and they have an amazing points system that allows to get rewards. I must be honest, their price point is on par with other products but might be a bit expensive for those who usually purchase gatorade/poweraid. But those do...
Progressive vegegreens-pineapple coconut

1 review

VegeGreens is vegan friendly and a nutrient-rich source of antioxidants. It helps to boost your energy level, renew mental clarity, detoxify your body and restore a healthy pH balance. Here is an easy and sweet way to get a little more greens and fruits into your diet. I put...