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Cleaning Wipes Reviews

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Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus

6286 reviews

Great smell. Thick towel that holds up. One towel goes a long way when cleaning. The container is full. The value of the product to what you get inside is great.
Babyganics All Purpose Surface Wipes, Fragrance Free

328 reviews

The packaged I received wasn't wet enough. It felt pretty dry but maybe I received a bad batch. The only thing I liked was that it was definitely non scented. I wouldn't buy it at the store.
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

243 reviews

I’ve been buying these for many many years now and I’m never disappointed in the quality of them. They are more detailed than the Lysol ones I find and I like the other smells they come in. I only wish the prices weren't so inflated atm but that’s due to other reasons.
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Ocean Fresh

148 reviews

I ended up picking up a pack of these wipes to help disinfect high-touch areas in my workplace and home (like doorknobs and keyboards). I found the product worked effectively but I personally did not like the scent, it was too strong for me.
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Citrus Clean

145 reviews

These wipes are great bang for your buck. They are thick and able to catch a lot of nastiness over a large surface area. I had a jar that had really sticky gunk on it from a label. Instead of reaching for goo-gone I tried this and it worked like a charm!
Lysol Advanced Disinfecting Wipes

86 reviews

I will buy this again and again. I used it everyday for my table and wiping for dust. I like this product and the smell is really good. Love this. Perfect for all
Seventh Generation Multi Purpose Wipes - Garden Mint

37 reviews

I'm not sure if I received an off batch based on other reviews. I found these very dry in comparison to other disinfectant wipes. I almost needed to wet them in order for them to pick up dust/debris and clean surfaces. The scent was pleasant and I love the cleaner ingredient...
Lysol disinfecting wipes lemon & lime blossom scent

30 reviews

I use these wipes for everything. From wiping down countertops, to table surfaces, to grime on doors and doorknobs to removing stains on the floor. Lysol is the best and it does a good job at disinfecting and keeping my germophobia at bay. Love it, highly recommend. Thanks for...

10 reviews

I have been using it for about six months to disinfect surfaces and it really kills germs. it also is good to clean the toilet and gets the pee smell out of our cats room floor. It is the best disinfectant I would ever use and I could not live without it.

9 reviews

Love the size of this wet wipe package. It is compact and fits nicely in my bag, not too bulky or heavy. Ideal for travel on the go. Also easy and fuss free to use leaving a pleasant scent on my hands.
Guardian Malaysia  Antiseptic Germicide Liquid

9 reviews

Great stuff! I use a bit in my bucket when i mop the floor it's useful for many things around the house. My puppy hasn't gone to the toilet inside since i started using this with pineoclean. HAPPY DAYS! No more dog pee!! Highly recommend this product for so many reasons, love...
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes

36 reviews

Love having this under my hand for a quick clean up. Sometimes it's easier to use this than an antibacterial spray and a paper towel. This saves you all the trouble and does the job just as well.

7 reviews

caring pharmacy always have great deals on,and when they do i stock up on the different scent of anti bacterial wipes..the smell is heavenly and leaves skin soft...never dries the hands,i'm a fan of this and will continue to orderthis products again and again during covid19
Watson's Malaysia Anti Bacterial Hand Wash

7 reviews

Keeps me and my family safe. I have even used it on my dog after she had a tumour removed and when the scab came away the surgical cuts had become very infected.

6 reviews

caring pharmacy always have great deals on,and when they do i stock up on the different scent of anti bacterial wipes..the smell is heavenly and leaves skin soft...never dries the hands,i'm a fan of this and will continue to orderthis products again and again during covid19

6 reviews

I absolutely love this range of hand wash by Cating Pharmacy for its scent. It feels so luxurious as I rub it on my palms and once rinsed off my skin is left soft and smelling devine. This is my all time favourite body wash. A very reasonable price for such an effective body...
Tesco Malaysia Luxury Soft Deluxe Toilet Rolls

4 reviews

The price is amazing but yes you get what you pay for it not as good as leading brands but lasts just as long and is super soft and does the job especially when you have a baby who like unrolling it
Dettol Citrus Zest Surface Wipes

1 review

Dettol’s germ-busting power in these wipes has been given a sunny lemon & line scent that’s refreshing but not overpowering. These are strong, long and generously sized wipes, I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled one out from the 105piece pack as they are a really good...
Clorox On The Go Disinfecting Wipes

1 review

Our family has been stalking up on these wipes all throughout covid. They have a super nice, light scent and each wipe is pretty wet with cleaner. Never bought a dry pack, even from the Dollar Store. You can find them just about anywhere now. Gas stations, Canadian Tire...
Mr.Clean Magic Eraser (scented)

1 review

From permanent marker and crayon on walls, scuff Mark's and grease these erasers are worth their price and every parent's should have one in their magic toolbox of god only knows what my kid is into it's too quiet