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Cleaning Wipes Reviews

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Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Citrus

4106 reviews

I absolutely love these Lysol Wipes! The smell is so nice and refreshing. It leaves whatever you cleaned with them so clean looking and smelling. I find them amazing for washing down door frames, they don't strip the paint and the cleanliness opens up the room. They work...
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

212 reviews

Quick & Easy to use, totally reliable disinfectant; especially for unexpected messes that just can't wait to pull out a BIG bottle and paper towels . Just wipe it away and you're done - with CONFIDENCE,
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Ocean Fresh

146 reviews

This is a great product. The smell is not too strong and it comes in a very convenient package. I always keep this on hand in the bathroom for those quick fixes to the counter etc.
Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Citrus Clean

140 reviews

The decent quality wipes. Convenient packaging , easy to take on the go to the cottage etc. I also use a pack in my car for quick wipe downs of dirty surfaces (whch facial tissues or napkins wont get off). The only drawback is not many tissues in the package for the price.
Seventh Generation Multi Purpose Wipes - Garden Mint

30 reviews

I am very planet friendly and rarely use wipes but I do keep these handy for times I need to clean quickly or we have guests coming. They are effective and efficient and I personally enjoy the scent. My husband wishes I’d let him use them more.
Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes

32 reviews

I use these for everything at home but I also keep some in my truck and at work since they're so versatile. I like the fresh scent, price, and the fact that they're more environmentally friendly than the big brand wipes. Nearly
Lysol Dual Action Disinfecting Wipes

39 reviews

After trying these Lysol Dual Action Wipes I will never go back to regular wipes. The scrubby side is great for gritty counters. I hated having to scrub with regular wipes and still not getting them clean enough. Now I just have to go over with my Dual Action wipes and they...
Wipe and Glow Cleaning Cloths

2 reviews

I tried the product recently and so far it’s quite compatible for me. No issues observed but I will be sure to check in and update the review in a month or so. Would definitely recommend to give this a try.
clorox scentiva wipes coconut

1 review

I have used clorox wipes for a long time now. I use them on my bathroom and kitchen counters to keep thing sanitized. When the Scentiva line came out I started using them. I used the lavender and jasmine ones. Then they came out with the coconut ones. I absolutely love the smell...
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Crisp Linen

2 reviews

Families are messy, no doubt about it! But Lysol wipes come to the rescue again and again. Wiping down the counters in the kitchen or bathroom or cleaning up pet messes, it's good to know that i'm disinfecting to keep my family safe. And the scent of fresh linen appeals to my...
Majic Eraser

1 review

These Majic erasers are great. I needed something that would get a mechanics ring around the tub out of the tub. Well these work great. cleaned the ring of grease right out of there.
Brab's Pro-Rag

1 review

This rag is amazing. Just soak it in water , no soap no cleaning products just water. Then clean the surface and let it dry! That's it. If really dirty you may have to give it a second round but what a time saver! Now I don't mind cleaning the windows.
J cloths

1 review

J cloths are a good supplement for using washable cloths, they are disposable. A few cloths can be bought in Walmart, Canadian Tire or grocery store of even some dollar stores. They have a tendency to shred if they are over used.
Great Value Disinfectant Wipes

15 reviews

I bought Great Value Disinfectant Wipes yesterday at Walmart. I was about to grab the Lysol Disinfectant Wipes when I came across these ones. I am so glad I did too. They have the same ingredients as the Lysol wipes and it's a cheaper price! I bought the value pack which carries...
Encoreeco - environmentally friendly

1 review

This is AWESOME, you want to grab something environmentally friendly, we’ll good news my dear friend, a new store call ENCORE&co;, offers you plenty of products ina ecological manner. You will be able to grab all in one place going to a new super bamboo toothbrush with a nice...

1 review

It's great when I have that moment where toilet paper is just not going to work so the Cottonelle flushable wipes work really good very soft and gentle on my bottom.
Swiffer Duster Refills

3 reviews

Omg I love this product. It picks up my dog and cat hair so smoothly. It cleans it all up and so easy to use. I would recommend this product to anyone that has pets.
Great Value Fresh Scent Cleaning Wipes

1 review

I love these wipes and noticed they recently changed the scent which I love even more than the previous Fresh Scent wipes!! They are a good value for the price (75 wipes for about $3) so I will definitely keep buying and using these! They make my counters (and hands!) smell so...
Seventh Generation 100% Unbleached paper towel

4 reviews

Love them! I use a lot of paper towels. A crazy amount! I don’t feel bad about it at all because I’m using a product with a small carbon footprint. The towels are absorbent.
Clorox scentiva

1 review

Clorox scentiva wipes are good. I think spittle thinner then the regular wipes. But they would just as good. I got the Tuscan lavender&Jasmine;they smell better then you think. I hate thesmell of lavender. This one bottle seemed a little dry but just added a little water Yes I...