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Pho Pa Reviews - Toronto
    Address: 698 Queen Street West
    Toronto, Ontario M6J 1E7
    Phone: 416.979.9444

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    Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
    July 10, 2009

    I purchased a bracelet from this store for about $160, and I loved it but unfortunately it started to change colour after only a few months (not tarnish, actually permanent colour change from silver to pink). When I raised the issue with the staff, they were just horrible at dealing with the situation. Not only did they keep putting me off and promising to call me back and never following through, they were just blatantly mean to me when I did speak to them. They told me that it was only natural for the bracelet to need to be re-dipped every so often, when it had only been 2 or 3 months before it had changed colour! When they finally did send it in to get repaired by the jewelry designer, they said they were sending it out right away and that it should be a quick fix and it was only going to quebec. I asked them for a receipt or something to document that they had my bracelet, but they said that I didn't need one because they would remember me. Who does that?! I mean you're taking my personal property to send off somewhere and you're giving me nothing that will allow me to claim later? 2 weeks later I hadn't heard from them and I called the manufacturer and she had never received it at all! When I asked them where it was they didn't know anything about it and then they took 2 days to finally track the package down.

    Overall, it was just they way they treated me and spoke to me that was so awful. They couldn't be more unprofessional if they were trying to! The manager (Alexia) has no clue what she's doing or how to treat customers. The only reason the situation even got resolved is because the manufacturer sent me a new bracelet ASAP after I called to tell her about the incident. They were unapologetic and overall just acted like I didn't matter and they wanted me to just go away. I will NEVER step foot in that store again.

    Shoppers beware, these ppl DO NOT stand behind the quality of the products they sell and they have no interest in helping you to deal with any problems you have with their products. AND the manager doesn't even stand behind her own staff or answer for the mistakes they make! She basically told me that one of the staff was wrong not to call me back and that the girl wasn't the greatest employee, but then she wouldn't do anything to make up for the girl's actions!

    If you like the crystal jewelry they have at Pho Pa, you're better off just getting it directly from the designer - www.claudiaaccessories.com.

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