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March 18, 2009

Here is one thing I'll say: Bliss' "The Youth As We Know It" moisturizer is HORRIFYINGLY over priced. I'll pay for good stuff, but the jar size leads you to think there is way more product than there actually is. It smells nice and the texture is creamy and absorbs nicely, but I will not pay that much for that particular product again.

The toner coupled with the moisturizer does some weird thing to my skin. It creates small lumps of what I assume to be moisturizer bonding with the toner and making a solid. I don't need that. That's not desirable.

I like the smell of the products. They aren't "perfumey" at all. They are fresh and have a grapefruit undertone to them. I've discovered I love the smell of grapefruit. Who knew?

So, small, short review of something I regret buying. I'm not really happy with several of Bliss' products. Even their spa services left quite a bit to be desired in my opinion. I probably won't be trying my luck with anymore of their products. You can get information and purchase their products directly through Bliss and their spas or through the ever wondrous Sephora.

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