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Recommended? You Betcha!
June 20, 2016

This conditioner made my hair feel great! It felt soft, volumized, smelled really good, and was manageable. The Pantene moisturized my hair so there were no loose or stray hairs to deal with. It made it so much easier to style. If you haven't tried this new Pantene intense hydration so your hair can feel the softest you've ever felt then you don't know what your missing! Stop at your nearest #Target and pick some up soon!
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Recommended? You Betcha!
March 29, 2016

When I first brought Pantene Expert Pro V Intense Hydration home, it smelled like a tropical paradise (from the bottle).

The following morning, I jumped into the shower, ready to explore Pantene for the first time in years.

The smell outside of the bottle I am conflicted about – it seems to want to have that tropical scent going for it, but it seems a bit off. My First impressions of the scent do not match with reality. It’s not the worst scent, but perhaps my nose just can’t figure out what smell it is going for.

The conditioner is also a nice thickness, and not too much is required in order to pile my hair on my head. I start off by working it into my ends, all the way up to my roots, and let it sit for a few minutes.

It rinses out quite easily, despite its thickness, and still doesn’t tangle in the shower.

After showering, I towel dry my hair. This is one of the factors that make a hair product a yay or nay for me. It still does not tangle much, and is easy to brush through – without using a serum or detangling spray!

I generally let my hair air dry – there is no time in the morning for styling beyond a quick brushing. An hour or so later, my hair is soft with a bit of weight to it at the same time. It does not look oily or greasy.

Those floofy hairs that normally stick up at the crown of my head lay flat and unnoticeable, and stay in place all day long (pending I don’t wear a wool hat).

So it’s a nice hair product – not my absolute favourite while applying it (the scent), and I would certainly try out another one of the Pro V sets to see if it works a bit better with my hair (more volume vs hair laying flatter).

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