Zim's Crack Creme Arnica and Aloe Vera Lip Formula

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April 12, 2012

I have very sensitive lips.
They frequently become dry and very itchy depending on what I put on them or even from what I eat.
For example, eating potato chips can cause my lips to be scabby for weeks.
I tried pretty much every lip balm I could find in the pharmacy.
Most products just made it worse, even the “medicated” or “sensitive” kinds. I was at the end of my rope one day at Shoppers Drug Mart and went to speak with the pharmacist.
I was wondering if there was a prescription lip balm.
She showed me Zim’s Crack Crème Lip Formula instead which was actually created by a pharmacist.
I picked up a pack of two.
It was relatively cheap for something sold in the pharmacy section of the store (less than $10 for two).
I opened it up immediately after I left the store and applied the lip formula. The first thing I noticed was that it smelled AMAZING! Just like cherries!
It went on really smoothly over my chapped lips and comforted them immediately.
I continued to use the balm over the next couple of days and my lips became suppler and less irritated with each use.
That was over a year ago. I now use this lip formula every single day and not once have my lips become irritated.
If I want to eat salty food, I just put this on first and then again after.
It leaves a nice shine on your lips too!
If I wear makeup to go out, I put a bit in the center of my lips and then rub my lips together. It looks like, feels like, and is an incredible product.
It’s great for people who suffer from cold sores, chapped lips, and sun and wind burned lips.
I recommend this product to anyone that likes soft, healthy lips :)

*Remember to look in the pharmacy section for this product. It's not with the other lip products!

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