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Christie Foods

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Christie Foods Reviews

Dad's Oatmeal Cookies
So yummy dipped in some hot orange pekoe, english breakfast or earl grey tea! Perfect portion sizes and quantity. There is not an overwhelmingly amount of cinnamon but just the perfect amount that makes you wonder about that special ingredient that brings this cookie together. I...


55 reviews

Who does not like Oreos! My kids absolutely love them, they love them with milk or as a to go snack! I am making an Oreo Cake often and we are enjoying it! I would recommend to everyone who wants a yummy cookie.

Christie Fudgee O Cookie
Better than Oreos for sure. The chocolate is real tasting and not artificial. It’s smooth. Cookies on outside are crunchy but not brittle. Perfect combination! I love these cookies and can easily have four in one sitting!

Chips Ahoy Chewy
Chips Ahoy Chewy

41 reviews

My favourite cookie out of all time, so chewy and delicious. I love the easy to open packaging and the sweet flavour of the cookie. I definitely recommend to anyone who loves sweets.

Oreo Thins
Oreo Thins

39 reviews

Oreo Thins are even more delicious than the originals. They are very addictive. The cookie to cream ratio is perfect. Would definitely buy again and again.

Ritz Cheese Bites
I bought them for my daughter and I ended up eating more than her! It's a kids food but it's really good as a snack. The cheese doesn't really taste as cheese to me, but still good!

Christie Pirate Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies
Delicious and tasty! A great snack from Christie brand. I enjoy the good ingredients that have a rich and creamy decadent taste. It is always reliably tasty and fresh. I really enjoy this and have bought this brand for years. I will always love them. Great with a glass of milk.

Mini Oreo Cookies
The oreos were so good I love the bite size and my children do too. It is a easy snack on the go school lunches or even just because. They were so good that I could not put them down. My kids would not stop eating them .

Oreo Double Stuf Chocolate Sandwich Cookies
I enjoy eating Oreos with a tall glass of milk. Great in baking but better to eat. I purchase Oreos every shopping trip. They taste great with brownies too. Worth the chocolatey goodness

Golden Oreo Cookies
I my daughter loves these cookies she really love all the kinds that are made from the brand she takes a fork and sticks it between the cookies and dips it in milk just so precious

Mini chips ahoy rainbow cookies
These come in the cutest bite size! This could make it a bit troublesome because you tend to forget how much you've eaten haha. It's a nice crunchy snack when I'm craving something on the sweet side.

Oreos kettle corn cookies
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Oreo Firework Cookies
These were fun to have this summer! We bought them on a whim but ended up eating the whole bag in one day - my husband bought another bag and he and our kids had such a blast eating them.

Oreo double stuff
J’adore les Oreo double crème! Quand j’étais petite je séparais le biscuit en deux pour manger la crème en premier. Avec le double de crémage par besoin de le séparer pour le goûter, le goût est prononcé!! Je mange avec un grand verre de lait, miam!

Ritz Bits Sandwiches S'mores
These are a great snack to pack for work or for school. They do not taste exactly like smores, more like a chocolate cracker. I barely taste the marshmallow. However, they are still really good. The cracker itself is really good too, it is almost sweet. These are also crunchy.