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Got2B provides products that will let you express your individual "attitude for hair". Keeping up with the latest fashion, film and entertainment trends, Got2B products let you recreate that same celebrity style for your choice of attitude without the salon prices!

ChickAdvisor members recommend the Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion, Satin Drops, and Fat-Tastic Thickening Plumping Mousse.

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got2bUSA  got2b USA

Love this! 🎧❤️ https://t.co/z8TPtS0Zkg

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got2bUSA  got2b USA

Smokin' hot pink, at your fingertips. Try göt2b® Color's Playful Hair Chalk in Pink Crush. Available at @riteaid https://t.co/b8CDHY5Prm

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got2bUSA  got2b USA

Get volume to the max 🎚🔊 with göt2b® Mens PhenoMENal Thickening Shampoo. Available at @Walmart. https://t.co/vsqq7oCOKI

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got2b Reviews

got2b Flex Insta Hold Hairspray
Got2b Flex Insta Hold is an amazing hairspray. If you’re looking for a lightweight, easy to work with before it dries, and keeps the style for hours, then this is the hairspray for you! I have very fine but thick hair, and I find it very hard to find a hairspray that will...

göt2b Creative
göt2b Creative

450 reviews

I've coloured my hair all kinds of colours since I was a young teen (49 now) and I wish this was around back then. My hair would be less damaged. Great product. Will definitely recommend to others, esp ones with teens.

got2b POWDER'ful Volumizing Styling Powder
I got this product free from Chick Advisor and did not know what to expect but I could not believe how much volume it added to my hair! This is a nice addition to my hair routine on the days it just feels flat

got2b Volumaniac Bodifying Hairspray
During the covid-19 ordeal I found it difficult to get my paws on my favorite varieties of gravity defying wonders in a can. I can't say that this product wasn't living up to its claims but most importantly wasn't the right fix for me. I found the scent to be extremely intense...

got2b Volumaniac Bodifying Mousse
I have a curly wild child whos hair is very demanding we have to use high quality products ive used many of the got2be range product's before so knew of there quality was high this gave my daughters curls lots of volume and kept them defined without being heavy and sticky

göt2b Head Turner
göt2b Head Turner

385 reviews

I have light blonde hair and wanted something that I could put in my hair for the weekend or special occasions but would still wash out by Monday and this did exactly that! Love the color! Just make sure you well saturate your hair and blow dry it completely!

göt2b Lightened
göt2b Lightened

248 reviews

I tried this product after stripping the color from my hair using L'oreal color remover, I was a medium brown to start. The color remover gave me a lovely orangutan color lol. I waited 4 days in between. So I wanted Got2be to get me the rest of the way. It did nothing for the...

göt2b Fresh It Up Clean & Refresh Dry Shampoo
What I love most about this product is the smell, so fresh and long lasting. In general I don’t like to use dry shampoo more than 1 day, so I usually put it in the morning but on the evening I need to wash my hair because I find that all dry shampoos make hair heavier...

göt2b Fresh It Up Cocoa Brown Dry Shampoo
It works good without leaving white marks to your hair.but this is one of the best so far! It helps skip one or two extra days It really works i recommend

göt2b Fresh It Up Tropical Boost Dry Shampoo
I love this stuff. The smell is so good, like a tropical paradise. I am completely satisfied with this dry shampoo, firstly I have dark brown hair and there is no white residue (make sure you shake the can first) and it does not feel sticky or tacky. My hair is really thick and...

göt2b Unlimited
göt2b Unlimited

88 reviews

I love got2b hair dyes! Colour shows vibrant & lasts awhile it’s a favorite of mine - Not damaging as other hair colouring products I recommend to anyone looking for a vibrant colour they have a wide selection of the perfect hairdyes

Schwarzkopf  got2b volume powder
I have really unruly frizzy hair that can loose it's bounce, it's easy to apply by rubbing in your hands and into your roots. It's creates a flawless volume bounce that others volumizing products can't. Shall be recommending. Tip. A small dab goes a long way!

Schwarzkopf got2b Rockin'it Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo
I've tried almost every dry shampoo available and this one is the only one I've truly liked. It works best for lighter hair colours (I use it with pastel hair). It smells fantastic too! I always keep a couple bottles on hand in case the stores run out of stock (which has...

Got2b phenomenal
My husband wanted something that would help thicken his beard. He tried it several times and seem to like it. It was a reasonable price. Only a small amount can be used daily. Not sure when we will see result though.

Schwarzkopf got2b Rockin'it Encore Fresh Dry Shampoo
It definitely works. If I'm looking a little greasy I usually just apply this and away I go! Sometimes I find that it leaves a little build up on my scalp. But I guess most dry shampoos do. It smells great!