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Tetley is a British beverage manufacturer, and the world's second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea. Tetley's manufacturing and distribution business is spread across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags.

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Tetley Reviews

Tetley Super Green ANTIOX Tropical with Vitamin C
This is my new favorite tea. I work night shift. I always bring a thermos of tea with me to enjoy on my break. This what i have been enjoying lately. The flavor is amazing!

Tetley Super Herbal Tea IMMUNE Lemon & Echinacea with Zinc
Une pause douceur a l’arôme et au goût prédominant de citron que j'ai aimé consommer aussi bien chaud que froid. L'échinacéa et le zinc étaient presque indétectables.

Tetley Super Green BOOST Berry Burst with Vitamin B6
I must admit I tried this particular tea on a whim when I saw it on sale. I find fruity teas can be very hit or miss overall, but this strawberry green tea is super refreshing and especially delicious iced. I make a nice batch of iced tea and sweeten it with limes or lemons or a...

Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea
I love this tea because it has a lot of caffeine and doesnt have to be steeped for long (unless you prefer bitter tea). I also find it multifunctional in that one tea bag can be used for a large pot of tea, as well as just for a mug full of tea. This is also a very affordable...

Tetley Cold Infusions - Strawberry & Watermelon
The cold infusions make a nice refreshing drink on a hot summer day. I find that the bag can be used a few times, while still enjoying a great drink !!

Tetley Cold Infusions - Raspberry & Cranberry
Loved this product. Received a free sample and had a very strong taste in my water with no sugar. Reminded me of the cold teas from teavana or David’s tea which I used to live. Helps to increase my water intake

Tetley Cold Infusions - Mint, Lemon & Cucumber
I think this product was pretty good, but for some reason it felt like a sick tea to me. I would drink this if someone offered it to me, but I wouldn't buy it again.

Tetley Matcha Green Tea
I am big fan of green tea. Matcha is my most favourite of all the super teas. I drink matcha three times a day,I definitely need one cup before going to bed, it calms me and help me sleep like little baby. I recommended this tea to my friends and family and they enjoy it too.

Tetley Chai Vanilla
This makes an amazing latte, Milk and Honey all the way! This tea has the right amount of spice and the vanilla adds to the creamy taste. My husband enjoys this tea when he is under the weather.

Tetley Decaffeinated Orange Pekoe
Great tasting tea with no aftertaste. I enjoy a cup of tea in the evening but can’t do the caffeinated hot drinks so tried the Tetley decaffinated tea. It’s quick, easy and a great evening hot drink.

Tetley Iced Berry Flavoured Black Tea
This was a great buy. It is full of flavour but it wasnt to berryish.What i like to do is make a big jug of it and put it in the fridge and it makes a great ice tea.

Tetley Super Herbal Tea Antiox - Apple, Cinnamon and Turmeric with Vitamin C
I bought the tea for the antioxidant but loved the taste. Nice home bake smell gives the comforts of home. This tea is so soothing especially on those cool fall mornings. This will be my go to this winter.

Tetley Bellini Peach Orange Herbal Tea
I love trying out different teas and herbal teas are my favourite type of drinks, and since tetley came out with so many flavours I have been loving these even the packaging is super cute

Tetley Chai Tea
Tetley Chai Tea

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I had tried this product several time and it tastes really nice. It reminds me of my Grandma's homemade chai. I really like tetley's boxes for this chai . Easy to carry around in a bag.

Tetley Care Lemon Ginger
Tetley has a wide variety of tea products. Today I tried the Tetley Care Lemon Ginger Tea. What I like about this herbal tea is that it's caffeine free. That means I can drink it even before bed. I love the mesh tea bags which I can submerge in water, rather than those with a...