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The Vim brand carries a wide range of household cleaning products. Vim started off as a scouring powder, created by William Lever in 1904. Now Vim is owned by Spotless Group, and marketed by Unilever in Canada. The Vim Lemon Cleanser is an ultimate ChickAdvisor favorite.


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Vim Reviews

Vim Cream Cleaner in Lemon Scent
Ahh Vim! I love this stuff so much. I grew up using a powder washroom cleaner and I really did stray from my upbringing here. Vim gets grime, grease, mildew up from hard surfaces with minimal effort and leaves your counters, stove top, shower, sink and tub sparkling clean. Also...

Vim Bathroom Spray
Vim Bathroom Spray

619 reviews

I am unable to use this product because of the amount of chemicals...I put the bathroom fan on and have the door open but I end up coughing and having trouble breathing...it is so unbearable that I cannot use it

Vim Floor Cleaner in Ocean
Vim est efficace pour son odeur qui sent le propre!! Efficace pour laver les plancher .. Nettoyer le bain.. Toute armooire..table de cuisine..lavabo...tres efficace!!!! Je le recommande :)

Vim Wood Floor Cleaner
Best smell for hardwood floors. Freshens up the room but not overbearing. The seniors I clean for like the subtle scent as well. Love that there are no streaks on the floor afterwards.

Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray
I'm a neat freak and I always want to keep my bathroom and kitchen area clean. When I used Vim, I noticed the deep cleansing action on my tub after setting it aside for awhile and then scrubbing it. The smell is not too bad as well since it does not linger nor does it smell too...

Vim with Baking Soda Ocean Fresh Gel
Love the vim gel it isn’t abrasive at all and there is no left over residue on the counters or sinks after cleaning. I’m having a hard time finding vim-with-baking-soda-ocean-fresh-gel. I can find the vim creams,vim sprays,vim all purpose cleaner and floor cleaner (too...

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Ocean Fresh
I have tried the Vim Power & multi-purpose wipes Ocean Fresh. I found the Vim Power wipes did a good job of cleaning my sinks up. It made my tapes very shiny.

Vim Cream Cleaner with Bleach
Whether it's my range top, kitchen or bathroom sink, cabinet stains, pots and pans or even stained coffee cups this is the sure win! I cannot not have this in my cleaning supply cabinet as it helps make cleaning easier. Highly recommended for all OCD mommas like me.

Vim Power & Shine Anti-Bacterial Multi-purpose Spray
I love vim products in general. I especially enjoy this one I use it all over the house. It works great in the kitchen where alot of germs are. It leaves my counters and skinks smelling so fresh

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Citrus Clean
I purchased the Vim power and shine mulit purpose wipes as I couldn't find my normal brand of wipes. I was left unsatisfied with this purchase. I use them for quick wipe downs on taps and containers between uses. I found I was needed to re clean as they left a film and chalky...

Vim Power & Shine Kitchen Spray
This is superb cleaner for kitchen. Easily remove all dirt. I easily get headaches from cleaner but this is so good. Well this is my favourite one. Smell is so good mild not so strong. So I love to use it.

Vim Actifizz Multi-purpose Lemon Spray
Have always loved VIM products, and this Actifizz spray does not disappoint. Been trying to look for sprays rather than wipes in this crazy COVID times (to save money and environment) and the VIM spray does the job perfectly! It smells great and takes out stuck on food on the...

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach
This spray works sooooo well. It's amazing, especially on grout and cutting through grease and really leaves the kitchen sink super clean and makes it shine. Doesn't have a strong bleach smell but definitely smells clean.

Vim Naturals Cream Cleaner
It works. I tested it up against other brands. None removed the dried water spots on my bathroom tiles like VIM cream cleaner did.It did an excellent job and it's always reasonable priced when I find it. VIM is tough on grease 100%

Vim Cream Cleaner in Pink Flower
Just purchased this cleaner the other day and I am definitely replacing my original Vim with this kind. It cleans just as effectively as the original Vim but it smells like heaven. I highly recommend everyone try this out!!