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The Vim brand carries a wide range of household cleaning products. Vim started off as a scouring powder, created by William Lever in 1904. Now Vim is owned by Spotless Group, and marketed by Unilever in Canada. The Vim Lemon Cleanser is an ultimate ChickAdvisor favorite.


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Vim Reviews

Vim Cream Cleaner in Lemon Scent
Discovering the existence of Vim honestly changed my life. This stuff cleans SO well and so effortlessly!! I had tried absolutely everything to get a great big scuff mark out of the wall and it wasnt budging. Someone told me about Vim and when I tried it, it removed it without...

Vim Bathroom Spray
Vim Bathroom Spray

587 reviews

This has been one of the best cleaners for my bathroom I've never seen the bathtub so shiny and clean with anything else we have tried and I feel confident in the cleanliness of our bathroom after using this product, I highly recommend buying this cleaner.

Vim Floor Cleaner in Ocean
The scent is fresh and goes with almost any setting. It's not too in your face. I find that it doesn't leave streaks on my hardwood floors, unlike other products. It is easy to find in department stores. Not the most high end product but definitely works well!

Vim Wood Floor Cleaner
Absolutely love this product I absolutely love this product. Bottle feels small compared to Bona hardwood cleaners I have used, but it needs to be diluted and thus last quite long. It leaves no residue on hardwood surfaces and there is no residue build up. It leaves surfaces...

Vim with Baking Soda Ocean Fresh Gel
Love the vim gel it isn’t abrasive at all and there is no left over residue on the counters or sinks after cleaning. I’m having a hard time finding vim-with-baking-soda-ocean-fresh-gel. I can find the vim creams,vim sprays,vim all purpose cleaner and floor cleaner (too...

Vim Power & Shine Bathroom Spray
I found that this product is wonderful if you stay on top of hard water spots and build up. If you don't then it takes some time and effort as well as elbow power. You still have to scrub and be patient

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Ocean Fresh
This is a great product. The smell is not too strong and it comes in a very convenient package. I always keep this on hand in the bathroom for those quick fixes to the counter etc.

Vim Cream Cleaner with Bleach
This product contains bleach and cleans well. i would not use this product for the bathtub as it takes a longer time to rinse off. Otherwise it's great. For bathtub I prefer spray products personally -from the same VIM brand

Vim Power & Shine Anti-Bacterial Multi-purpose Spray
I purchased this product when it was on sale for $1.99. I thought I would give it a try. This product has a weird smell which I don’t like. I used this product mostly on my kitchen counters. It did not clean well. I will not be purchasing this product again. I prefer all...

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Wipes Citrus Clean
I used these wipes for the first time to clean my bathroom sink and counter. They were a little strong smelling, so anyone with sensitivities should use with a little caution - they’re definitely stronger smelling than any other wipe I’ve used. However, the texture of the...

Vim Power & Shine Kitchen Spray
This is superb cleaner for kitchen. Easily remove all dirt. I easily get headaches from cleaner but this is so good. Well this is my favourite one. Smell is so good mild not so strong. So I love to use it.

Vim Actifizz Multi-purpose Lemon Spray
Smells good, removes all dirtness, example stove, oven, sink, bathroom, bathtub. Also good for cleaning barbeque items, and for spring cleaning. 👍👍

Vim Power & Shine Multi-Purpose Spray with Bleach
This spray works sooooo well. It's amazing, especially on grout and cutting through grease and really leaves the kitchen sink super clean and makes it shine. Doesn't have a strong bleach smell but definitely smells clean.

Vim Naturals Cream Cleaner
It works. I tested it up against other brands. None removed the dried water spots on my bathroom tiles like VIM cream cleaner did.It did an excellent job and it's always reasonable priced when I find it. VIM is tough on grease 100%

Vim Cream Cleaner in Eucalyptus Scent
I received a bottle of Vim Cream Cleaner in Eucalyptus Scent in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. I mostly used this cleaner in my bathroom but I also used it on the white of my runners. It did work well but no better than similar cleaners. The scent was nice...