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Dentek Night Guard Reviews
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    September 16, 2008

    for night time teeth grinding. It runs about $30 and has a comfort fit guarantee. So, if you aren't happy with it you can always get your money back even though it claims one size fits all. The Dentek Night Guard is designed by a dentist so it's meant to be designed to fit you better then leading brands. The night guard comes with its on storage container to keep it nice and clean. It's a rather clever container too as it has a draining tray within it, unlike any other mouth guards I have tested.

    Dentek Night Guard comes with complete step by step easy to follow directions and even includes a coupon on their other line of products.

    Setting up your Night Guard can be very hard because you have to do it quickly and exactly as the directions say or you will end up having to do it again. You can only set your Dentek Night Guard so many times, at which point you will have to do a return of the product as it will be of no good use to you after the third attempt.

    Dentek Night Guard is very slim, not at all bulky like other night guards. To me it seemed very small but, apparently it's not as it did the job very well covering all my teeth. It's light weight too and I have tested many other mouth guards, this one is about the best I have found so far. However if you have a large tongue, the type that sits between your teeth you are in the same boat as me, and that is no night guard seems to be good enough.

    It's very hard to sleep with a night guard in, because there is still nothing on the market, even this one that is thin enough to fit across your teeth comfortably, besides what the dentist make.

    There is nothing in the back of the Dentek's Night Guard to prohibit it from moving off the back of your teeth, and if like me you have all 4 of your wisdom teeth, this doesn't extend back to those teeth. It stops short of the one before.

    I don't just grind my teeth during the night, I grind them when I'm mad and that's during the day. So I need something that wasn't too bulky that if at work I could slide it in without any notice. Dentek's Night Guard was still a bit too bulky to talk clearly with it in my mouth but it was the securest fit I have found thus far.

    In total of all mouth guards I have tested I would have to say, save your money don't spend it on this one. Go to your dentist and have a custom one made. Yes it may cost about $150 to have one made, but in the long run it will save you from broken and damaged teeth, and that would cost you a lot more then $150!

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