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Diane Lai "Soothe" All Natural Moisturizing Cream Reviews

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    August 14, 2012

    Diane Lai “Soothe” All Natural Moisturizing Cream Review:

    I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to try out Diane Lai products for a review. The first product I chose to delve into was the Diane Lai “Soothe” all natural moisturizing cream.

    First off, let me provide you with some background. I have been dealing with ongoing eczema all of my life. More recently, I have been trying to look into innovative and natural products to help heal, moisturize and relieve the symptoms (specifically itchiness) that arise as a result of the eczema. I have also been searching for a product that may even potentially replace the only doctor prescribed cortisone cream that has ever been effective in temporarily managing my symptoms. So low and behold, I was pretty excited when I heard about Diane Lai’s line. Not only does the line contain natural and safe ingredients (even safe enough for babies), but the products are also made in Canada. It is amazing to be able to write about a brand that literally developed a city away!

    The first aspect of Diane Lai “Soothe” that I grew to love is the tube the product comes in. It is packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump action top, which helps keep the product sanitary. The next aspect of the product that I noticed was the texture of the cream. Soothe is ultra-rich and has a good consistency to protect delicate skin. Not only is the product hypoallergenic and chemical free, but it also claims to provide long lasting moisturization for soft smooth skin. While I agree with the moisturization part, I didn’t feel that the product stayed on all day and withstood hand washing, like my regular “L’occitane” hand cream (which keeps the moisture barrier on my hands, even after washing). This meant that the product had to be constantly re-applied, because soap literally stripped the entire product off my hands. While this is a usual occurrence for 99% of hand creams out there, it would have been a bonus if the Diane Lai “Soothe” moisturizing cream contained a bit of natural beeswax that would assist with its longevity throughout the day.

    Diane Lai’s “Soothe” has moisturizing and soothing properties such as organic grape seed oil, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and palm kernel oil and all of these ingredients subtly aided in the ability to help heal my irritated skin. I didn’t find that the cream was effective in healing skin that was cracked due to dryness, however the formula was non-greasy and absorbed quickly which helped alleviate my rough skin.

    While I don’t believe “Soothe” will be able to replace my doctor prescribed cortisone cream, it is definitely a supplementary product that can help speed up the process to bringing my skin back to its regular state - after a usual eczema flare-up. The lavender scent of the cream is a bonus and I would definitely recommend it for people with sensitive skin.

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