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    December 06, 2014

    i am an artist and love to draw and paint i started using these pens when i was in high school and still have the pens in my posession today i bought 2 new sets at $120 each it comes with 7 different sized metal tip pens the smallest as sharp as a needle it also comes with black drawing ink, now a days drawing pens are felt tip and i just dont prefer them, Kooh-I-Nor’s Rapidograph is truly an incredible pen. Instead of using a ballpoint system where a small metal ball rolls ink out, the Rapidograph uses a long metal needle that when applied pressure to, releases ink to whichever line weight the pen is designated for. The line weights come in various thicknesses, ranging from 1.5 millimeters to .1 millimeters. These are perfect for thick cut lines in a building or for small detailing such as tiles. Also, the Rapidograph is refillable. When unscrewed, a clear plastic canister is exposed which you can pull off of the pen and fill with ink. The pack that I bought came with a bottle of black India ink. If you buy the pens separately, you will also have to buy the ink separately. After the ink cartridge in the pen is off, you can simply squeeze the ink from the bottle, into the cartridge and push it back up onto the pen. i love these pens....

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