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Cheese Reviews

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Armstrong Marble Cheese

35 reviews

I'm never buying this sour, funky ass armstrong cheese again. I just bought it and it's sour tasting. The old cheddar is the worst for the awful sour taste. Sometimes it doesn't have that sour taste but usually it does. Even when cooked. If you want a good, cheap cheese that...
Laughing Cow Cheese Cubes

10 reviews

I love these cheese cubes - great for the kids as portion size is already determined .. which is good since they taste so good the kids (and me) would eat way to much.
Black Diamond Fun Cheez

4 reviews

Great for school lunches! They come in convenient little portions and are great for kids! The shapes are fun and the taste is great! Makes them fun to eat!
Kraft Habanero Heat Shredded Cheese

19 reviews

This stuff is great. I love it! I tried it last week and now it will be my go to for shredded cheese. It's convenient and super tasty. It has a bit of a kick, which is good, but still has flavor. I highly recommended it on nachos or tacos. It is a good price too. So all in all...
Saputo Mozzarellissima Cheese

24 reviews

My family’s preferred cheese for pizzas, baked pastas, etc. My son in particular loves this stuff for cheese pizzas. It melts just right without being too runny or not melting properly and having a plastic like texture (ready to use shredded cheeses in particular are bad for...
YUM Buttery Spread & YUM Green Pesto Soft Cheese

1 review

I received YUM Buttery spread, 500g, £1.30 and YUM Green Pesto Soft Cheese, 250g, £1.75 for free from YUM to try and review. YUM is a new, exclusive to Tesco range of butters and spreads produced by Arla, which owns Lurpark and Anchor. Both spreads come in eye catching black...
Black Diamond Cheesestrings

224 reviews

Cheesestrings are a great snack for after school or in your lunch. They are fun for kids as you can make different characters with the cheese or just peel the cheese into strings. Fun!
Kraft Singles White Cheddar

1 review

I was craving something different than the same old - same old yellow cheddar cheese and purchased a package of these. What a difference. These are amazing in grilled cheese. It's a whole new concept. My taste buds really enjoyed the mildness of the cheese. They melt up...
Kraft Cheez Whiz Cheese Spread

51 reviews

I love Kraft cheese whiz. I grew up on this. It has never changed it's taste or texture. It is the best out there. Now my son has started to love it as much as I do
Boursin Cheese

75 reviews

I absolutely love Boursin. Continuously eying it when I go to the stores. It NEVER fails to be delicious. I have tried different flavors and they are all so decadent. Creamy and works great with crackers. 100% would recommend. Could be cheaper, but then again so could everything...
Cracker Barrel Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese

33 reviews

Cheese is a favorite snack in our home, and I recently brought home Cracker Barrel's Jalepeno Cheese, and it didn't last the weekend! It's just the right amount of zippy in a firm Cheddar cheese. Found out my kids kept going back and cutting off a slice or two as they passed...
Mini Babybel Light Cheese

37 reviews

Perfect for snacking! I eat this alone or paired with crackers. I also slice into chunks on top of my salads! Creamy and delicious!! My cat also loves it, but she only gets one small piece 🙂
Laughing Cow Cheese - Creamy Swiss Original

13 reviews

I've been a user of laughing cow for many years. The first thing I noticed was just how creamy it is which accompanied by the taste makes thos the perfect accompaniment to both snacks and meals. You can use it simply by adding it to crackers as a snack or you can use it to...
Boursin Garlic & Fine Herbs Cheese

16 reviews

I love Boursin cheese it’s seriously delicious and creamy. No charcuterie should be without it. Paired with salami and interesting crackers it’s to die for. I’ve used it as well with pickled asparagus and prochutto as an hors dourves and everyone raved about it. You can...
Rondelé Gourmet Spreadable Cheese Peppercorn Parmesan

1 review

Tastes delicious and is easy to spread. Great flavor combination that works well with so many crackers and specialty breads. You can get creative and improvise with this flavourful spreadable cheese.
Rondelé Gourmet Spreadable Cheese Garlic and Herbs

1 review

Rich garlic and herb taste in a smooth spreadable cheese that complements fruits (fresh and dried), vegetables, crackers and specialty breads. Always a crowd pleaser.
Black Diamond Cheestrings Ficello Marbelicious

40 reviews

Pour être honnête, je n'aime pas ces ficello. J'en ai mangé souvent étant plus jeune et je trouvais amusant de recréer les petits personnage qui est sur les papiers d'emballages. Je trouve que c'est un fromage un peu mou et pâteux. C'est tout de même un bon produit de...
Saputo Ricotta Fiorella Soft White Cheese

3 reviews

Wow, Nouveau look le goût toujours aussi bon. La texture est vraiment bien. C'est fin et juste assez salé, j'ai goûté plusieurs compagnies et souvent trop salé, celle -ci vraiment bien. Le coût est un peut élevé,mais de temps en temps c'est un beau plaisir à se faire...
Mini Babybel Original

79 reviews

The most disgusting cheese ever. Tastes like plastic and the wax paraffin plastic that wraps the rubber texture cheese. Why all the wrappers, there's wax plastic and then cellophane then the net bag. No good for man or environment. They could learn a lesson from other companies...
Collier's Welsh Cheddar

2 reviews

I used to live in Wales and enjoyed this cheddar.. was surprised and happy when they started selling it in Canada too. Its a nice aged cheddar with a great flavour and good price. It is very slightly crumbly though so not the best for a cheese platter.