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Cookies Reviews

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Voortman Vanilla Wafers

465 reviews

I've tried alot of wafer cookies. These are by far the best! I love the special flavors! Vanilla is great too. I love that there is plenty of frosting in them. And not too much cookie like other brands. They have a maple flavor and it is awesome! We definitely buy these when we...
Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

437 reviews

love these, they are amazing. Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies are to die for! They have a wonderful taste and are very crispy and crunchy. A perfect dipping cookie. I wish the cookies were smaller, they are a bit crumbly and messy but otherwise, I loved them!
Voortman Coconut Cookies

433 reviews

I love to indulge once in a while with cookies. Voortman's coconut cookies are my go to snack. I find them very affordable compared to some other cookie brands!
Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafers

417 reviews

My kids love these wafers. We buy them a lot. The flavor and crunch are very good and they do not break into powder easily like some of the wafer brands.
Voortman S'mores Wafers

104 reviews

These wafers are just okay. Nothing to write home about. They taste like vanilla wafers very lightly dusted with a good quality cocoa powder. If I didn't know that these were "S'mores" flavored", I wouldnt' have guessed. I don't get "S'mores" from this.
PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie

88 reviews

A family favourite ever since this brand came out - irresistibly rich cookies consistently well made with a generous amounts of chocolate chips (or chunks depending on specific type of PC cookie purchased - both equally good!). Regular pricing can be a tad high compared to...
Subway Cookies

82 reviews

Normally have very good experience - went to Lake country subway but cookies seemed to be a little bit old not sure when they were made. Would still go back again though.
Dad's Oatmeal Cookies

75 reviews

Amazing taste and value for cookies. I love dipping them in milk as a snack. They are also individually packed so it makes it easy to bring outside as a snack for a good burst of energy.

58 reviews

My kids love all the oreo types the oreo thins are their favourite with dark chocolate filling. The originals and the double cream taste great too . Its 3CAD during offers and worth it
Leclerc Celebration Milk Chocolate Cookies

59 reviews

These are my favorite biscuits. The chocolate is high quality and the taste is delicious. They are a perfect treat when you want something sweet and crunchy.
Christie Fudgee O Cookie

69 reviews

Better than Oreos for sure. The chocolate is real tasting and not artificial. It’s smooth. Cookies on outside are crunchy but not brittle. Perfect combination! I love these cookies and can easily have four in one sitting!
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams, Vanilla Cupcake

45 reviews

This is the perfect vanilla cookie. It’s not too sweet has these little pink sprinkle in it that actually gives off the sweet flavor it’s amazing I love theses goldfish
Chips Ahoy Chewy

45 reviews

The chocolatey taste stays on your palate all day long. Highly recommended to everyone who likes soft chocolate cookies. The most delicious one in the market.
Chips Ahoy! Cookies

60 reviews

Way too dry. These cookies are just so dry they are not good, they fall apart in your mouth and turn to powder. Way too dry. These cookies are just so dry they are not good, they fall apart in your mouth and turn to powder. Way too dry. These cookies are just so dry they are not...
Oreo Thins

41 reviews

I am addicted to OREO THINS. I always buy to take as a snack at work. Besides the taste, the price is fair and not very expensive. I really recommend it to anyone who likes sweets and always carries fast snacks.
Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies

53 reviews

I LOOOOOOVE Oreo cookies to the point I need to buy all the fun flavours when I go to target in the USA (oh how I miss it!) But birthday cake flavours for anything can be hit or miss. This was a miss. It was way too sweet compared to the cookie itself. Pretty disappointing.
Loacker Quadratini Lemon Bite Size Wafer Cookies

6 reviews

Mmm I LOVE Loacker Wafers and I really recently found this flavour and it’s delicious! They have so many different flavours in their lineup some including classic flavours like chocolate and hazelnut but I really love the fruit options as well. I also love that instead of a...
Peanut Butter Patties Tagalongs Girl Scout Cookies

1 review

I love them because they are so good! I must have to buy some these cookies when Girl Scout Cookies starting on January. Please support them and buy some cookies If you are interested, order it online. They also will be delivery and shipping to your home.
Dare sea salted caramel cookie chips

1 review

Dare cookie chips in sea salted caramel are my new favourite cookie! They are crisp and light but have lots of flavour. They are buttery and sweet and taste like toffee. I love that a couple are satisfying but it's hard not to eat the whole bag. They are a tiny bit pricey for...
Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies

28 reviews

Little Debby Oatmeal Cream Pies remind me so much of my childhood! They are the perfect grab and go snack and makes school lunches just that much more special. They are so soft and chewy, and are jam packed with flavor. The cream filling is so smooth and rich and is perfectly...