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Voortman Vanilla Wafers

460 reviews

Voortman's vanilla wafers or rather ALL their wafers are too good to pass up. Made with wholesome ingredients, they have the perfect blend of sweetness and crunchiness that brightens up even the dullest of days. Hosting a party? these wafers will surely delight your guests and...
Voortman Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

436 reviews

The crunch is there. The flavor is there. The correct amount of sweetness is there. The wholesome ingredients are there. Voortman always gets the DUB.
Voortman Coconut Cookies

430 reviews

I had spotted these in the store one day and I love coconut, so I had to try them. All I can say is delicious. They are crunchy and the coconut flavor is amazing. If your in the mood for some crunchy cookies, I would definitely take the time and try them.
Voortman Strawberry Banana Wafers

416 reviews

I don't often eat wafer cookies, but I tried these and they were unreal. The taste is great and they make the perfect sized snack on the go. I'm definitely glad that I tried them!
Voortman S'mores Wafers

104 reviews

These wafers are just okay. Nothing to write home about. They taste like vanilla wafers very lightly dusted with a good quality cocoa powder. If I didn't know that these were "S'mores" flavored", I wouldnt' have guessed. I don't get "S'mores" from this.
Subway Cookies

72 reviews

I absolutely love subway cookies. My favorite of all time has to be the peanut butter. All of the cookies are soft and chewy and just the way I like them. Very happy customer
Dad's Oatmeal Cookies

67 reviews

These cookies are as close to home made as you can get they are so tasty and crunchy I love them with a glass of cold milk I sit down with my son and we just keep eating them till there gone 😂
Christie Fudgee O Cookie

69 reviews

Better than Oreos for sure. The chocolate is real tasting and not artificial. It’s smooth. Cookies on outside are crunchy but not brittle. Perfect combination! I love these cookies and can easily have four in one sitting!

47 reviews

My stomach hurts, I'm on my third row. I don't know how one has enough will power to reseal the bags....the having to open what was automatically closed is just getting in my binging way. I'm not a normal oreo eater, I take the middle out stack the middles 5-6high and make one...
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Grahams, Vanilla Cupcake

41 reviews

It’s hard to believe these are goldfish they taste so good! They remind me of the cookies from dunkaroos back in the day.(I even ate them with cake icing) These are sweet but not too sweet! I find them to have just the perfect amount of sweet. I’ve bought them many times and...
Leclerc celebration milk chocolate cookies

41 reviews

I just tried these last week for the first time, and was blown away at how good they were. I ended up going back into the box to grab a couple more, they're the perfect mixture of cookie/chocolate/caramel and I'm glad that I tried them
Chips Ahoy! Cookies

54 reviews

The crunchy and soft cookies are both equally amazing. Remembering when I was younger, my dad would buy these as a treat. Put a couple on a plate and heated them up for about 5-10 seconds and they tasted like they came out of the oven. So yummy. Amd now I do that with my...
Oreo Thins

38 reviews

For those of us who prefer less filling in our cookies, but love Oreos, the new thins are perfect. The flavor varieties (especially the mint and lemon) are delicious.
Chips Ahoy Chewy

39 reviews

My son loves the chewy chips ahoy he loves how soft it is in his mouth. He says it doesn't hurt his teeth. He has it a lot of time for snack. I bought him a box of chuy's on Sunday it was gone by Tuesday.
Bear Paws Chocolate Chip Cookies

41 reviews

Omg I love this cookie and it’s extremely soft which I love ! It’s healthy and has none of those bad artificial flavours/colourings added to it and it’s made with real fruit. Wish it was cheaper though. A small box sometimes for $2.99. But otherwise I love it. 💓
Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies

45 reviews

The oreo birthday cookies are so delicious. They are great to go along with a birthday party or just sit and eat the whole package. (Which i can do) and of course great for dunking in milk. I would recommend this tasty snack
Leclerc Celebration Caramel Filling Truffle Cookies

32 reviews

I love these cookies. The milk chocolate is so creamy and the caramel filling is delicious. The bottom layer is like a shortbread. I buy these on a regular basis and when I serve them to guests everyone loves them.
Little Debbie oatmeal creme pies

24 reviews

I know these aren't the healthiest. I don't eat them everyday but somethimes I will get a craving for one. They are so good and satisfy my craving when I do get one. I recommend
Mini chips ahoy

2 reviews

These little mini Chips Ahoy to-go containers are the best. Last month I had went on a road trip to visit family and picked up some snacks for the ride and the purchase included many of these little go to containers. They are not messy at all and the best thing about them is...
Mini Oreo Cookies

31 reviews

I would buy this product again and again. Im a mom of 5 small kids and let me tell you I am glad that I accidentally bought these oneday at the grocery store. They are packaged great. Small enough bag that the kids can hold on to it. Enough cookies in the small bag. They cookies...