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Pasta & Pasta Sauces Reviews

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Catelli Smart Veggie Spaghetti

517 reviews

These are very nice pasta! It tastes a little like vegetables, but not that much! It's a subtle taste that could go unnoticed! It's a bit like whole wheat pasta. I bet it could fool the kids ;). ​
Annie's Classic Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

506 reviews

Whenever we are faced with a picky toddler taste buds, we know we can default to Annie's and we will at least get a full meal into him. We like to add peas or edamame to at least get some greens included but Annie's provides a great delivery vehicle for that.
Annie's Shells & White Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese

523 reviews

By far our favorite boxed Mac and cheese brand and flavor. My kids can make it themselves and I like that it is made with organic ingredients. Plus it tastes delicious.
Catelli SuperGreens Fusilli

350 reviews

Receieved a free box of this to sample through Family Rated, and this pasta was great! It tasted just like regular pasta, but I loved that fact that it was a vegetable to it. The texture was abd my fussy eater even liked it, making me feel better about the pasta I am serving to...
Catelli Ancient Grains Rotini

182 reviews

I love switching to whole grain everything. My tummy loves it, I love it. It's a win-win situation. Those pasta noodles taste great, they also retain and absorb my pasta sauce amazingly. My boyfriend loves it as well, my little family is happy with our whole grain pasta nights.
Kraft Dinner Original

126 reviews

My kids love it personally at first I thought that it would turn out to be clumpy and old or something but it was delicious the texture was so soothened with cheese.s
Barilla Pasta

82 reviews

Why can't you add a protective wrapper around it?! It's seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously, seriously unhygienic!!
Catelli Smart Pasta

86 reviews

We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to try this pasta and it was absolutely delicious. Definitely a product I would purchase again. Tastes great!!
Olivieri Skillet Gnocchi

45 reviews

I was lucky enough to be able to try a complimentary sample of these Tomato Mozzarella Gnocchi. Super easy to make and super fast. They were very delicious but they also were a little rubbery.
Catelli Express Lasagne

48 reviews

Me and my family love these.. they taste good and are supper easy to use! Even my hubby can do it!!. Easy to find we love the taste and quality. If you are in a hurry or not would recommend them.
Kraft Pasta Salad200 gr

1 review

I love fast meals and this is great for me. I love it because it has garlic, seasonings ane parsley. The package says to add tune, but I add salmon and it works great for me.
Catelli Bistro Fusilli

23 reviews

I loved this pasta, the different colours made it fun for kids but also made me feel better than it had some extra veggies hidden in there. I used it in a pasta salad and again in a heated pasta dish and it held up well both times. Definitely a must buy for the future!
Rana Maine Lobster Ravioli, 13 oz, 2-pack

1 review

There are lobster pieces in the ravioli. I had lobster pasta before in a high end resurant and I could not find the lobster meat in my dish. This stuff is better. They definitely were not stingy with the lobster. It has a fresh and light salty taste just like the ocean! The only...
Kirkland Signature Organic Tomato Paste, 6oz cans, 12-Count [1]

1 review

This is my new tomato paste pantry staple. I had never tried an option for organic and no added sugar tomatoe paste. It's hard to find a tomato paste without citric acid nowadays. I was so happy to notice this product at Costco and it didn’t disappoint. This is an excellent...
Aurora spaghetti

1 review

I never used to like spaghetti, because that's the only pasta my mom served while growing up. I recently bought this on sale and thought maybe I'll change my mind. It was fantastic!! Thick, right amount of chew, sauce stuck to it perfectly! I'll be trying more of their pastas...
Cheetos Mac’N Cheese Cheesy Jalapeño

1 review

As a big fan of the crunchy Jalapeño cheddar Cheetos, I had to give this a try. It’s honestly identical to the Cheetos in taste. It’s spicy and very cheesy. I hope this isn’t limited edition because my family loves it. He have a bunch in our pantry already lol..... must...
Catelli Smart Penne Rigate

18 reviews

J'adore les pâtes penne smart. Ils ont le même goût que les pâtes Blanche traditionnels mais ont plus de fibre. Mes enfants n'ont jamais vue la différence !! La texture est excellente. Le goût est aussi excellent. Je les recommande à tous.
Seatangle Kelp Noodles

1 review

I discovered this alternative to pasta noodles and bought it on a whim. I don’t actually make pasta, and I don’t think it works well for that unless you want a very thin noodle. The usual substitute to save calories is made of glucomannan, or konjac flour, which is a yam...
Tuna Casserole Seasoning

1 review

I am getting the impression that Epicure is good for their dip mixes but maybe not much else. I have prepared two of their meal packages and both tasted like chalk. I actually tried to add seasoning and real cheese into it, but it still tasted like bland, pasty liquified chalk...
Explore cuisine organic red lenthil penne

4 reviews

I received this as a sample to try in the mail, I was kind of nervous to try it, but I am sure glad I have, to me this pasta tastes like whole wheat/whole grain. This is hands down my new favourite pasta, I plan to try the other ones that Explore Cuisines has! Highly recommend...