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Soups & Bouillon Reviews

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Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix

241 reviews

A snack or dinner i made when im craving for noodle soup which is easy and quick too cook. so tasty and also adding a scrambled egg made it more flavourful. i will buy this lipton chicken noodle soup again and again.
Knorr® Chicken Boullion Cubes

136 reviews

I have been using these chicken cubes recently and I have to say I am loving them! They have definetly added flavour to my cooking and it is so simple to use. All I do is drop it into the pot and voila the broth is done!
Knorr Selects Chicken Bouillon Cubes

94 reviews

I love using the Knorr chicken stock cubes. They are the perfect size and are so easy to use for any dish. I love how flavorful they are. Knorr Selects is my go to for chicken soup because it gives the perfect flavor base you would want for a chicken soup. I highly recommend...
Knorr Selects Chicken Bouillon Powder

89 reviews

I would have to say the powder is definitely more versatile than the cubes! Love the flavour and not too salty! We used as an added kick to chicken breasts and pasta dishes! So delicious! Can’t wait to continue using these as addition to our lunches and dinners!
Knorr Selects Beef Bouillon Powder

81 reviews

Received this product in the mail, and had to try it right away. Made a stir fry and was pleasantly surprised as I am used to using another brand and sometime the taste isn’t there. We happen to have friends over for super and they actually complemented about how tasty it was...
Knorr Selects Vegetable Bouillon Powder

81 reviews

I was sent this to review. I loved the flavour of this stock powder. I prefer using stock powder for cooking dishes that are of thicker consistency or have less water. I added this to my soups and my stir frys. It gave the dish wonderful flavour without adding too much salt.
Knorr Selects Vegetable Bouillon Cubes

82 reviews

You want your food to taste like grandma's? Knorr products! Food is the key to a man's heart, you want him to love you? Make sure your spice rack is Knorr These cubes make the best chicken noodle soup ever!
Knorr® Beef Boullion Cubes

89 reviews

Knorr is a very good brand name. Its wonderful to make a broth in a hurry or to season your rice dishes up. Also your casseroles and vegetable dishes. This is more tastier in flavor.
Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup

75 reviews

This is by far the best brand of canned soup of all time. I tried the no-name variety and let me tell you that it doesn't meet my expectations the way Campbell's does. As a result, we only buy canned soup from Campbell's. My mom would rather wait for the product to go on sale...
Campbell's Tomato Soup

57 reviews

This is the soup I grew up on with a nice grilled cheese sandwich! No other tomato soup compares for price and it's comforting smooth taste. I recommend the half can of milk and half can of water preparation method! You can often find it 2 for a dollar during sales. Stock up!...
Lipton Onion Soup Mix

44 reviews

This is more then just a soup mix! I have never actually made it as soup. I have added it to roast, stir fry, stew and will continue to add it to new recipes that call for onion and garlic. I stock up everytime it is on sale and coming from someone who budgets, coupons and...
Western Family Cream of Celery

1 review

I recently bought a couple of cans of this cream of celery and I really like it. It is creamy, full of flavour and doesn’t taste salty (sodium content is high though). I would definitely buy it again and I do recommend it.
A-Roy D instant green curry

1 review

I enjoy both the red and green instant curry soups from A-Roy D. If you’re looking for something with a mild flavour to enhance your dish, this is a real winner! It’s quick and easy, and combine that with an instant pot and you have a delicious meal ready in a flash...
Mr noodle oriental

1 review

I love this soup as soup or just noodle. So good and works as a comfort food. I don't think it is healthy if that is what you are into but sometimes I add green onion and is very filling
Knorr concentrated chicken poulet

1 review

I really like this concentrated chicken poulet what is give really good taste for soup,chicken, rice and so on! And it's made with natural ingredients. I tried for the first time but definitely will buy more!
Campbell's Chunky Pepper Steak and Potato Soup

1 review

Campbell's Chunky Pepper Steak and Potato was a new type of canned soup for my family and I. We really enjoyed seeing large chunks of steak that were still toothsome yet not tough, and flavorful. The potatoes also had the perfect texture for soup. The soup base was rich, and...
Campbell's Concentrated Chicken Broth

1 review

Regular ready-to-use broths tend to come in 900ml cartons, but this tiny little carton is just 250ml. The flavour is concentrated (4x) so that you can customise your flavour intensity. One carton can make up to 4 cups (1 litre), or you can simply add less water for more...
Campbell's soup at hand - Cream of Mushroom

1 review

Love these soup at hands, the come premixed and in a convenient microwaveable container, you can sip through the lid and no spoon needed, I love these for work, and an easy and quick meal I can have at my desk while I am working. They also taste great, the cream of mushroom is...
Tim Hortons chili

2 reviews

Taste is pretty similar to what you would get from the tim hortons store. Not bad price but can be hard to find in stores. It’s convenient when you’re looking for something to heat up quick and eat
Knorr concentrated bouillon - chicken

1 review

I got this free from chick advisor but I normally buy this on a monthly basis as this is my favorite bouillon I absolutely love making chicken soup and chicken teriyaki with this bouillon I’ve tried others and they just don’t taste that good. I highly recommend to anybody...