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Perfume Reviews

Perfume has been used by women and men since time immemorial.  It's the one part of our wardrobe we relish wearing many days in a row, and the search for our next signature scent is careful and deliberate.  Its ability to create a unique fragrance on every person makes it as infinitely variable as it is dangerous to purchase randomly (Boyfriends, take note!).

Favourite fragrances on ChickAdvisor are dominated by designer labels like Vera Wang, Thierry Mugler, and Chanel, but Clinique's Happy Perfume provides stiff competition.

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The Body Shop Cozy Cashmere Perfume Oil

1 review

I tried this on at The Body Shop yesterday when I went to pick something up for my sister. Smells really nice. If you like sandalwood and musk or vanilla type smells, this is a nice pick. There are a number of other perfume oils to choose from. I love having variety in...
Dior I Love Dior Perfume

4 reviews

Love the scent. Dior is my favorite and this is,a beautiful fragrance. Love the lasting power of this lovely perfume. It's pricey but worth it. I will definitely buy it again as I am addicted to its smell.
Aquolina Pink Sugar Perfume

211 reviews

I have always loved sweet perfumes and when I found this, I fell in love. And funny enough, my exs loved this on me, because I smelled like candy. It can be overpowering if you wear a lot, but I only do 1 spray for my wrists and neck, and one spray on my chest and I'm set for...
The Body Shop Perfumes

10 reviews

I love the smell of the Black Musk perfume oil, but it just doesn't last. The smell is absolutely lovely, but I have tried Vaseline, lotion, and all other Internet suggestions, but it fades so quickly, even considering that it's the oil, not a spray.
Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance

8 reviews

I love this fragrance because it makes you feel feminine but without overpowering or offending anyone! I love to spray it in my hair and on my clothes!
Lilac Solid

1 review

I love this perfume and so do my kids.
Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Abricot

7 reviews

Smells exactly what the profile says. It's a pretty simple scent. Smells a bit like a cake vanilla, or entering a bakery or something. If that's what you like, then it's good. It's a bit strong, and I wish I could smell more of the papaya and apricot, it's mostly vanilla with...
The Body Shop Cinnamon Spice Perfume Oil

5 reviews

This one reminds me so much of fall.It has a crisp spicy warm smell.After the smell begins to linger I detect a slight floral note.It is a very sensual smell and gets many compliments.I also love to layer it with Vanilla or Benzoin essential oil(similar to Vanilla)The two mix so...
Ralph Lauren Ralph Perfume

105 reviews

This is my absolute favorite perfume. It smells amazing and lasts all day. I've been wearing it for years and It never gets old. I've gotten lots of compliments while wearing it. I would definitely recommend this perfume.
Lolita Lempicka

19 reviews

This perfumebis one of my absolute favorite it's strong but so delicious I can't even describewhatit smells like it's just heavenly I have purchased it three times and even purchased an oil infuser in the scent from home sense once that's how good she is ;) love it
stila cosmetics Creme Bouquet Perfume

2 reviews

A nice perfume if you like heavy florals - this scent is only saved (in my opinion) by the creamy notes that soften it. The discontinued bottle, however, is a different story...each bottle was different, with decopaged flowers (real ones!) lacquered onto the rosy pink glass. A...
Paris Hilton Paris Hilton Perfume

14 reviews

I’ve been wearing this scent since the mid 2000s. I love it and so does everyone else! I always get compliments on this perfume to the point that it is my signature scent! I’ve had people always say “you smell so good what are you wearing!?” They are shocked when I tell...
DKNY Be Delicious Perfume

173 reviews

Love love love DKNY purfumes! This is one of many scents I have in my collection. It's fruity, sweet, and Tarte all wrapped into one scent that lasts forever, Hands down one of my favorite scents for summer
That's So Raven Perfume

5 reviews

exy. Sensual. Every time I wore this perfume I felt as though it brought me absolute confidence. The fantasy of black orchid creates a captivating oriental fragrance that blends exotic fruits, seductive florals, and a creamy signature.
Gap So Pink Eau de Toilette

6 reviews

I use to wear this all of the time in high school. I actually forgot about it and would like to purchase again we just don't have it around here. I loved the scent and found it stayed for a long time after applying!
Demeter Fragrance Library Gingerale Cologne Spray

1 review

This is one of my all-time favorite perfumes because it is so light and refreshing. It actually smells like gingerale and is a great everyday scent! Unfortunately, Sephora is no longer carrying this line, but I've been able to find it on amazon.com if you want to check it out.
La Prairie Cellular Energizing Spray

1 review

I love this perfume for the warmer months as it is really light and uplifting. Everyone always asks me what I'm wearing.
Dior Forever And Ever Women Perfume

2 reviews

This fragrance is beautiful! It was the one of my favorite some years ago! So Happy to see it back, only for a limited time again. Best stock up!! A poetic design! I love fresh, slightly florally, clean scents that are not too heavy. This is a perfect clean, innocent, soapy...
Pure & Petal Fragrances

1 review

Elizabeth Pyshnov of Montreal, Canada, has developed four fresh fragrances that are specifically for the hair. Elizabeth says “I wanted my hair to smell freshly-washed between showers. I tried to use eau de parfum on my hair, but not only was I worried that the alcohol...
Benefit Cosmetics Maybe Baby Eau de Toilette

4 reviews

Maybe Baby is a perfume that I had many years ago and still can't forget. If I had a chance to grab another bottle, I totally would - it smells like peaches to me, plus green and white and softness and tanginess. Just all around lovely :)