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Becel® has always believed in the importance of caring for your heart. That’s the reason Becel® margarine was made, and that’s the reason we are dedicated to educating Canadians about the importance of heart healthy living. For more information visit becel.ca

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Becel Reviews

Becel Salted Plant-Based Bricks
I loveee! It’s vegan + dairy free! My first make using it was a vegan grilled cheese! You’d never know the difference!! More vegan options are overpriced but this is wonderful value for the cost!

Becel Unsalted Plant-Based Bricks
The becel butter may be a little pricey but overall it’s a high quality butter. The plant base, unsalted butter works well. It is healthy and great to use for baking.

Becel® Olive Oil margarine
This is the only margarine we buy for years now.It is the only one we trusted because it is good for the heart.Taste good and we use it to cook our veggies too.The cost may be more expensive but so worthed.Highly recommend it.

Becel® Original margarine
Becel has no customer number which you can call and speak to someoneor if they make it diffcult to find on the website. Email is not the accessble way for all. Speaking to someone on the phone rather than emai.When you have the option of email or phone , it allows the customer...

Becel® Vegan margarine
I am so glad they made this and that it is available in Canada. My daughter and I have a lot of stomach issues and dairy is the culprit. I can't even tell the difference between this one and the original, that's how good it is.

Becel Sticks Salted
I buy this sticks to use when baking. They make it so easy. I don’t even have to soften them! I love that there are measurements on the side of the wrapper. I have bought the salted and the unsalted and both are great. I try to only buy them when they are on sale because...

Becel® Buttery Taste
It is Vegan and Dairy-free but it tastes as good as the regular butter. You wouldn't know the difference. My family loved it.. Nothing like a freshly baked homemade bread with butter. It's heavenly!!!

Becel Sticks Unsalted
I can't even taste the difference! Love this plant-based becel alternative! This tasted exactly like regular butter and worked well in my baking and on my toast. I would recommend this to anyone that loves butter.

Becel® Light
Becel® Light

69 reviews

Great product for those looking to reduce calorie intake. Spreads and melts well and also can be used in baking. No strange after taste. I've tried many light margarines and this is my favorite!

Becel® Salt-Free
I don't usually buy margarine but I've baked with Becel a couple of times. The flavour is neutral so it provides great results for all baked goods. I may purchase again.

Becel® with Avocado Oil margarine
Amazing product,good taste would buy again NY family loves it ,I use it when i bake ,when I fry I use it on everything its alway on my list and I'll never switch thank you

Becel Gold Margarine
its good of youre on a tight budget. but i would stick to butter instead of margarine. I didnt put much on and it left my toast tasting soggy. it is good in baking though.

Becel Pro-Activ Calorie-Reduced w/Plant Sterols Margarine
Tres Bon goût , recommander Par l'institut de cardiologie et par Ma nutritionniste Facilement tartinable Bonne Pour la santé , basse en calorie agréable