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Becel® has always believed in the importance of caring for your heart. That’s the reason Becel® margarine was made, and that’s the reason we are dedicated to educating Canadians about the importance of heart healthy living. For more information visit becel.ca

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Becel Reviews

Becel® Olive Oil margarine
We've been using this for the past few months after switching from regular becel. It's great for baking and spreading. I also use it to grease my bbq when grilling.

Becel® Original margarine
This margarine tastes amazing and it is more healthy than other choices so would definitely recommend it. It tastes good, doesn’t give weird flavors that others do Amazing at all

Becel Unsalted Plant-Based Bricks
I received the #BecelPlantBasedBricks coupon which I redeemed the unsalted version. I Love that it was easy to use with the other ingredients. I loved that it was plant based as I am health conscious because of my new way I eating healthily. #ButterLoversLoveIt #gotitfree My...

Becel Salted Plant-Based Bricks
J'ai testé tout à fait gratuitement les bâtonnets de BECEL salé à base de plante et j'ai été très agréablement surprise par le goût. J'avais quelques craintes face au goût, mais c'est comme du beurre. En plus, la texture est la même que le beurre et il est très...

Becel® Vegan margarine
I was so excited to hear that Becel was releasing a new vegan margin. This meant that it would be readily available in most grocery stores at an affordable price. I love how buttery this product tastes on top of toast, crumpets and english muffins, especially with jam. I even...

Becel Sticks Salted
this is my first time using the stick butter ! it's easy and convenient as it's already cut out for you and you won't make a mess. it's good product and price is right !

Becel® Buttery Taste
Love this product.. taste just like butter. Great value and would recommend to my friends and family. I also have tried the bricks, they are great for baking..

Becel Sticks Unsalted
i like this butter sticks, it all cut out for you and you won't make a mess. right portion size, good butter flavour. good product for cooking, baking or as a bread spread.

Becel® Light
Becel® Light

69 reviews

Great product for those looking to reduce calorie intake. Spreads and melts well and also can be used in baking. No strange after taste. I've tried many light margarines and this is my favorite!

Becel® Salt-Free
I came opon this product a while back. As I'm always looking for the least possible sodium in food's. I was pleased to have found this option. For a salt Free product it tastes great. I wasn't expecting it to taste as good as it is. Pleasently surprise !

Becel® with Avocado Oil margarine
Having never tried an actual avocado, I know right!! I saw this avocado flavoured margarine and had to try it, I was not disappointed, it tasted great!!

Becel Pro-Activ Calorie-Reduced w/Plant Sterols Margarine
Tres Bon goût , recommander Par l'institut de cardiologie et par Ma nutritionniste Facilement tartinable Bonne Pour la santé , basse en calorie agréable