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Breyers is a frozen dessert and ice cream brand currently based in Boston. Beginning in 1866, Breyers now has many different product lines and flavours including ChickAdvisor favourites Smooth & Dreamy, Double Churn Banana Cream Pie and Double Churn Dark Chocolate Velvet.

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Breyer's Reviews

Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Frozen Dessert
This ice cream is always a go to of mine if I am craving ice cream with a little tang to it. It is not sour, but gives you a kick of sweet and tangy when you get a big amount of strawberry sauce, lol! It’s so creamy and is on par with a true ice cream shop ice cream.

Breyers delights Creamy Chocolate
This is one of the only chocoalte ice creams I like, and it’s probably because it doesn’t taste heavily “dark”... love it! So creamy and rich, mouth watering taste...

Breyers delights Cookies & Cream
Cookies and cream has always been one of my go-to icecream flavours, but Breyers really blew me away with this product. Its my favourite for quality, taste and price reasons. Breyers is delectable goodness at an awesome price.

Breyer's Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Velvet Frozen Dessert
This is a classic that you can't go wrong buying. Any time it is on sale, I buy some for the house. It's chocolatey and delicious without being too sweet.

Breyers delights Vanilla Bean
BREYERS DELIGHTS VANILLA BEAN is absolutely delicious!!!! It's rich and creamy!!! Great vanilla bean flavor!!! Breyers is an awesome brand!!! Definitely recommend!!

Breyers Non-Dairy Cookies & Creme
I just tried this for the first time last night, i was a little hesitant so i only took a little. I actually like it. You cant tell its not dairy. Very creamy and smooth so good i had 2 helpings

Breyers Creamery Style Chocolate
I would buy this product again...it was so good. I love chocolate ice cream and this ice cream is just so creamy. I absolutely love this product ans would def buy over and over again & i would reccommend it to my friends and family.

Breyers Creamery Style Dark Cherry Vanilla
This has to be one of my got to ice cream when pairing with a chocolate desert like a brownie or just sandwiched between triple chocolate cookies. Devine tasting.

Breyers Creamery Style Butterscotch Ripple
Absolutely delicious!! My whole family loved it. We tried this product and it is now our go to brand for ice cream. My picky eater was even loving it and it's a nice change from her normal boring old vanilla.

Breyers Creamery Style Caramel Fudge
I have always been a fan of Breyer's ice-cream so when I heard they were coming out with they're creamery style ice cream, you know your girl had to try it! It is so creamy and smooth, I highly recommend this ice cream to all ice cream lovers! You won't be disappointed.

Breyers Creamery Style French Vanilla
This is the best store bought icecream ever. I didnt know about these one until my friend told me. My family loves this one alot. If you havent tried it you should or your missing out. It tastes so good with chocolate syrup!

Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla Peanut Butter
Probably my favourite non-dairy out there. You get a lot more for what you're paying than you do with other brands and I love the peanut butter swirled into the vanilla in this one. So satisfying.

Breyers Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Truffle
The best tasting dark chocolate ice cream you can find out there. If you are a chocolate and ice cream lover, this is your perfect match. No artificial flavor, you can taste the decadence of the chocolate truffle, which is generously added in the ice cream. You will never buy...

Breyers Creamery Style Neapolitan
It is so good as you can taste the chocalate vanilla and straberry all at once, I usually have this I'f my panicked attacks comes in to hunt me down and make my life miserable but once o found this ice cream it flipped my life around, I'm so glad I found this delicious tasting...

Breyers Creamery Style Maple Walnut
One of the classic Breyer flavours I grew up with! This is such a good creamy flavour with crunchy, salty, sweet, sugary, walnuts. Such a good vanilla base (better than the plain vanilla ice cream!) and swirls of authentic Canadian maple!