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Breyers is a frozen dessert and ice cream brand currently based in Boston. Beginning in 1866, Breyers now has many different product lines and flavours including ChickAdvisor favourites Smooth & Dreamy, Double Churn Banana Cream Pie and Double Churn Dark Chocolate Velvet.

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Breyers  Breyers

@AlissaPax @reese There are no current plans however we do have Non-Dairy Vanilla Peanut Butter you might enjoy: https://t.co/hwFxIdIRKl

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Breyers  Breyers

@mystifiedbiu Hey there, no plans yet but we'll let you know if anything changes!

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Breyers  Breyers

@bbygrlbrooklyn Oh no! Would you please send us a DM so we can look into this?

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Breyer's Reviews

Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Frozen Dessert
Breyer's Smooth & dreamy est une crème glace délicieuse avec ses beaux gros ,morceaux de fruits .Avec l' été qui approche il va falloir en faire provision. J' aimerais bien avoir des gratuité. J`en rafole .

Breyers delights Creamy Chocolate
I love these. Don’t eat many sweets but when I do this is one of my go to’s! So tasty and I don’t have to feel guilty eating it. I always watch my calorie intake. Nice to be able to treat myself with something that taste good!!

Breyers delights Cookies & Cream
I bought this product as I am a big cookies & cream fanatic and love to try any product with this flavour. The container that I found in my store was 330 calories per pint with 20g of protein instead of the above labelled 360 calories per Pint and 16g of protein. Breyers did not...

Breyer's Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Velvet Frozen Dessert
This is a classic that you can't go wrong buying. Any time it is on sale, I buy some for the house. It's chocolatey and delicious without being too sweet.

Breyers delights Vanilla Bean
I purchased this product after hearing rave reviews. Wish I had not bothered. Taste was ok-ish. However the texture is vile. Slimy, with a texture like mucus. It actually made me gag

Breyers delights Vanilla Cupcake
I received this free from Chick Advisor to review.. I love icecream, but this was disappointting. The ice cream was creamy but had an artificial taste and wierd aftertaste. I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a health-conscious desert, but i prefer the fatter option.

Breyers delights Raspberry Fudge
It's alright. It's not easy to find ice cream in raspberry flavour so that was the first thing to catch my attention. Has nice swirls of fudge. It is rather expensive, $5 for 500ml! When I purchased it I had a coupon, there was no way I'd pay that much for half a litre of ice...

Breyers delights Caramel Brownie
I loved the icecream, it had a lovely creamy texture and melted in mouth! I loved the caramel and brownie flavor and little chunks that added extra crunch and flavor. Must try

Breyers Creamery Style Chocolate
rich and creamy. I always stock up in the freezer. My husband is not a sweet tooth but when he tried it, he was a fan! he always write this on our grocery list

Breyers Non-Dairy Cookies & Creme
I found this really watery and bland .I was so disappointed with this product. I wish it was thicker and had more of flavor. Cookies were off to ..almost stale tasting .

Breyers Creamery Style Caramel Fudge
Super bonne crème glacée à un excellent prix. Mes enfants adorent manger ce petit plaisir surtout les soirs d'été. Très bon goût et onctueuse à souhait!

Breyers Creamery Style French Vanilla
My family really enjoys this product it's so creamy and delicious we even make our own ice cream sandwiches freeze them for later times but this ice cream is great with fruit and to make Sundays is our absolute favorite and we will love it forever or as long as you make it lol...

Breyers Creamery Style Butterscotch Ripple
The texture and quality are so great! not to creamy but just right. The butterscoth is just the right amount, not too much or too sweet. My kids almost finished the whole thing in one night!

Breyers Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Truffle
Last summer I discovered breyers creamery style dark chocolate truffle ice cream and it changed what I thought I knew about frozen treats. This ice-cream not only has the best chocolate flavour going, it also has a great consistency for a hard ice cream. The manufacturer also...

Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla Peanut Butter
I was excited to try a dairy free ice cream style dessert that was also gluten free. I found the mouth feel reminiscent of cool whip edible oil product. Definitely does not have the peanut butter in ribbons or tiger stripes throughout the product as depicted on the container...