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eos Reviews

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm
My family bought a bulk of these lip balms a few years ago. All they're good for is the smell and packaging. They don't help chapped lips. We've moved on to Burt's Bees.

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet
easy to carry around with the hard shell. Good to use at night. very moisten and easy to apply. Bad things: It is easy to get contaminated and need to throw a way even before the expiry date or before finishing the whole content. Also, not precise enough when...

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Sweet Mint
This is my favourite lip balm for using before I go to bed at night. It has little taste and is not greasy so it does not get on my pillow case. I awake in the morning with nice smooth lips. Perfect and this is my choice of scent fromEOS.

eos Crystal Lip Balm in Hibiscus Peach
Oh my lord I love this thing! It’s beautiful to look at with its unique clear colour, its smells great, tastes great, and feels great. What more could you ask for?! This leaves your lips feeling nice and smooth and I just love it so much!

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Cool Mint
I was really excited to try this lip balm because I saw so many people use it. And yes it it's a good lip balm, but I think it's a bit overpriced, it has this nice tingly feeling on the lips but most mint lip balms do too. It's not a bad product but for me it's a bit too...

eos Organic Smooth Stick Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet
This is one of those lip balms that may not work great, but you dont care because it tastes so good!! It is very smooth and i love all the different flavors!

eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm in Pomegranate Raspberry
This is my first EOS product. In winter my lips are very dry and irritated. I decided to try EOS this time and it worked absolutely perfect. Besides it has a very light structure which makes it good also for summer days. Amazing scent! And its round shape makes it so easy to...

eos Hand Lotion
eos Hand Lotion

122 reviews

I love the cream as it is made from plant based products and it doesn't leave a sticky feeling on my hands once it dries. The packaging is very sleek and is perfect to fit in your purse or work bag! Defintely my go to for the dry winter months!

eos Organic Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Coconut Milk
It tastes good, smells good, and also feels good! I love the way it moisturizes my lips and it also makes my day better. The only thing is that I don't like beeswax in my lip balm, but I can't even taste it! Definitely great!

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Summer Fruit
It’s smells amazing lol also taste good on the lips..it’s trendy it does the job okay..not long lasting moisture throughout the day but it’s fine..very easy to apply..recommend for person who likes light cover of moisture

eos Hand Lotion in Berry Blossom
EOS hand cream in berry blossom smells wonderful. The scent is so pleasant but most importantly , this cream hydrates your hands and leaves them feeling soft. It helps with cracked and dry hands. Plus it is easy to carry with you in your bag or purse.

eos Hand Lotion in Cucumber
This did nothing for my dry skin. For as much you pay for the product you don’t get that much in the travel bottle. Packing for it is sleek but I’d loved to been able to reuse it.

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew
I got this product as a gift. After a week of using this product my lips swelled up, and got very very itchy. I thought it was a fungus infection. I stopped using lip balms all together, but the irritation was awful. Turns out I went to the doctor and he said that he saw a few...

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Blueberry Acai
I go through a lot of lip balm in the winter and it is hard to find one that lasts and keeps my lips from chapping (which can be extremely painful). I was given the EOS balm and I love the spherical shape which makes it easy to apply. The flavor was also quite appealing. I...

eos Organic Smooth Spheres Lip Balm in Vanilla Mint
I love the scent of this eos. I bought it because my daughter said it works for her. I kbow for sure I will keep buying once I run out of this one. It lasted on my lips so long during my shift.