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LeapFrog Safari Learning Station Reviews

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    August 20, 2019
    Washington, United States

    Love this!

    First of all, this is the cutest toy! Both of my sons love it! It’s got great contrast colors to draw babies attention. It also gets them interactive with the toy! Well worth it!

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    Recommended? You Betcha!
    October 23, 2018

    A must have

    I have a special place in my heart for toys that grow up with babies or children, staying relevant for longer. I grew up in poverty and even now wouldn't describe myself as well-off, I can really appreciate that having something sturdy and good quality can cost more money and if you're going to spend it, you want something that lasts longer. Because this learning station can change into a table style toy as well, it can go from lying down play, sitting, all the way through to standing.

    On top of this it has three learning modes which change the mode of play slightly, but also make it more complex so that as they age the sentences get longer and more elaborate. The first mode is music mode which has few words and mostly different music with symbols appearing on the LED screen. Second mode is a simple learning mode called explore mode. It will say things like words and numbers, but keeps it very simple. Lastly, the educational mode is a more advanced version of the learning mode. For example, instead of simply saying 'red' for the colour, it might say 'red, like a strawberry.' This means it's better as toddlers start to speak basic words, but need help with vocab and advancing.

    I really love everything about this toy, from the design, the features and how much it's enjoyed, but being able to have it last longer is key for me and definitely my favourite thing about it.

    When it comes to looks, this thing is bananas cute. It has a really bright, cheerful design that appeals to toddlers and babies alike and will make adults smile. Not only is there a lot going on in terms of visuals (no part of the toy is left boring or bare), but there's so much to do and it has all been designed very well. The LED screen is a really nice touch too, coming up with symbols that complement the sounds and phrases.

    If I was going to be really picky, there are only two small things I think could improve the design. Firstly, the monkey. Little one's can put the ball through the monkey's tail (the hole) and it falls directly into the trough below (clever design). However, if a toddler pushes the ball through the opposite way, there's nothing to catch it and the ball will fall on the floor. It's an incredibly minor flaw and it's clear which way the ball should go through, but kids don't always do what you expect or want.

    Secondly, it's a little harder to change from standup to table than I'd expect. The description makes it sound like it's so easy to change, but you actually have to fully remove the yellow support screws, lift the console out, turn it and then put them back. It's a little trickier than just loosening, turning and re-tightening. On that note, though, you're not going to be changing it a lot, every couple of months as baby ages up.

    Rolling cage - Small plastic roller on the lower blue leg, filled with multi-colour balls that rattle as you spin it around. Perfect for babies and very young toddlers.

    Colour/Shape buttons - Can be pressed and in different modes will do different things from emitting a musical tone, to saying the colour and shape and finally describing the colour and shape. In musical mode this is very fun as it essentially turns the toy into an instrument.

    Butterfly - Turn the wings and it will say the colours, with some more advanced phrases or butterfly related phrases, depending on the mode it is set to.

    Turning wheel - Shows different times of the day and weather. Depend on mode it will also say them and teach your child how to say it in Spanish as well.

    ABC button - Plays the ABC tune, with or without words and becoming more advanced, depending on mode.

    Lion LED - Shows symbols, letters and numbers on the LED. Pressing the back and forward buttons will cycle through the letters of the alphabet one at a time.

    Dangling Leaves - As well as giving babies and toddlers something to play with, these leaves will do certain things when pulled. They play musical tones in the first mode and later modes a voice will count the leaves!

    123 button - Same as the ABC button, but this time with numbers! Various songs of different levels that will count through the numbers from 1 up.

    Chameleon - spinning the color wheel will play tones, or talk about colours and have phrases about the chameleon.

    Monkey - Little ones can pop a ball through the monkey's tail to hear monkey noises and phrases. Providing it's put in the correct way, the ball will immediately fall into a tunnel and roll down to the front of the toy, ready to try again! Side note, in order to change the toy from 'try me' mode, you must put a ball through the tail.

    So as you can see, there's a ton to do for all different ages!

    The instructions for assembly are terrible. They are complete garbage. I've included a picture so you can see, but it appears what's happened is they were made in a larger size and then shrunk down. They are so tiny you can't actually read or understand a lot of the smaller parts of assembly. I was still able to assemble it by myself in about 15 minutes, but there was definitely some confusion about which way around parts should be turned (especially in the case of the outside support 'strut' things) and it made me pretty frustrated. I'm good at assembling stuff, I've done my fair share of furniture and while I managed, I think Leapfrog should update their manual ASAP as they might leave some people struggling with assembly.

    If you have a bad back (like me) you might need help screwing in the yellow screws that keep the main section on and lifting the final part into place, otherwise you should be fine, presuming you can understand the instructions.

    It comes with batteries, all the parts needed to assemble the toy and 3 small plastic balls for using during play.

    + Adorable.
    + So many things to do.
    + Multiple modes and ways to play that work for many ages.
    + Learning station changes position, meaning it can 'age' with each different baby and toddler stage.
    + Volume is perfect, not too loud or quiet. There is a lower volume, but the difference is slight.
    + Teaches letters, colours and creativity as well.
    + Lightweight.

    - Instructions for assembly are difficult to read.

    Recommended: 100% yes. The fact that this toy grows and becomes more advanced and also changes shape to be easier to play with as your toddler gets older, makes it a must buy for me. There's a ton to do and lots of fun and learning to be had.

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