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    November 09, 2015

    Though The Goonies feels a little shoehorned into this set, all three of these are great movies.

    The Goonies covers a wonderful family adventure title about a group of friends who go on an adventure to find the lost treasure of the famed 'One-eyed Willy (A bit of a disturbing name if you're an adult) with mishaps and chaos occuring along the way. A movie that's very much of it's time but can still be enjoyed by us 90's kids.

    Gremlins is a spine chilling horror with a dash of cute thrown in. When I was a kid I was terrified to even say the word and my sister used it to her advantage endlessly. A christmas tale with some creep to it. When Billy adopts an unusual pet known as a Mogwai he must follow the rules, but accidents can and do happen. Features 80's boy fantasy Phoebe Cates with the world's most horrifying xmas tale.

    Gremlins 2 is something I would recommend far more than the first one where kids are concerned. It's almost a spoof of the original and despite one spiderific moment is more full of laughs than screams. That being said, it is absolute genius and I recommend you see it immediately if you have not.

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