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Frozen, the Disney Movie

95 reviews

My 3 kids, 6yr old boy and 3&1;yr old girls absolutely love this movie. And well so do I. It is one movie, i dont mind listening to when the kids want to watch it more than once. We can admit to watching this movie 20+ times. It captures a magical twist musical with a very...
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

67 reviews

I have watched this movie at least 10 times and never get bored! Robin Williams is a wonderful actor and does such a great job in his role. The movie is heart-warming while being humorous at the same time. The movie is about a father that dresses up as a lady Mrs. Doubtfire so...
The Blindside

57 reviews

This movie is just special. I have seen it so many times already and yet every few months I get it in my head and I have to watch it again. The story is just so sweet and amazing.
The Little Mermaid

46 reviews

When I was a kid my mom took me to see The Little Mermaid. After that one time at the theatre I was hooked and that was the only movie I would rent. When I had my kids and Disney released the movie on Blu-Ray, I knew I had to buy it and watch it with my kids.
Maleficent (2014)

48 reviews

I love how this movie shows sleeping beauty from Maleficient's perspective. But overall their just wasn't anything spetacular about this movie. But I did enjoy it.
The Lion King

37 reviews

This Disney classic holds up to the test of time (let's face it mostly because it's kiddy Hamlet and that was a solid story to begin with) and sure, maybe it's indulging in nostalgia a little, but I guarantee these songs will get stuck in your head. There's something lovely...
Beauty and the Beast

34 reviews

This has always been one of my favorite Disney movies..I love that it teaches us that it’s not what’s on the outside that a person falls in love with but what’s on the inside..
Mean Girls (2004)

34 reviews

This was my favorite movie in high school and is still pretty high up on my list of all time favorite movies! I love how the story is so relatable beacuse everyone's been friends with some mean girls. This movie takes you through Katy's first time in a real highschool and it is...
Ratatouille (2007)

53 reviews

We still watch this movie frequently as a family. My kids love it!!! Its so heartwarming and such a cute movie. Great story as well. Always a great watch!!!!

30 reviews

I went to see this movie when it first came out in the theatre. I really enjoyed watching it. At the end it was sad but, the story of the movie was good and so were the characters. It is a excellent movie to watch.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

34 reviews

How to lose a guy in 10 days is a great chick flick . It's about a woman who works for a magazine . The editor wants to do a story about how to lose a guy in 10 days . So they set the main character out to make a guy like her , and then all of a sudden change and do things to...
Despicable Me 2 (3D Blu-ray Combo)

35 reviews

This is an adorable little movie that the whole family of all ages can enjoy. The great family values in it are a great message and the minions are a great comic relief and so adorable .
Disney's Up

30 reviews

This movie balances laughter and tears. It is a touching, witty, and warm tale of a grumpy old man named Carl who lost his lovely wife, Ellie. He refuses to move from the house he and Ellie shared, even as the neighborhood is being torn down. It follows his balloon-powered...
Full House

28 reviews

Love Full House when I was growing up I used to watched this show all the time and just loved it, now that I have grown up and have my own kids still love the show and even my kids watch it now and love it too
The Santa Clause

29 reviews

I can watch the Santa clause a few times in the Christmas season . I love it . It centres on Tim allens character and how he becomes Santa clause. Santa clause fell off his roof so he put on the suit and finished delivering presents to all the children of th world . Him and his...
The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

24 reviews

Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway do a fantastic job in this movie. I have watched this movie numerous times and am still not tired of it. The story shows how easily someone can lose themselves on their path to trying to constantly please others, no matter the consequences. This...

14 reviews

This movie is magical, I always loved watching Matilda growing up and used to watch it all the time when I would babysit my neighbors' kids. Matilada is the story of a wonderful little girl, who happens to be a genius and discovers she has the power of telekinesis that will help...

27 reviews

I love this tv show so much!!! It's super funny and always entertains me! No matter what season, it's great and the characters always keep my family laughing!

23 reviews

What is the overall message in this movie ? And where was the godmother when Cinderella was suffering from the god mother abuse as a child? So it's okay to be abused alll her life but here come the big ball . Cinderella has to look nice and god mother has to step in? Really dumb...
Meet the Fockers (2004)

25 reviews

Robert & Barbara killed it in this movie! Fantastic story line and absolutely hilarious! I remember being a teenager and finding the movie title the funniest thing. You'll laugh out loud watching this movie!