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Frozen, the Disney Movie

107 reviews

My daughter loves this film, I would highly recommend its great for all the family, you can sing along with it, it's very catchy we're all looking forward to the second film
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

75 reviews

Really do miss Robin Williams, the way this movie was acted, the costumes, the script, it is one of my all time favorites. Sally Fields was also exceptional in this movie!
The Blindside

63 reviews

This movie will make you cry. I love the storyline to this movie as well. It has a lot of great actors and actresses in it as well. Its based on a true story.
The Little Mermaid

50 reviews

I love this movie. When I was a kid I watched this movie over and over and knew every word. Now my daughter, I named Arielle, thinks she is a princess. I don't think I will ever stop watching this movie.
Maleficent (2014)

55 reviews

It is a version of a Disney movie with actors. It did not leave anything interesting for me. You can perfectly watch this while doing something different.
The Lion King

42 reviews

Who doesn't love this movie! It's a classic through and through. The story is so great, and not shying away from the darker bits. And I'm in love with the music. I can't wait to have kids so I can share this with them.
Beauty and the Beast

38 reviews

This movie is a classic. The story is so well executed, the animation is timeless, and the music is absolutely amazing. There is a reason this was the first Disney On Broadway musical. Belle is my favourite princess and I've always related to her. She's the first princesses to...
Mean Girls (2004)

37 reviews

Cult classic. People still make references to this film over a decade later. It's a must watch. Hilarious coming of age film. Lindsay Lohan in her most iconic role.
Ratatouille (2007)

56 reviews

i like the setting of this movie. i also like the story line behind it as well. there are not very many good mouse movies around since the great mouse detective until this one.

33 reviews

This has been my favourite movie since I was little. Every time I watched it I have cried, including in front of my class in secondary school, but so was everyone else. I went to see it in the cinema in 3D and it was the most incredible experience, everyone there felt like we...
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

37 reviews

This is the first adult romance movie I ever saw growing up, and thus it holds an important part of my heart. The movie itself has an interesting storyline, and cute ending. It is easy and fun to follow. Mind you when I was younger some of the concepts were hard to follow, but I...
Despicable Me 2 (3D Blu-ray Combo)

36 reviews

i didnt think this would be as good as the first movie but it really was. i love how the girls play more of a role in this one. and i like the story line behind it.
Katy Keene

1 review

This show is quite honestly the cutest storyline, and the greatest values. It leaves every episode having the characters build on themselves, and reflect on something of value. I love that each of the characters are working towards their own success, and never give up. Seems to...
Full House

32 reviews

This is such a great show for families to watch, and individuals of all ages! It shows such deep story lines, and solutions for healing. Really connectable to real life on many different levels. I do highly recommend! I loved watching with my family when I was growing up, and I...

19 reviews

Not many movies will make my daughter sit still long enough to watch the full thing, but Matilda grabbed her attention from the very start. She loves all the magic and mystery of it, and enjoys singing along too
Disney's Up

33 reviews

this movie starts out super sad just to warn everyone. then it really picks up. the relationship between the old man and the boy scout kid is the best part.

1 review

Definitely an interesting tv show. It takes a different direction than the comic books you are used to reading growing up. I do enjoy the mystery behind it, and the different storylines they put the characters through. Often the storylines can get a little far fetched, and yes...

32 reviews

Friends was a very popular tv show in the 90's and early 2000 and thanks to Netflix, very popular with the youth of today even though it ended 15 years ago. (That makes me feel so old!) The humour is timeless and much of the subject matters touched upon are still relevant today...
The Santa Clause

31 reviews

this is one of my go to movies to watch over the holidays. i love the story line to it. and i think it says a good message to kids about the christmas spirit
Sons of Anarchy TV Series

24 reviews

When my friends kept telling me to watch SoA I couldn't understand how a series about a biker gang could be at all interesting. Boy was I wrong! Easily one of the best series I've seen, and I love a good TV series! Not for the faint hearted, there's a lot of violence, sex and...