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Frozen, the Disney Movie

106 reviews

I bought a 3D Blue Ray copy of Frozen. My 2 year old daughter loves this movie!! She hasn't watched the 3D version yet, lol, just the 2D version. Can't trust her wearing the 3D glasses yet, lol. This is a very cute movie and has funny parts throughout.
Mrs. Doubtfire (1993)

70 reviews

If you have not watched this movie yet then you need to. has all kinds of humour that can range for all kinds in the family. one of robin wiliams best films.
The Blindside

63 reviews

This movie will make you cry. I love the storyline to this movie as well. It has a lot of great actors and actresses in it as well. Its based on a true story.
Maleficent (2014)

53 reviews

I love this movie for the kids. it has a lot of great action in it and gives a twist to an original movie. The acting is well done in this movie too..
The Little Mermaid

49 reviews

I absolutely love this movie about under the sea. Sebastian the talking crab. From a mermaid falling in love with a human. Sebastian teaches lessons like everything not always greener on the other side but from the point of view of a sea creature. It's an awesome movie
The Lion King

41 reviews

I absolutely love this movie. I watch it alot as a kid growing up and still do with my kids. It has great songs and a story that will bring you to tears. It also funny and there drama. It's a great Disney movie
Beauty and the Beast

37 reviews

Such a wonderful movie. One of my all time favourite Disney movies. Lots of wonderful characters and great songs. One that you can watch again and again and never tire of.
Mean Girls (2004)

36 reviews

i think this is a movie all teen age girls need to watch. it has a funny twist to it, but it does a fairly acurate repensentation of what it is like in high school
Ratatouille (2007)

56 reviews

i like the setting of this movie. i also like the story line behind it as well. there are not very many good mouse movies around since the great mouse detective until this one.

31 reviews

this is definatly a chick flick. it has a true love story behind the greatest tragedy of all time. one of those true romance movies will for sure make you cry.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)

35 reviews

pretty adorable movie. mathew machonahy does an amazing job of acting in this one. not to mention hes easy on the eyes. i like the story behind this one.
Despicable Me 2 (3D Blu-ray Combo)

36 reviews

i didnt think this would be as good as the first movie but it really was. i love how the girls play more of a role in this one. and i like the story line behind it.
Disney's Up

33 reviews

this movie starts out super sad just to warn everyone. then it really picks up. the relationship between the old man and the boy scout kid is the best part.

18 reviews

this movie is great for adolescent girls growing up. i love the actors and actresses in this movie. and i also love the story line. i read the book as a child.

31 reviews

Me and hubby have watched this several times! Who doesn’t love some snacks, hot chocolate and friends! Best show ever. I some times wish the would make another season! I have yet to watch the movie that they made
Full House

30 reviews

Best show in my opinion. Funny subjects, and great characters. John Stamos as the hottie of the show. ;) The kids are cute, and are great actors. I'd recommend!!
The Santa Clause

31 reviews

this is one of my go to movies to watch over the holidays. i love the story line to it. and i think it says a good message to kids about the christmas spirit
Sons of Anarchy TV Series

23 reviews

series for adults only as it contains a lot of drugs, violence, swearing and sexual content in it. it has a good story line behind it that both male and females would enjoy
The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

25 reviews

this is for more of city types of people i think. it has a lot of fashion and big city references in it that i dont fully understand. classic boss is rude movie.

1 review

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