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Cheese Reviews

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Black Diamond Cheesestrings

223 reviews

With two boys who never seem to be full, this is a perfect quick snack for them. They would prefer these over any other brand and always want more then one in their school lunches over cut up cheese.
Mini Babybel Original

75 reviews

I love babybel cheese. It is so tasty, it's hard not to eat them all in one sitting! They go really well with grapes and any bread you might like. Would definitely recommend trying babybel cheese if you like cheese.
Kraft 100% Parmesan Grated Cheese

72 reviews

Kraft Parmesan cheese is delicious. My family has it on everything. Spaghetti, lasagna, and even on scrambled eggs. It is so convenient, just grab the bottle and shake it on your food. I no longer have to take out the cheese grater when I have spaghetti or lasagna.
Boursin Cheese

70 reviews

Les fromages boursins sont un vrai régal. Que ce soit pour des amuses bouches ou pour agrémenté un sandwich par exemple, le boursin est légé et délicieux. Même pour le déjeuner, il a toujours sa place dans mon assiete lorsque j'en achetes.
Black Diamond Cheestrings Ficello Marbelicious

40 reviews

Pour être honnête, je n'aime pas ces ficello. J'en ai mangé souvent étant plus jeune et je trouvais amusant de recréer les petits personnage qui est sur les papiers d'emballages. Je trouve que c'est un fromage un peu mou et pâteux. C'est tout de même un bon produit de...
Dairy queen - cheese curds

16 reviews

These taste really good but they do need to be larger and give you more of them. I would recommend this product to friends and family that enjoys Dairy Queen

14 reviews

Subway has the best sub sandwiches in the universe! From the very first whiff of their fresh made bread to the very last bite, there is no wrong choice at Subway!
Armstrong Cheese Old

22 reviews

I find Armstrong cheese, especially old cheddar to be crumbly and dry when it comes to being able to slice into pieces or grate.. I really like the cheese sticks though
galbani mozzarella

1 review

I buy this cheese on a regular basis. I first bought it because it was on sale and thought I'd see what it was like. It's very versatile - not all mozzarella is. It melts and browns nicely in the oven, it's excellent served as an appetizer with basil and olive oil or even on...
The Laughing Cow Original

22 reviews

Je n'aime pas le goût et la texture de ce fromage. Je ne suis pas difficile, habituellement je mange de tout et surtout dans le fromage, mais celui-ci je ne suis pas capable de le manger pour être honnête. Le goût est prononcé et je trouve ce fromage trop crémeux et mou...
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mini

1 review

I used to buy big tubs of cheese spread. But more often than not, after a few days of opening it and putting it in the fridge, I get molds. And I hate it. I hate to waste food. So when I saw minis in the supermarket (they come in packs of 4), I thought it would help me solve my...
lögo Nanö Mozzarella Cheese

1 review

This is by far the best snack sized cheese out there. The price is reasonable, and the taste and texture is amazing. It blows everything else out of the water. I absolutely love it.
Boar's Head Smoked Gouda

2 reviews

I really liked this. It had such a lovely flavour- very delicate - but really delicious. Was really nice with some Jacobs crackers and some tomato plum jam from Asda
Kraft Cheez Whiz Cheese Spread

51 reviews

I love Kraft cheese whiz. I grew up on this. It has never changed it's taste or texture. It is the best out there. Now my son has started to love it as much as I do
Gay Lea Nordica Smooth Cottage Cheese in Blueberry Açai

4 reviews

Nordica Smooth Blueberry Acai by Gay Lea was a pleasant surprise. Not only was it smooth like it stated but it really was like eating yogurt but with the added advantages of more protein & less sugar than leading Greek yogurts & without any artificial flavours or colours -...
Cabot habanero cheese

1 review

I always have Cannot habanero cheese in my cheese platters. It’s not for anyone with adversities to heat, it packs a punch but it’s a great tasting heat.
Cabot garlic & herb cheese

1 review

I try to keep this is the house all the time for spur of hr moment snacks. Everyone loves it, it’s mild and the garlic and herbs are an awesome addition.
Baby Bell Gouda

1 review

Two or three Baby Bells satisfy you for a snack or lunch! This round piece of cheese fills you right up. The wrapper is unique and very easy to open and it is very nutritious!
Philly cream cheese

1 review

Nothing beats philly cream cheese!! Good for dips, soups, sauces, and spread it on toast with your favourite jam jelly or honey. This stuff makes everything better!
Kraft Small Curd Fat-Free Cottage Cheese

1 review

Very good cottage cheese. It goes pretty well with everything I cook. There is no strong tasty and the smell is not that strong. I really recommend it.