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Frozen Desserts Reviews

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Dairy Queen DQ Cakes

1851 reviews

I’m not really an icecream lover but I love the taste of these icecream cakes. They are very convenient because you can always just walk in and they have many kinds ready and waiting for you. Highly recommend.
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Chocolate Cake

526 reviews

This cake is so decadent so moist and so super delicious. whipped up like marshmallow chocolate icing on the top is just out of this world. I still think I deserve a treat in this world full of stress.So treat yourself. ( Treat your self )and the family to something super...
Breyer's Smooth & Dreamy Frozen Dessert

350 reviews

Breyer's Smooth & dreamy est une crème glace délicieuse avec ses beaux gros ,morceaux de fruits .Avec l' été qui approche il va falloir en faire provision. J' aimerais bien avoir des gratuité. J`en rafole .
NESTLÉ® DRUMSTICK® Frozen Dessert Cones

231 reviews

I recently went to the grocery and purchased the chocolate and peanut butter drumsticks. It was filling, and not to sweet. Only downside was the peanut butter was to hard and I would of enjoyed it if it was a little softer.
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Marble Cake

203 reviews

I'm 8 months pregnant and had a serious chocolate craving, for some reason, this McCain Deep n Delicious chocolate cake came to mind. I haven't had this since I was a child. This cake used to go on-sale all the time. We bought one and it was SO GOOD. The perfect nostalgic treat...
Breyers delights Creamy Chocolate

174 reviews

I was lucky enough to be chosen by #ChickAdvisor to #Tryitfree for my honest opinion. I choose creamy chocolate to try and review. I really liked the chocolaty creamy taste of this #Breyers ice-cream, I found it smooth and creamy with lots of flavor! the only downside for me is...
Breyers delights Cookies & Cream

171 reviews

I have recently decided to consider myself a "low calorie ice cream connoisseur" as I have made an effort to try every new flavour of every brand of low calorie icecream that I stumble across in the store. I have tried all Canadian flavors of Halo Top, Several flavours of Cool...
Breyer's Creamery Style Dark Chocolate Velvet Frozen Dessert

181 reviews

This is a classic that you can't go wrong buying. Any time it is on sale, I buy some for the house. It's chocolatey and delicious without being too sweet.
Breyers delights Vanilla Bean

151 reviews

BREYERS DELIGHTS VANILLA BEAN is absolutely delicious!!!! It's rich and creamy!!! Great vanilla bean flavor!!! Breyers is an awesome brand!!! Definitely recommend!!
Breyers delights Vanilla Cupcake

141 reviews

I received this free from Chick Advisor to review.. I love icecream, but this was disappointting. The ice cream was creamy but had an artificial taste and wierd aftertaste. I'd recommend this to anyone who is looking for a health-conscious desert, but i prefer the fatter option.
Breyers delights Raspberry Fudge

129 reviews

What a delicious treat! I was very much looking forward to trying this and I’m so gla I did! It’s the perfect summer desert. I will always have some in my freezer. So flavourful!
Mr. Freeze Jumbo Pops

142 reviews

Je trouve que ces popsicules sont un classique l'été! Pas cher du tout et pratique à avoir quand tu veut te rafraîchir. Surtout, ils sont bon et ont tous un bon goût différent. Toute la famille aime!
Breyers delights Caramel Brownie

129 reviews

I loved the icecream, it had a lovely creamy texture and melted in mouth! I loved the caramel and brownie flavor and little chunks that added extra crunch and flavor. Must try
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Coconut Cream Pie

110 reviews

I love coconut but this pie is not good at all, instead of getting a nice coconut flavour the only thing I can taste is some kind of artificial ingredients. It needs more real coconut added. Also they could improve the crust. Not my favourite.
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Vanilla Cake

99 reviews

This McCain cake has been one of my favourites since childhood. Its not too sweet, it's soft, it's delicious!! It's also a great price and even a better price when it goes on sale.
McDonald's McFlurry

106 reviews

I love Mc Flurries, particulary the oreo one. It has substantial cookie bits in it. It is tasty and is a much better value than a similar product from competitors. The only thing I don't like is that they never seem to be mixed well at the botton so you end up with just the ice...
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Double Chocolate Cream Pie

86 reviews

Ce délicieux dessert est assurément aimé de tous. Une tarte au chocolat avec biscuit Grahams avec du chocolat et du cacao fouetté, c'est le rêve! Simplement la décongeler et goûter ce paradis onctueux et savoureux.
Dairy Queen Birthday Cakes

62 reviews

Dairy Queen birthday cakes are phenomenal. they are good till the last drop and always have such a great taste. from the ice cream to the fun in the middle you can expect to have your guests love them too
McCain Deep 'n Delicious Apple Pie

75 reviews

I like this apple pie, but it is nothing like a fresh baked apple pie. It is good heated up though. The price is a little steep, I would not normally be one to reach for this. The apples are cut nicely though, all evenly and taste nice with the pastry. It is a little buttery...
Dairy Queen Blizards

56 reviews

Dairy Queen is the best! My kids love it and always get excited whenever we stop there for a treat. So many flavors to choose from sometimes its hard to decide which one to get. Cookie jar dough strawberry cheesecake, oh Henry just to name a few of my favorites. ,