Bissell Pro-Heat 2 Upright Deep Cleaner

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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
August 13, 2014

Belt broke after first use..didn't spray and pick up evenly..too heavy..




Recommended? You Betcha!
November 20, 2011

If you have a home, children, or pets then you know how fast carpets can become dirty. Lets face it spills are bound to happen and when they do it’s always nice to be able to clean them up as fast as you can. If you have a carpet shampooer at home then you don’t have to wait to clean them up letting the stain find a permanent home deep down in your carpet. You also don’t have to find a place that rents shampooer’s, pay to rent it every time a spill happens and who likes having to lug those heavy shampooer’s back and forth to where you rented it from. My mom and I went in on our Bissell Pro-Heat 2 Upright Deep Cleaner together saving us even more money. It usually stay’s at my house because with two kids and a dog my carpets take more of a beaten then my moms do. Any how it woks great even on stains that have sat there longer then I’d like and it’s very easy to use. It has two brush rolls with ten cleaning rows to remove deep down dirt that work just like your vacuum does. You can custom clean from light cleaning, normal, to heavy duty deep cleaning and rinse. The hot water heater continually heats up tap water to 25 degrees F for maximum cleaning and it heats through to the ready to use hose. You get edge to edge cleaning for around baseboards and your furniture. The on board attachments attach to the hose for hand held cleaning jobs. Like when one of your kids spills juice on your sofa. Having a shampooer on hand make’s it even easier to get your home back into shape. All you have to do is add tap water to the Bissell carpet shampoo’s water tank, add some carpet shampoo to the soap dispenser, plug it in and away you go. Emptying the dirty water is a simple as removing the water tank and dumping it down the sink. When you’re done just give it a quick cleaning and park it like you would your vacuum. No more running back and forth to some place to rent one, and maybe even have to be put on a waiting list while your carpet stains set in. If you can’t afford one on your own then why not find someone to go in on one with you and share one like my mom and I do. You’ll be so happy you bought one how ever you do it. My carpets have always come out beautiful and yours can to with the Bissell Pro-Heat 2 Upright Deep Cleaner.

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