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    November 07, 2015

    Incredible remaster of the original. At one point in a hut in Besaid, I was looking at a cat and I realised the cat was so beautiful I was in awe. I didn't remember even noticing this cat the first time and so I compared to the original and saw it used to be super blocky. If you loved these games the first time, the visual upgrade is just gonna drive home your love even more.

    FFX, what can be said about this classic? To my mind it's the best in the FF series with realistic characters of differing personalities who you will come to care for deeply throughout their journey. The remastered graphics make Spira an even more beautiful and enchanting land, helping enhance the chilling, deep story for a second time. Gameplay is amazing, with Blitzball being a highlight for anyone who enjoys mini-games. I've heard a lot of Tidus hate, but for me he's the perfect everyman character. A young, brash guy who loves sports and is a little big-headed who learns about the deeper things in life and finds love along the way, only to realise he's about to lose it all. The other characters are equally great, with shy Yuna being the kind of character you long to protect for her kindness and empathy more than anything else.

    FFX2 was the game that split the fans. Most hated it. I adored it. Full disclosure that I'm a woman. Yes, the mini-games in this one were a little excessive, but nobody is forced to play them. The chapter solely through spheres is a bit filled, but there is so much to love in this game. I loved the overall female centric theme, learning more about Yuna, Rikku and Paine as they make their way through a largely changed Spira. I loved the darkness as a counterpoint to the lights of this game. Seeing Yuna blossom from a shy and malleable young woman into a strong, measured woman made me feel pride like a mother's. This is a game that very much deals with the question of change. Spira's change, Yuna's change and the absence and grief leftover from the first game. I've never played a game that so perfectly balances darkness and light and this one remains up there in my favourites.

    As for gameplay mechanics, it's a must-play for the dress-sphere system alone. Not only are the designs stunning, the combat remains fun, quick and engaging, unlike the combat in the FF games that followed.

    Buy this, you won't regret it.

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