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    March 17, 2016

    I received the Secret Clinical Completely Clean Clear Gel antiperspirant for free as part of a BzzAgent Campaign. I have tried various different products from Secret, but I have to say - this is by far the greatest! I participated in a BzzAgent campaign recently - Secret Clear Gel... and I had sworn off any other antiperspirants after that - that was one of my all-time favourites! When the Secret Clinical campaign came along, I was intrigued to try it out - to see what Secret had in store this time. They have gone a few steps further, and perfected a new product! When it comes to deodorants/antiperspirants, I have become awfully picky. I began to notice that I tire very easily from most deodorants, and fast. The main reason is that they leave behind an odd smell on my shirts, meaning that they must be thrown in the hamper. I never had an excessive sweating problem, or strong body odour, but I feel that most deodorants just don't perform the way that I would like them to. I was looking for a product that would keep it's hold throughout the entire day - long-lasting smell, 48-hour protection, and one that does not leave behind any odd odours in my clothes at the end of the day. Secret Clinical is the answer to all of my problems! With deodorants/antiperspirants in the past, I have had to reapply them throughout the day i order to feel fresh - which totally defeats the purpose of having any on in the first place. With Secret Clinical, I would only have to apply it once throughout the day (oftentimes in the morning after a shower), and it would even last well into the next morning. For a product to have 48-hour protection, and still smell good, is utterly amazing! I cannot recommend this product enough. I have been telling everyone I know how amazing this product is - it smells wonderful, lasts all day, and you do not have to reapply in order to feel fresh (which means that the product will last you quite a while). This antiperspirant is available in two different forms - one is a Clear Gel and the other is an Invisible Solid. I chose to be sent the Clear Gel form. I just prefer a clear gel, but I have no issues with an invisible solid - I have used both in the past. It comes on clear, and dries within a minute or so. I would apply it after a shower and let it settle in before putting on a shirt. It does not leave behind any residue on your clothing, which is always a plus in my book. One of the things I love most about it is the scent. It smells wonderful, and it isn't too overpowering. It's a fresh scent - not floral, or anything to strong that may bother some people - and it lasts all day long. I know how much this product helped me, so I have been promoting it to anyone who will listen. This product has outshone any other antiperspirant I have ever tried, and I have gone through my fair share of deodorants/antiperspirants! I have never been as satisfied with an antiperspirant as I have been with Secret Clinical. I know that the name may throw off many potential customers, who may in fact really enjoy it - thinking that you may need to have really bad body odour issues, or something of that matter. No. Secret Clinical promises to work four times harder than any other antiperspirant to ward off stress sweat/wetness, and ensures that you will be protected/covered all day/night. It is the ideal antiperspirant for anyone who goes about with their day and needs something that they can rely on - something that will last them throughout the day, without worrying about having to reapply or wonder if it will begin to fade. You can go about your day, no matter how vigorous the activity at hand is, and not have to worry about sweating. That will be the least of your worries - you will be stress-free! I will continue to purchase this antiperspirant in the future, and have made the switch - making this my regular brand, and my go-to product. The only disadvantage about this BzzCampaign is that there were no coupons included with it. I would have loved to share them with some of my close family/friends. Aside from that, absolutely no complaints!

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