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    May 04, 2015

    The Magnificent Tree written by Nick Bland and Stephen Michael King is a children's book about a father and daughter who build a tree. The father basically likes to overcomplicate things and the girl likes to do things as simple as possible with no real creativity.

    The artwork is very simple, similar to what a teenager can draw and the book apparently retails for $15. I borrowed The Magnificent Tree book from my local library. I feel like this is a pretty pointless children's book. There is no moral to the story (other than maybe the easiest, less complicated way is usually the best way), and there really is no conclusion or reason as to why on earth they think a tree will get the birds to stay since the birds are migrating...

    I definitely do not recommend buying The Magnificent Tree or reading this book for free. There are much better books out there to enjoy with your child. This book didn't really seem to hold the attention of my 4 month old. And considering he already showed some interest in another children's book I read to him, that's saying something for the quality of images in this book.

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