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    November 16, 2015

    Wet 'N Wild seems to be a very hit-and-miss brand, and that's to be expected considering that it's considered to be sort of a "discount" cosmetics line. Up until a month ago, I never knew this particular Wet 'N Wild product even existed; I spotted it among the Halloween cosmetics at my local KMart, and for 99 cents, I thought it'd be a worthwhile risk and bought two Coloricon single eyeshadows: red glitter and silver glitter.

    As a general eyeshadow, I personally feel this stuff didn't quite measure up, and I found that it was very easy to blink the glitter away after a short period of time, even with setting spray. On top of that, Coloricon eyeshadow can smudge or wipe off powder eyeshadow if applied over top of it (which makes sense, since Coloricon eyeshadow is a gel eyeshadow). In my experience, these cute, sparkly little compacts don't make for very good eyeshadow, at least in the traditional sense of applying it to most or all of the eyelid.

    However, the best way I've personally found to use these eyeshadows is as highlighters; specifically, I use a small brush (I used e.l.f.'s Essential Eye Crease brush) and apply it only to the inner corners of my eyes or on my lower lids right near the inner corners of my eyes. Also, I don't brush the product on - I dab it. I almost always have to repeat the process 2-3 times on each eye in order to get a noticeable effect. Brushing this stuff on your skin will leave you with very little glitter. But, combined with setting spray, using these eyeshadows in this manner makes them last all day with minimal fading.

    I personally did not like the red glitter one, but I use the silver one quite a bit and would very much like to try the other singles and palettes. Overall, it becomes very cakey and sloppy when applied over large areas of the eyes and I would not recommend it as a typical eyeshadow. But, if used in the way I described above, it's actually pretty good and well worth the price. The trick to making the most of Wet 'N Wild Coloricon glitter eyeshadows is to use them over very small areas and NOT on the upper eyelids (use only on the corners of eyes, arches of eyebrows and lower eyelids).

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