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Address: St Vital Shopping Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2C0A1
Phone: 204-255-7181

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Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
May 25, 2015

I went to get blond highlights in my hair on Friday night. I got into the chair around 5:45 about two hours later she finally finished foiling my hair, with the help of another stylist. After my hair was washed, I went to the chair and the stylist started blow drying my hair. After she had blow dried a quarter of my hair, I realised that she had not given me blond highlights but rather GREY ones. I almost cried, once she saw my face she realised that it was not what I wanted and she put toner in my hair. After the toner was rinsed out it was 9:10 and the place closes at 9. She quickly blow dried my hair and I notice that my hair was pretty much what I started with apart from a HUGE gold blob right on top of my head. I told her I was not satisfied and she told me to come back tomorrow to try and get it fixed. I paid $150 dollars for a blob of gold on top of my head. I left the salon at 9:35, which meant I had sat there for 4 hours to get almost nothing done to my hair. The next day I came back, explained what had happened to the Manager and she said we will get you a senior specialist to redo your hair until it is what you want. A different stylist brought me to a seat, turns out it was the chair of the SAME stylist I had the day before and she redid my hair. It took another hour and a half, and now my hair has 4 different shades of blond/white when I had original asked for one shade of blonde. After I was done, I asked for a breakdown of what I paid for because I did not think it was reasonable to get charged that amount for everything that happened to me. The manager told me, even after I had threatened to put bad reviews everywhere and to tell everyone I know not to come back to this salon, did NOTHING! No credit, no discount. I definitely do NOT recommend this place to anyone!!

Updated On: May 25, 2015

Can't seem to find a way to delete this but I finally got a discount.




Recommended? Fugheddaboutit!
April 28, 2010

got ripped off I have very short hair and it cost me $40 for a hair cut! DO NOT go here

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