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Gain offers a wide variety of fresh smelling laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, dishwashing liquid, and more. For more information visit ilovegain.ca

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@mary461438 Thank you for sharing your desire to see a fabric softener featuring our ahhhmazing Hawaiian Aloha scen… https://t.co/zfq5IkpXMz

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@chexicanbarbie Love you too, Ashley 😘

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@jose86125346 What a little cutie! Nothing sends you to snooze town better than some great smelling clothes!

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Gain Reviews

Gain Original Laundry Detergent
Gain laundry detergent is a detergent that once you use it you will forget about all the others. Gain not only washes your clothes it leaves them smelling fresh and clean for weeks. You don't need to use a lot of it either. Gain is what I have been using for yours and I...

Gain Apple Mango Tango Laundry Soap
My clothes are clean. Theres no leftover residue. The scent lasts for a long time in the clothes! Gain is a little pricey but it's definitely worth every penny!!

Gain Flings
Gain Flings

151 reviews

These are oh so perfect for my teenage child who seems to always forget how to properly measure out the laundry detergent. Problem solved!! Awesome product.

Gain Apple Mango Tango
I adore the scent of this! Keeps clothes smelling fresh for awhile after washing. Does pretty well for stains, although I use a stain remover first for heavier ones. Would recommend!

Gain Dryer Sheets
I just recently started using this product due to me changing my detergent. It's such a great product. It leaves your close smelling extra good. There's no static. I will be buying these from now on

Gain Flings in Moonlight Breeze
I'm assuming right where the Pod and the the fabric met left a huge stain on my duvet. I was horrified when I saw it! First and last time use! Never again! It doesn't have the beautiful smell as expected either. Gain liquid is way better. Becareful, I contacted the Gain customer...

Gain Fireworks In-Wash Scent Booster
I used Gain Fireworks in my washer. It ruined some of the items, leaving small round bleached out spots. I'm attaching a photo of one item that was ruined.

Gain Fireworks Original Scent Booster
Gain fireworks are great smelling and easy to use. Unlike fabric softener that can stain clothing or clog your washing machine Gain fireworks leave no residue and dissolve easily. They leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean!

Gain Original Dryer Sheets
This is the best dryer sheet I have ever purchased. The smell is amazing and not over powering like some on the market. The clean fresh smell truly lasts a long time. After drying a load of clothes I don't pitch dryer sheet, nope I put it in my dresser drawer for a week and...

Gain Fabric Softener
I bought this a few weeks ago to try it out for the first time. It was on sale and I thought why not? I'm so happy I did! It leaves my clothes soft, clean, fresh and smelling great! They have various scents and I plan on trying them all as time goes on. Not sure yet which one is...

Gain Liquid Laundry Detergent with Oxi Boost, Icy Fresh Fizz
This detergent does exactly what it is supposed to do with leaving your clothes fresh and clean. The smell is amazing and long lasting . I will they offered it at more locations.

Gain Fireworks Sweet Sizzle Scent Booster
I have so much love for this product. I have very rusty well water that can leave my clothes smelling like rust. I throw some of these in the wash and for weeks my clothes smell great and not like rust.

Gain Joyful Expessions
I absolutely love the scent of this laundry detergent. It rarely goes on sale, so when it does I try to stock up for a few months. The bottles are cute too. The soap works well in cold water and that's very important. I wish we could get coupons for this stuff.

Gain Lavender Laundry Detergent
I never thought I would care that much about a detergent. Gain Lavender is my favorite. I wash most of my clothes on the gentle cycle in cold water. This always gets my clothes clean. It leaves such a nice scent, but NOT too strong like some other detergents I've used. I can't...

gain pods
gain pods

5 reviews

Je fais ma lessive uniquement a l'eau froide. Je ne sais pas si si c'est pour cette raison qu'il m'est arrivé a 3 reprises d'avoir des pods qui n'ont pas dillué comme supposé. Dans ces moments la, ils laissent des traces collantes,sur les vetements et c'est embettant. Je dois...