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    April 12, 2016

    Q Box is a Canadian based shipping subscription service and I ordered the Molang Special Edition box. 1)Customer service is lacking as they do not respond to enquiries through email contact on website (see comments on their twitter; I was met with the same frustration as I did not get a response to my email) 2)They do not send tracking information on package so you stress out when and if your package will ever arrive (ie.did it get lost or stolen?) 3)I had to pre-order this package and they do not update their shipping schedule on their website to keep you inform (lastest shipping schedule update on website is from February 19 so it seems like I waited "forever" for this to arrive) - Molang Special Edition box was suppose to ship Mar.28 but did not actually ship till April 5 (I finally did get an email notification on that day to state it shipped but they should have had an update that there was going to be a delay) 4)I live in Alberta where there is no PST or HST additional tax, just 5% GST and eventhough it states GST on the Checkout Total, they actually charged me 14% HST 5)Q box is very expensive - Molang Special Edition box is $34.95 but there is $7.50 shipping plus 14%HST (I should only pay the 5%GST not the 14%HST since it is shipping to Alberta) and they charge in US dollars (not stated anywhere on website so I was shocked to see charge on my visa bill eventhough they are Canadian based) so with weak Canadian dollar exchange rate, it ended up being $68CAD (the pit of my stomach hurt when I got my credit card statement) 6)There is no info included to tell you what is included in the package so I am not sure what this plastic card with molang on it is for (the back of it had paper peeled off so looked used) 7) It included 3 strong-smelling pvc plastic zipper pouches (had chinese writing on tag so I question the authenticity of items as it seems like they are copied molang designs of cloth zipper pouches I have seen on the Molang Official website) - although cute design, is not durable and poor quality for the price/value 8)Came with stationery foldable note pads that did not have molang on it but kapibarasan (disappointing) 9)Molang diary is more like calendar planner and lacked just lined notepaper to write (cute but not very useful since most people use iphones to organize their lives nowadays) 10)Cute pen (my pen was bent due to lack of proper packaging since it was not individually wrapped up) 11)Q box package did not come in a box but a plastic bag that is not bubble-wrapped 12)Plastic round badge is really a round plastic pin of molang and is low quality for what you pay (luggage tag would have been more useful) 13)Stickers are cute but plain and colours could be more vibrant (one of my sticker package looked faded) and there was one sheet of just circular patterns that did not have molang on it (disappointing) 14)The molang hanger is cute but I wanted to display it in it's original packaging to prevent dust but the packaging is too scratched up (disappointing) 15)Best item was molang plush but this is still a very expensive package (feel like I basically paid $68CAD for plush as the rest of items were low quality fillers). I wanted to give this company a chance and not believe the negative comments I have read online and I really hope this company improves as it does provide unique selection of products but they really need to work on quality/value/authenticity they are providing as well as improve communication with customers.

    Updated On: April 12, 2016

    Also, the Molang diary is 2016-2017 planner so sadly is a little late in the year for this.

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