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Butter & Margarine Reviews

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Becel Salted Plant-Based Bricks

377 reviews

Ce beurre m'a beaucoup surprise. Aussi bon que le beurre traditionnelle, je l'ai utilisé dans les pâtisseries et elles étaient bien réussi. Vraiment je recommande.
Becel Unsalted Plant-Based Bricks

358 reviews

When I first got the offer to try this I was a bit sceptical. But honestly my whole family loved it. Not only does it taste great but it has become a staple item in our everyday lives at an affordable price and is available almost everywhere in my city.
Becel® Olive Oil margarine

237 reviews

We bought this on sale recently to take on a camping trip and while we still prefer the taste of butter, this was very easy to spread and store while camping.
Becel® Original margarine

237 reviews

My family has bought Becel for years! However, it’s too expensive and I can no longer afford the purchase. I’d like to know why it’s so expensive. Instead, I’m back to buying butter!
Flora Plant-Based Unsalted Bricks

142 reviews

This worked perfectly in my butter paneer recipe and gave the exact butter flavour I was looking for. It’s delicious on toast, and I honestly would’ve never noticed this was vegan if no one told me. 10/10 WOULD RECCOMEND!
Becel® Vegan margarine

170 reviews

I really like this vegan margarine. I find that it has a nice buttery flavour. I also like that it is a source of omega-3 because it can be hard to get those in vegan foods sometimes and they are needed. It’s also lactose and gluten free which is a bonus. It also looks like...
Flora Plant-Based Salted Bricks

126 reviews

I was really surprised with the flavour of this plant base butter. I used it making sugar cookies with the kids. The cookies came out perfect and didn’t last long:)
Becel Sticks Salted

84 reviews

I buy this sticks to use when baking. They make it so easy. I don’t even have to soften them! I love that there are measurements on the side of the wrapper. I have bought the salted and the unsalted and both are great. I try to only buy them when they are on sale because...
Becel® Buttery Taste

105 reviews

Becel Buttery just is creamy and taste just like butter, only it is better for you. I choose Becel because it is good for your heart. Price wise is is good value.
Becel Sticks Unsalted

71 reviews

I can't even taste the difference! Love this plant-based becel alternative! This tasted exactly like regular butter and worked well in my baking and on my toast. I would recommend this to anyone that loves butter.
Becel® Light

69 reviews

Great product for those looking to reduce calorie intake. Spreads and melts well and also can be used in baking. No strange after taste. I've tried many light margarines and this is my favorite!
Becel® Salt-Free

63 reviews

I don't usually buy margarine but I've baked with Becel a couple of times. The flavour is neutral so it provides great results for all baked goods. I may purchase again.
Becel Margarine with Oat Beverage

11 reviews

I had received a coupon to try this product for free. I’ve never been a fan of margarine because i naturally avoid any kind of fat in my diet possible but this paired really nicely with my toast and baked goods. I LOVE this product, however, it is a bit difficult to find as...
Brar ghee

1 review

We love the great value margarine because its soo smooth and flavourful. The best past is it preservative free and have omega three which completelys my daily dietary requirements.
I can’t believe it’s not butter

1 review

I use this for just about all of my cooking needs everything from eggs sauces toast bagels baking etc. I use it as a replacement for oil when cooking !
Becel with Oat Beverage Margarine

3 reviews

I wasn’t sure about this product because I love butter. But it is amazing. I recently switched over because I have a dairy Allergy and this was a great alternative. My kids haven’t even noticed that I switched our butter to margarine. And I use it with everything; Mashed...
Mais Alyaseen

1 review

This hazelnut peanut butter from kraft is so delicious We love it my kids love it so much it's a good healthy snack for them better than chocolate I recommend 👌
Margarine Bacel Original

1 review

Great I have been using this margarine for many years and I really like it. It’s always consistent and the taste so gooddddd!! . I always use it to make Paratha (Pakistani Food) and it’s so much better rather then making it with butter. I also use it to make pancakes!!
anchor spreadable

1 review

great product so buttery. i love it on toast when it just mels into the bread and is easy to spread unlike other butters. would definately recommend for people to try it and they wont be disappointed

1 review

I grew up with a mum and granny who would only buy lurpak, where as my dad would buy whatever was on offer. I tried different butters but always went back to lurpak because nothing compared to it. Then I went to Aldi, norpak butter. Not only similar packaging but exact same...