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Butter & Margarine Reviews

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Becel Salted Plant-Based Bricks

377 reviews

Ce beurre m'a beaucoup surprise. Aussi bon que le beurre traditionnelle, je l'ai utilisé dans les pâtisseries et elles étaient bien réussi. Vraiment je recommande.
Becel Unsalted Plant-Based Bricks

355 reviews

Le beurre Becel est super pratique car ils l'ont divisé en 4. Ce qui fait que le beurre reste frais. De plus, il a bon goût et il aide à faire des bonnes recettes! Je le recommande!
Becel® Olive Oil margarine

236 reviews

This is the only margarine we buy for years now.It is the only one we trusted because it is good for the heart.Taste good and we use it to cook our veggies too.The cost may be more expensive but so worthed.Highly recommend it.
Becel® Original margarine

236 reviews

This margarine is great to cook with, bake with and to spread on toast. It's one of the butters that I always have in my fridge. I use it to saute vegetables, cook my eggs and even to grease my pans. The price is great and the taste is really good. I would highly recommend it!!
Becel® Vegan margarine

169 reviews

I am so glad they made this and that it is available in Canada. My daughter and I have a lot of stomach issues and dairy is the culprit. I can't even tell the difference between this one and the original, that's how good it is.
Becel Sticks Salted

84 reviews

I buy this sticks to use when baking. They make it so easy. I don’t even have to soften them! I love that there are measurements on the side of the wrapper. I have bought the salted and the unsalted and both are great. I try to only buy them when they are on sale because...
Becel® Buttery Taste

105 reviews

Becel Buttery just is creamy and taste just like butter, only it is better for you. I choose Becel because it is good for your heart. Price wise is is good value.
Becel Sticks Unsalted

71 reviews

I can't even taste the difference! Love this plant-based becel alternative! This tasted exactly like regular butter and worked well in my baking and on my toast. I would recommend this to anyone that loves butter.
Becel® Light

69 reviews

Great product for those looking to reduce calorie intake. Spreads and melts well and also can be used in baking. No strange after taste. I've tried many light margarines and this is my favorite!
Becel® Salt-Free

63 reviews

I don't usually buy margarine but I've baked with Becel a couple of times. The flavour is neutral so it provides great results for all baked goods. I may purchase again.
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

1 review

Love this margarine is very good . Taste just like real butter . If someone brought you a slice of toast with it on it , you would not be able to tell it’s not butter and is margarine . We use this for baking a lot . Great taste .very affordable, nice packaging.
Margarine Bacel Original

1 review

Great I have been using this margarine for many years and I really like it. It’s always consistent and the taste so gooddddd!! . I always use it to make Paratha (Pakistani Food) and it’s so much better rather then making it with butter. I also use it to make pancakes!!
Flora Plant-Based Unsalted Bricks

1 review

I recently received Flora Plant-Based Vegan Unsalted Butter Brick. as a sample to try from Chick Advisor. I use this to make vegan cookies first and they turned out to be really good. Then on toast and then other things because it was so good,  I feel that it tastes really...
anchor spreadable

1 review

great product so buttery. i love it on toast when it just mels into the bread and is easy to spread unlike other butters. would definately recommend for people to try it and they wont be disappointed
Flora Plant-Based Salted Bricks

2 reviews

Taste just like butter. You cannot even tell its plant based. This product was hard to find. I eventually found it. Good value for what you pay! Good for those who like plant based butter

1 review

I grew up with a mum and granny who would only buy lurpak, where as my dad would buy whatever was on offer. I tried different butters but always went back to lurpak because nothing compared to it. Then I went to Aldi, norpak butter. Not only similar packaging but exact same...
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter-Light

1 review

I love butter and margarine so much that I eat it by itself. No crackers for me, this spread is so good, it's even better than the original. I would definitely recommend this spread!
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

1 review

I love butter and margarine. This product is so good that I eat it with chopsticks by itself! I think I gained weight just by eating that, but it's worth it, because of the low-calorie count per teaspoon.
Long Live the Twins!

1 review

This has always been my go-to peanut butter, but it is a little on the sweet side. Sometimes I find the texture a little gritty, but the new Dark Roast is even better!!!
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

1 review

It honestly tastes just like butter. I started using it as a substitute for butter and I'm really enjoying it. The price is not bad either.i won't be going back to butter