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Frozen Potatoes & French Fries Reviews

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McCain Smiles

502 reviews

McCain smiles i just love them i bake not deep fry. My child and I love them they taste great and yes defiantly recommend McCain smiles and its fun for everyone
McCain Super Spirals

352 reviews

These McCain’s spirals are truly amazing they are delicious. My kids really love these and I love buying these fries, often times with McCain’s coupons. These are the best Friday night snacks and I really love these for their crisp and spicy flavours.
McCain Tasti Taters

326 reviews

I absolutely love this brand of tater tots. They are beyond delicious!! I like to bake these in the oven so the outside is nice and crispy but the inside is soft. These taste like a hash brown except they are in a smaller size. They are good as a side for breakfast for...
McCain Potato Patties

304 reviews

My family love these. We used to fry them up as is, or even chop them up and add onion, and seasoning to accompany our eggs. But now with these "farmers" versions of a breakfast sandwich or wrap, we have found a new use for them! Fry them (or bake them) up, add them to an...
McCain Extra Crispy Spicy Straight Cut Fries

288 reviews

These are a family favorite! We love the little spice and our daughter lives the crunch to them! They are a worth the cost just in the flavor itself. As a larger family we do have to buy two bags as one just does not do it for our familys frie side.
McCain Sweet Potato Plank Cut Fries

248 reviews

Every since I have tried sweet potato fries I have been hooked! These fries are full of flavour and cook quite fast in the oven! Just a little bit of salt and they are good to go! No dipping sauce required for my liking!
McCain Hashbrowns

239 reviews

I always try and keep these in my freezer. The delicious taste has me coming back of more. In a nice breakfast, or a dinner casserole- this product never disappoints! :)
McCain Lattice Cut Fries

218 reviews

Not your average potatoe! I abosolutely love these fries. The spice adds that extra special something that keeps you going back for more. Their crispy, crunchy and just plain fantastic!
McCain Superfries Crinkle Cut

221 reviews

These are by far the best fries, I'm not surprised as McCain makes them. All of their fries are delicious. These pair perfect with some salt and ketchup once cooked in either the deep fryer or the oven. YUM
McCain Spicy Wedges

212 reviews

I make sure I buy these every-time their on sale. They are so good to pair up with a burger or as chips with fish. They taste great and when cooked at a good temperature are crispy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.
McCain Superfries 5 Minute Shoestring Fries

211 reviews

J’adore Ses frites car elles sont faciles à utiliser, cuisson rapide donc plus de temps pour relaxer. Les frites juliennes sont mes préférées, croustillantes, aucune odeur de friture dans la maison bref le bonheur Total.
McCain Breakfast Potato Pancakes

172 reviews

My whole household loves these, but they're my daughters favourite. The taste is appealing to young and old, they are quick and easy to make. Definitely purchase these every week!
McCain Superfries Straight Cut

172 reviews

Croustillantes à souhait, pas trop salées ou huilées, ces frites sont franchement parfaites! J'achète toujours cette marque lorsque je veux faire plaisir à mes enfants. Encore meilleures lorsqu'elles sont trempées dans du ketchup :)
McCain Savoury Wedges

149 reviews

I was really disappointed with this bag. I didn't find them savoury. The seasoning was horrible to me anyways. When I bit into one it reminded me the smell of dirt. Ketchup made it okay.
McCain Extra Crispy Crinkle Cut Fries

137 reviews

These fries are my go to brand because they are my favourite. I enjoy how fresh tasting these fries are. I am also pleased with how quick these fries are cooked in the oven.
McCain Red Skin Wedges

129 reviews

pretty good! They tasted super fresh, i would have never guessed they were frozen. I just wish they were a bit crispier. They were also a decent price and i would pick them up again for sure!
McCain Sea Salt Crinkle Cut Wedges

123 reviews

These were GREAT!!! THE AMOUNT OF SEA SALT AND THE TASTE made it taste amazing the wedges!!!! Honestly I found the regular wedges lacked salt and had to add my own in addition after baking, but sale salt crinkle cut were perfectly seasoned
McCain Breakfast Homefries

117 reviews

I buy these all the time fast crispy and convenient can also use to make a casserole no mess no fuss . Good for anytime of the day sometimes add onion and peppers so good.
McCain Red Skin Straight Cut

95 reviews

I really love these! They are thin cut, with the skin still on. When cooked, they are crunchy on the outside, and soft in the middle. Has a great little hint of sea salt. I need to buy more of these!
McCain Breakfast Dollar Chips

68 reviews

J'adore ces patates déjeuner! Elle ne sont pas trop grasse, et elles s'accompagnent bien avec des oeufs ou bien tout autre déjeuner. J'aime vraiment la marque McCain!