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Nutella Hazelnut Spread

5545 reviews

Can’t beat Nutella! This product can’t be used in many, many ways! I like Nutella latte! It’s silky and yummy! My kids eats with toast! Definitely a kind of “peanut butter” version of chocolate! But it can be pricey!
Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter

724 reviews

This is my families favourite peanut butter. Spreads easy and is delicious! It does not have is much sugar as some other brands so the kids can eat it more often.
Jiff Smooth Peanut Butter

9 reviews

My kids are peanut butter freaks! We can’t keep it in the house, we always run out. JIF is the same quality but cheaper then Kraft, usually by a $1 or more. There are always coupons out there for it as well. Keep up the good work!
kirkland hazelnut spread

10 reviews

So glad Costco came out with their own hazelnut spread! My son loved the name brand kind but it became so expensive. Now we get twice as much for the same price! Tastes the same and offers great value.
Adams Peanut Butter Dark Roast

3 reviews

This is my favourite new to me peanut butter. Crunchy makes incredible cookies. I love peanut butter is this is to die for peanut butter. Adams has the best flavour of any peanut butter i've tried. some of us like smooth some of us like crunchy. The dark roast really brings...
No Name Creamed Honey

1 review

Love this creamed honey. Great taste - and not rock hard solid. Price varies with the economy, but overall better priced than main brands. The other well-known brand (BB) is not as tasty and is usually hard as a rock.
Cheese whiz

1 review

I love cheese whiz it's so good on anything it's always in my fridge and it's a lot cheaper than than cheese if your on a budget and like grilled cheese
Kraft peanut butter extra creamy

5 reviews

Love Kraft Peanut Butter. Ive been eating it for years and will not change products . Even for baking its wjat i highly recommend. Theres nothing like it. Yummmmy.
PC Mayonnaise

1 review

Whether we use PC mayo in deviled eggs, dips or sandwiches, it's always delicious. It adds a creamy texture to just about anything. I usually add a little sriracha and/or avocado to the mix.
jiff natural peanut butter

2 reviews

I recently discovered Jif Natural Peanut Butter. Still the same great taste and consistency without all the added ingredients (chemicals). No need to refrigerate it either. It's now my go to.
Jif whips

1 review

I’m in love with the peanut butter ! It spreads so nicely onto my toast just the right amount I’m not making a mess with crumbs trying to get the peanut butter to spread onto my bread it works great on my sliced apples and wassa crackers . In love !! Plus I love the tub it...
Peter Pan honey peanut butter

1 review

I’ve always been a Jif girl... until I tried the honey roasted Peter Pan.. heaven in your mouth! Smooth, creamy and delicious!! I will never go back to another brand. The value is impeccable, the taste is like no other and it’s a great addition to my pantry needs.
Bonne Maman Dulce de Leche

1 review

This dulce de leche spread is the most amazing caramel spread ever short of making your own. It makes for an amazing spread on toast or as a sauce eaten with ice cream. It is definitely sweet as expected, but at the same time, if you're looking for a healthy spread, you probably...
Adams 100% Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

33 reviews

Usually most natural peanut butter will sesparate and need some restiring before use. Though no amount of stiring could get this one back together. Even the taste was more oily tasting than 'peanut butter' tasting. Kids would not even eat it :(
Philadelphia cream cheese herb and garlic

3 reviews

The Garlic and Herb cream cheese is so yummy! A new taste to add to your bagels, toast, sandwiches, and more. Not overpowering, just enough garlic and herb taste to add a little pick up to your food. Yummy.
Nutiva, Organic Hazelnut Spread, Classic, 13 oz (369 g)

2 reviews

I was pleased with this hazelnut spread. It was very smooth and not grainy at all. The taste was even better than I had expected. The sweetness level was right on point, not too sweet but definitely sweet enough. Definitely will purchase this product again
Compliments Crunchy 100 % Natural Peanut Butter

1 review

I'm not a giant lover of peanut butter, but it's sure good from time to time paired with honey or raspberry jam on thick slices of toast! Compliments (house brand) Crunchy 100% natural peanut butter is super crunchy - jam packed with cracked peanuts in a delightfully creamy...
Kraft All Natural Peanut Butter with Sea Salt

8 reviews

Despite this being made with only two ingredients, I find that it tastes just like the not-so-healthy peanut butter I ate growing up (but I haven't had PB in years before finding this "healthier" option). I don't taste much of the sea salt aspect of this until I get to the...
Cortas halva

1 review

c'est vraiment un bon produit , melangé avec du miel c'est vraiment tres bon , Le halva est une friandise sucrée , Le produit est obtenu en mélangeant du sucre et du tahina (pâte de sésame) . , je l'ai trouvé par coincidence au dollorama mais il se vend aussi dans d'autre...
starbucks organic avocado spread

1 review

I must admit i was never one for starbucks before but since one was put in mt school i have started to visit it more often which was when i came across their avocado spread. For $1.25 you get a generous amount that can be put on a bagel or on crackers. The taste is very smooth...