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Nutella Hazelnut Spread

7244 reviews

Omg, Nutella is the best thing ever for bread beside butter. It's so delicious, easy to spread. The taste is out of this world amazingly good. Sometimes I even have Nutella and crackers. Yum yum yummy.
Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter

746 reviews

Krafts Smooth Peanutbutter is my son go to favourite.. After a long day of school or a long soccer game my son cannot wait to pop open his Krafts smooth and enjoy it with a nice glass of milk. From straight spoons full from the jar, peanut butter and banana wraps. My son loves...
Jiff Smooth Peanut Butter

21 reviews

I love peanut butter, the jiff has a taste that excites my pallet and makes want more. I like the smooth, but the crunchy is my favourite one. I use it in cooking and with my baking as well, like peanut butter cookies, they melt in your mouth with I want more. I bet you can not...
Kraft peanut butter extra creamy

19 reviews

Kraft peanut butter is the only peanut butter I buy, my kids notice a difference when I purchase a different brand! It’s perfectly creamy and smooth, easy to spread!
kirkland hazelnut spread

18 reviews

Meilleur tartinade au noisettes sur le marché. Le goût est bien moins sucré que d'autres marques. On décèle beaucoup plus le goût de la noisette et du chocolat. Bonus: Il n'y a pas d'huile de palme. Un gros OUI pour cette tartinade Kirkland!
Cheese whiz

14 reviews

This goopy cheese-adjacent spread is reminiscent of a salted putty, and should only be used in Philadelphia on a classic cheese steak. There's no reason to keep this in the house.
WowButter Peanut Free

2 reviews

My son loves his pb sandwiches but he can’t take them to school. Wow butter is the perfect substitute. It is allowed in schools. Even comes with stickers under the label to show it is nut free. Creamy texture, my son can’t tell the difference.
Adams 100% Natural Creamy Peanut Butter

39 reviews

I've recently cut out sugar from my diet completely. Trying to get my kids on board wherever practical and this is a great product to do that. They didn't even notice the difference at first but now when they eat the 'regular peanut butter' they don't like it. WINNING! It's a...
Reeces's Spread

1 review

This is a great product. A spoonful is a satisfying treat. Spread on a warm croissant is heavenly. Too good to share with the kids. Did i say yummy?
Daiya Plain Cream Cheeze Style Spread

1 review

I'm not a vegan or lactose intolerant and I still use this as my "cream cheese" option due the fact is free of cholesterol and it's a little healthier than your regular cream cheese. I love the taste and spreads quite nicely. I buy this weekly and I use with everything. Bagels...
M&M;chocolate spread

1 review

Mmm a thick chocolate spread with deliciouse crunchy pieces .thick in texture but very hard to resist eating it of the spoon instead of spreading it on cakes or variouse deliciouse snacks .very rich in flavour a beautiful chocolate delight .
The Laughing Cow Garlic & herbs cheese spread

3 reviews

Absolutely love the laughing cow cheese, it's so creamy and delicious and a decent price when you can get it on sale. The herb flavor is good and not too strong.
Adams Peanut Butter Dark Roast

5 reviews

Love natural peanut butter, and this stuff is no exception. Healthy and wholesome it is a must for our breakfast table! I also like the glass jar, they never get thrown out in our house :)
Kraft just peanuts

2 reviews

I have been eating 'just nuts' peanut butters for 25 years, and can no longer stand the bland buttery stuff that is mostly on the self. For years I could only buy it at health food stores, as it was not generally available. A few years ago I noticed Kraft had started selling it...
Beechwood honey

1 review

This honey is from Australia and unfortunately it can not be spent to Canada. This is the best honey I’ve ever tasted. This flavour is warm and buttery. Oh man. I could eat the whole container. It really does taste buttery. So so good.
Hives For Humanity

1 review

Hives For Humanity is a Vancouver-based non-profit in DTES. They manage over 200 hives in communities throughout Vancouver to help people gain self confidence and empowerment through bee keeping and making honey. Hives For Humanity is healthy, local and for a good cause!
Trader Joe Everything But The Bagel Seasoning Blend

1 review

This taste EXACTLY like an everything bagel without the bagel! It is very light and great on eggs, toast, and muffins. I have only had it for a few days and have been super happy with it. The only downfall is that, we dont have a Trader Joes in Canada so I had to order through...
Planters crunchy peanut butter 500g

1 review

It's not my favorite but it's ok. I got it on sale and if I found it again I'd get it. It's very thick. There is sugar and fancy molasses in it so it's a bit sweet.
No Name Creamed Honey

1 review

Love this creamed honey. Great taste - and not rock hard solid. Price varies with the economy, but overall better priced than main brands. The other well-known brand (BB) is not as tasty and is usually hard as a rock.
clover Leaf Spicy thai chili Tuna

1 review

Clover Leaf Light Flaked spicy Thai chili Tuna is an amazing blend of hot and spicy taste with a touch of sweetness you have to try it in a macaroni salad so good