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McCain Foods (Canada)

McCain – Share Something Good! We seek those everyday joys that good food can bring, and make those moments last. From early morning breakfast before hockey practice, to having the guys over for the big game, to sharing your favourite snacks on movie night. We believe some of the warmest of joys are shared over food everyone loves. For over 50 years we’ve been making food that brings smiles to the table, like French fries, pizza and desserts. We believe good food starts with simple, wholesome ingredients and we are excited to keep doing w​hat we do, and bring on the smiles for many years to come!

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CanadiensMTL  Canadiens Montréal

RT @CanadiensMTL: When hockey returns, you and three friends could win an awesome fan experience at the Bell Centre! 👉https://t.co/0uSzaVG…

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@pammedjesi @sthubert @FromageStAlbert Sounds like a great way to celebrate! -Matt

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McCain Foods (Canada) Reviews

McCain Deep 'n Delicious Chocolate Cake
McCain Deep n Delicious cakes are a guilty pleasure in my house. The cake is perfectly moist while the frosting is decadently rich and creamy. I buy this over and over!

McCain Smiles
McCain Smiles

502 reviews

McCain smiles i just love them i bake not deep fry. My child and I love them they taste great and yes defiantly recommend McCain smiles and its fun for everyone

McCain Super Spirals
I have bought McCain fries several times over the years usually when on sale. I have been disappointed every time. Once the bag is opened bad fries are seenbag that are black and contaminated. It's awful, makes you sick to the stomach! I pick out the bad fries only to find...

McCain Tasti Taters
I absolutely love this brand of tater tots. They are beyond delicious!! I like to bake these in the oven so the outside is nice and crispy but the inside is soft. These taste like a hash brown except they are in a smaller size. They are good as a side for breakfast for...

McCain Potato Patties
My family love these. We used to fry them up as is, or even chop them up and add onion, and seasoning to accompany our eggs. But now with these "farmers" versions of a breakfast sandwich or wrap, we have found a new use for them! Fry them (or bake them) up, add them to an...

McCain Extra Crispy Spicy Straight Cut Fries
McCain Potato Extra Crispy Spicy Straight Cut Fries are delicious. I really like the texture on them . They cook up nicely and they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside . Yum ! I usually like ketchup with fries but they don't really need it because they're so...

McCain Onion Rings
McCain Onion Rings

265 reviews

Salty and difficult to cook. They aren't all the same size so some are cooked before the others. They larger ones are usually soggy no matter how long they are cooked. Way too salty and they didn't really taste of onion. I wouldn't get them again.

McCain Sweet Potato Plank Cut Fries
Every since I have tried sweet potato fries I have been hooked! These fries are full of flavour and cook quite fast in the oven! Just a little bit of salt and they are good to go! No dipping sauce required for my liking!

McCain Hashbrowns
McCain Hashbrowns

240 reviews

This product is just gross, strange smell when cooking and awful taste! Odd sizes of potato bits, some look like bits of old french fries, also rotten pieces of potato! Also the number of additional ingredients in this product is unreal including real beef flavor, something to...

McCain Lattice Cut Fries
Not your average potatoe! I abosolutely love these fries. The spice adds that extra special something that keeps you going back for more. Their crispy, crunchy and just plain fantastic!

McCain Superfries Crinkle Cut
These are by far the best fries, I'm not surprised as McCain makes them. All of their fries are delicious. These pair perfect with some salt and ketchup once cooked in either the deep fryer or the oven. YUM

McCain Spicy Wedges
I must say I love this easy to bake readymade potato wedges! And it’s so tasty. I love the spicy flavour because it intensifies the flavour. It’s much easier than peeling and dicing potatoes from scratch especially when you are short for time or just plain lazy lol. I...

McCain Superfries 5 Minute Shoestring Fries
Amazing fries and super fast to cook. I love them they taste better than even cdonalds fries. They are really handy for teens that are just learning to cook to use for lunches.

McCain Deep 'n Delicious Marble Cake

McCain Breakfast Potato Pancakes
I love having these with a good omelette or scrambled eggs with cheese. These are super yummy. You could have them with any breakfast food, really. Dip in ketchup for extra yumminess.