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Pampers was previously known for their reliable diapers since 1961 by Alfred Goldman. Recently, Pampers has included other baby products such as wipes, and disposable bibs to suit all your baby's needs. Chickadvisor's top reviews for Pampers include: Pampers Swaddlers and Pampers Baby Dry Diapers

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Pampers Reviews

Pampers Baby Dry Diapers
We tried these diapers because it was cheaper than others but it also feels cheaper. It's not as "plush" and feels very thin. We never had any leaks with them which is great but it just didn't feel as "plush" and soft compare to the swaddlers.

Pampers Swaddlers Diapers
Not a fan of pampers diapers! My son has had very large blowouts since about 2 weeks old and ALWAYS blows through a pampers diaper. He also has large pees and they tend to leak through these diapers. They are way softer than some other brands, but they gave my son a rash (he has...

Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes
These are the best wipes, they don’t irritate the skin, they are unscented which is what you want in a product for the nether regions lol good size, they don’t rip apart when you wipe. I love these wipes.

Pampers Cruisers Diapers
Although my son is out of diapers now, Pampers cruisers were the only diaper we found that gave him the freedom to move, softness and comfort, and maximum leak protection. Cruisers are a natural choice for your little mover. Pampers products are made with quality in mind, they...

Pampers Swaddlers Overnight Diapers
I would recommend this product to all mammas for their baby. It keeps baby from leaks and messes. Easy to use and hassle free. Have been using pampers for baby since birth but swaddlers are next step.

Pampers Natural Clean Wipes
Found some really nice deals on these wipes and they are so nice to use they remove the sticky ones quite nicely. Will buy again. Hopefully at the price I found last time.

Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants
I received this product free to try as a disclaimer and have tried several of the sizes and variations. Overall I am so impressed by not only the quality of the products but also that they are very child friendly, and comfortable for the wearers . Give these a try!

Pampers Sensitive Thick Care Baby Wipes
.. I really liked it and its really effective............................ These are really soft . baby never had any rashes or iritations ...........................

Pampers Cruisers Dry Max Diapers
We love pampers! We have used the swaddles and now the cruisers with both daughters. These diapers have the best coverage and the cutest designs! I will forever be grateful for the fit of these diapers. We have tried numerous brands and non compare to pampers!

Pampers Baby Wipes
Pampers Baby Wipes

113 reviews

These are the best baby wipes you will find in the stores. As these are quite gentle, therefore, work well with the sensitive skin and keep the skin hydrated after use

Pampers Aqua Pure Sensitive Baby Wipes
These wipes are the best I’ve used, they’re the only kind that don’t leave rashes on my baby. Although I’d love if they made bigger boxes with more wipes instead of the small boxes they have.

Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes
Large wipes that smell so fresh and clean unlike most wipes that have an harsh chemical smell you are safe in the knowledge of knowing these wipes are cotton soft without that strong smell that can cause irritation on delicate skin they are very moist and don't dry out quick...

Pampers Cruisers 360° Fit
These are alright, they aren't the best but are great for littles that are on the move and busy bees! We are in the potty training stages with my little guy, and I've found these are great for day time use, they don't absorb alot and will leak if your little one pees ALOT. And I...

Pampers Wipes Sensitive
I like huggies wipes better. I found that the pampers brand burn when I wipe my bottom with them in comparison. They are not as sensitive as the huggies brand.

Pampers Ninjamas
Pampers Ninjamas

10 reviews

I received this product free to try as a disclaimer. Although I was not trying it myself the little one who did try it seemed to be quite comfortable in it overall and really loved that it felt just like underwear. I also really like the packaging!