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Candy Reviews

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Maynards Sour Patch Kids

194 reviews

These are one of my go-to snacks. I love the small, snack size packs as they are a quick eat. When I eat a lot, my tongue does feel weird but that is more of a me problem. I love these honestly.
Werthers Original Butterscotch Candy

128 reviews

This candy is my go to whenever i need a perk up from my long day of work! Love these caramel candies!! I usually buy my candies at walmart or if not dollarama, and i usually Would consume 5 of em within the same day.
Nestle Smarties Candies

136 reviews

I love smarties, the candy shell is tasty and the chocolate is creamy inside. I usually buy these for kids and birthdays, such a nice treat. However I am not big on the new packaging, and wish the older style was still an option, also you now get less for the same price.
Jolly Rancher

99 reviews

Love love jolly ranchers! My favorite flavors are grape, apple and blue raspberry. I always have a bag of these in my home and bag I take to work. They are flavorful, juicy and oh so good. Will continue to buy as long as they are made!
Mentos Candy

94 reviews

These are great popped one in mouth and it lasted a couple of hours Ideal to keep in your handbag with the resealable lid so won't come loose in your bag.
Twizzlers nibs cherry

84 reviews

I absolutely love Nibs! They are so chewy and bursting with cherry flavor! They make for a perfect movie night snack, or whenever I am craving something a little sweet. They are the perfect poppable size and are something we all enjoy. It has a really nice taste and texture and...
Skittles Original

79 reviews

I've always been a fan of this candy because it was always present in my childhood. Compared to the other candies, I would say the taste is very strong. As an adult now, I know you can use skittles for more than just candy, you can mix it in cocktails, and more!
Kinder Joy™

46 reviews

My kids love KinderJoy eggs! I love them because they are great for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, etc. They love the taste and that they get a little toy with it too. Very fun candy treat for kids.
Rocket Candies

87 reviews

Our son loves these and I am ok with him having them as a treat as they are not at all hard to bite so better on his teeth. I wouldn't buy them for myself but when we have them I will snack on them. I prefer something with sugar or chewy, but as a candy these are good. Not too...

61 reviews

My mum was a fan of Nibs, I liked the cherry Twizzlers and Nibs. I have not bought them in awhile as way to much sugar, the whole thing is sugar. To bad that there can’t be better ingredients these days.
Wonka Rainbow Nerds

53 reviews

Ok... I’m a lifelong Nerds lover. It’s been one of my favorite candies since I was little. Back in the 80’s and 90’s, RAINBOW Nerds didn’t exist yet, only the double sided boxes with the 2 different flavors on each side. So you can imagine my excitement when I bought...
Strawberry Campino's Candies

47 reviews

I love these candies. I remember winning a candy bar guess full of them and it tasted amazing lol had to share but still great recently bought them at shoppers and finished the pack in one day. Oh have my taste buds changed because peach taste amazing too and cherry.
Maynards Swedish Berries

55 reviews

i absolutely love Maynards Swedish Berries! I still remember choosing these as my special treat whenever we would go to the store when I was little. The texture of these are a little more firm that compared to other gummies, but thats one of the things that makes them taste so...
Tic Tac Fresh Mint

44 reviews

These are life savers to have in your purse or even in your car great if you ever go on a date and need a quick fix wait no longer the tic tic got your back
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Rolls

50 reviews

My kids love fruit roll ups! Always fun to flip the roll up like a yo-yo and have a contest with trying to eat it the fastest without using your hands!
M &M;Caramel candy

37 reviews

I love all things chocolate and caramel so when I saw these m&m;’s I was so excited to try them! Opening the bag they looked normal and had the normal smell. As I began to eat them I had a gritty taste in my mouth caused by the caramel. I would prefer these to have a smooth...
Tootsie Roll Pops

44 reviews

We buy the mini tootsie roll pops that are a perfect size as a treat for our little ones. They have great flavoring as well! Love the tootsie roll in the middle.
Jolly Rancher Misfits Gummies-Tropical Uni-Sharks

9 reviews

I recently recieved a bag of the sour version to try, and I'll admit that I didn't have high hopes as I do not really like sour things, but I was pleasantly surprised. The flavours were fairly close to the real fruits, a bit artificial tasting, but not overly. I really liked...
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers

53 reviews

Abit of a different kind of taste, it’s exactly as advertised though lol they literally gush in your mouth..! My kids love them, the fruity blast of flavours, it’s a great little snack.
fererro rocher

16 reviews

First off, love the packaging. Especially during Christmas, I love getting the variety packs as gifts, but you could never go wrong with the classic hazelnut and chocolate flavour.