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Candy Reviews

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Maynards Sour Patch Kids

207 reviews

Le goût est très bon, les meilleurs sont les rouges et il y en a habituellement dans tous les sacs, même les petits. Cependant, cette marque coûte assez cher!
Werthers Original Butterscotch Candy

135 reviews

I love Werthers. They’re great anywhere you go, I always have a few in my purse and in the car. They’re great in chewy form or solid - I love the different flavours that Werthers comes out with as well.
Jolly Rancher

105 reviews

These are in my top 3 candy pick. I love these candies. They have so much flavor, and it's relatively cheap. I can suck on 1 piece of candy for up to 10 minutes sometimes. You can't go wrong buying these!
Mentos Candy

95 reviews

The candy of everyone's youth and still a handbag favourite, Mentos are refreshingly sweet and come in a tasteful rainbow of flavours and colours. Pop one in your mouth and the flavour will burst out into a multi-faceted sensation and these are hard-ish sweets that can last up...
Twizzlers nibs cherry

89 reviews

I can not get enough of the cherry nibs twizzlers. I love them when they are so soft that they almost melt in your mouth. I love the flavour of them as welk
Skittles Original

87 reviews

Amazing, love the flavour, the scent and the smell the best ones ever! recommend I buy this ones at least once a week great for a break, great for every ocasion
Kinder Joy™

46 reviews

My kids love KinderJoy eggs! I love them because they are great for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, etc. They love the taste and that they get a little toy with it too. Very fun candy treat for kids.
Rocket Candies

88 reviews

This is a favourite of mine and I love them. The way they break apart when you bite them mmmm I don’t think there would ever be a reason to hate these
Wonka Rainbow Nerds

56 reviews

We absolutely love Nerds candy in our family! The new Nerd Gummy clusters are the most addictive candy I've ever eaten. I have to hide these from my kids and son in law if I ever want to eat them. I love the original flavor and the berry flavor. They are so good. They are so...
Strawberry Campino's Candies

52 reviews

I always look for these in stores whenever I'm out. Individually wrapped so you can keep hand-fulls in different places! The taste is almost like a creamy, strawberry-vanilla yogurt. So yummy. Probably not good for your teeth, however. -disclaimer

62 reviews

My perfect late night snack! I love eating these and I never have to spend too much money. They are a nice size to carry around In my purse all day and I don't have to worry about them melting.
Tic Tac Fresh Mint

49 reviews

Tic Tacs are the best! great bang for your buck and the flavour lasts a long time. This classic flavour reminds me of mint and vanilla and marshmallow.
M&Ms;Caramel Cold Brew candies

1 review

I received an M&Ms;Caramel Cold Brew Fun Size pouch free from Sampler in exchange for my honest review. The M&Ms;Caramel Cold Brew candies have a chewy caramel texture that I was not expecting. The M&Ms;Caramel Cold Brew candies have a bold caramel flavor with a hint of coffee...
Gidiva Holiday Goldmark Dark Chocolate Gift Box

1 review

Godiva Holiday Goldmark Dark Chocolate Gift Box retails at $10.99. There are 9 delicious pieces of Godiva dark chocolate--Dark Chocolate Domes, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Velvet, Dark Chocolate Coconut. Godiva Holiday Goldmark Dark Chocolate Gift Box makes a great gift for a dark...
Healthy Hippo Hippo Gummies

1 review

I tried Healthy Hippo's Hippo Gummies. These are absolutely delicious. They have no bad aftertaste and are sweetened only with monk fruit. I love the variety of fruit flavours.
Maynards Swedish Berries

56 reviews

Who doesn't love these? These have always been a favourite as a kid. These have the right amount of flavour and are so addicting! I sometimes buy these in bulk but only like Maynards. They are the best!
Morinaga Hi-Chew

1 review

I always have these laying around the house I call them my hubbys anti cranky snack I even pack them in his lunch for work lol so he comes home in a great mood after a long day. The right amount of flavouring, the chewy texture is perfect & the fruit taste is so flavourful even...

1 review

These are plant-based gummies with no animal gelatin. They are palm oil free and the colors are derived from plant and algae. He's delicious gummies come in three unique designs in the Rainbow Edition. A rainbow colored unicorn, rainbow and the word LOVE!!!! These are great find...
M&M Caramel candy

41 reviews

I love m&ms;but these are gross. The caramel does not taste good in this product and I love caramel as well. If you desire a chocolate caramel candy choose something else and you will be more satisfied.
werther's original milk chocolate caramels

2 reviews

perfect soft caramels covered with milk chocolate, the caramel is just the right amount of sweetness and complimented with the milk chocolate, literally can eat the whole bag in one sitting. I love it so much