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Candy Reviews

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Maynards Sour Patch Kids

148 reviews

Love sour patch kids! I’m a huge fan of candy and especially sour candy! So these yummy candies are one of my favourites. I have actually sat down and ate a whole bag! Wouldn’t recommend! Lol
Nestle Smarties Candies

108 reviews

Les « smarties » sont super bon et pourtant super simple. Avec un rpix pareil, ça vaut le coût de s’offrir une boîte. Vraiment bon et une collation simple et rapide à manger.
Twizzlers nibs cherry

65 reviews

I know there are many fans of this licorice candy, but I am not one of them. Despite it being cherry flavoured, it tastes more like a bland version of children's cherry cough syrup. I also noticed these go stale very quickly. The nibs are certainly easier to eat since you can...
Jolly Rancher

63 reviews

The blue ones are the best. I could live without the purple but they have so much flavor. Great price. Great taste. But them often.. Def tell friends n fam to buy also..
Rocket Candies

79 reviews

These taste delicious. I like how convenient they are and I love the taste of it.They are not overly sweet and they just melt in my mouth every time. I would buy these again for sure.
Wonka Rainbow Nerds

42 reviews

Ever since I was a kid, the taste of this candy was always the same. I’ve always liked it and I still do. Everytime I see it in stores I can’t resist but to buy one.
Kinder Joy™

29 reviews

I recently saw Kinder Joy on sale, and thought if I normally buy Kinder Surprise why not give Joy a try? And so I did. I think I found my new favorite. I don't know if it's just different as in Kinder Surprise is a hollow egg and this one is like chocolate within chocolate...
Strawberry Campino's Candies

39 reviews

I like how these candies taste. It kind of tastes like strawberry yogurt, but in a candy form.I also like the other flavours as well, such as the peach flavour. I would buy these again for sure.
Maynards Swedish Berries

46 reviews

So chewy great taste great price who wouldn't love these. Thee are my go to candy.. Def buy them quite a bit.. Go buy some I'f u want great candy. Come on
Werthers Original Butterscotch Candy

29 reviews

It is the perfect snack to keep with you all the time. I keep it with me at university and eat it when craving something sweet while studying. I love how each one is wrapped separately
Betty Crocker Fruit by the Foot Rolls

39 reviews

My kids go crazy for these, I honestly don’t know a kid that doesn’t. I don’t feel super bad about giving them as a snack either. Perfect for school lunch
Sour keys

19 reviews

Love these. Sour hard.. Chewy all in one. Great flavor great price for what u get. What else so u need or want. Def a go to treat when u want candy. Go grab some and try them u won't be disappointed that's for sure
Tic Tac Fresh Mint

31 reviews

This tastes so good, I love the sweet, minty taste. It freshens up my breath. It has a nice texture and it slowly melts away after a while. I will be trying the other flavours aw well.
Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers

43 reviews

My favourite gusher is the blue one. I like the other ones too. Theses are such a delicious snack. I love the gew in the middle. I would definitely buy this product again.
Milk Chocolate M & M’s

11 reviews

Not only did I grow up snacking on these as a kid, but my oldest daughter does as well! I can't pick up groceries without grabbing her a small bag! Not only are these one of my all time favorite things to snack on, but they are now her's as well!
Caramel M&Ms;

7 reviews

Caramels one of my favorite. So caramel covered in chocolate is even better when you like caramel and chocolate. Buy them usually at bulk barn then you can get what ever amount you want.
Hershey's Gold Caramelized Creme Bar

3 reviews

I recieved this awesome candy bar #Complimentary in return for my review. I recently seen Hershey's gold bars popping up in my local stores & wanted to try it out. I was lucky enough to received this box & im so glad I did! Typically im not a fan of caramel anything, but i LOVE...
Chocolate caramilk

14 reviews

I love this chocolate so much ,it's the best , the perfect amount of chocolate and caramel together is just amazing .I have bought so many of these in my lifetime I strongly recommend it :)
Reese Miniatures Stuffed Pieces

6 reviews

This is delicious. I love peanut butter and I love chocolate. The combination is to die for. It is just amazing. I love Reese's chocolate. I WOULD BUY IT AGAIN FOR SURE.
White Chocolate Twix

1 review

I hope this product is here to stay because I'm not a fan of milk chocolate, and will only eat the cookie partc on the regular twix. The white chocolate twix I am able to eat the whole thing and they are so delicious