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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Lemonade Flavoured Ginger Ale

876 reviews

I enjoyed this lemonade flavoured ginger ale, it was a great drink to have on a hot summer day. I found it a bit syrupy, sweet but I mostly drink diet drinks so that might just be me. A diet version of this would be my summer go to beverage! It had great lemon flavor!
Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

432 reviews

J’ai adoré le goût sucré et rafraîchissant de cette boisson. Je le recommanderai pour une fête d’été prêt du feu ou sur le bord de l’eau. définitivement une boisson d’été! merci pour ce coupon ☺️
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

440 reviews

when I think about refreshing soda's this is almost always my first choice and I also use it for mixed drinks and cocktails.It is refreshing with a good clean taste.Many of my friend like it as well!
Pepsi Cola

298 reviews

Pepsi is the best! No other cola taste as good or feels as good going down. It’s refreshing and always taste great. I would Highly recommend Pepsi to anyone
A & W Rootbeer

244 reviews

This is by far my favourite root beer out there. I've tried Mugs and other drinks but I always end up regretting it and having to force myself to finish the case. With the A&W;root beer I find myself unexpectedly running out and being sad that I don't have any left for whatever...
Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

197 reviews

Great! Nice and refreshing. Pairs well with the holidays due to the nice cranberry flavour... Not overly sweet and goes down good on a hot summer day as well.
Coca-Cola Classic

122 reviews

I buy this product since 20 years ago, I m addicted to Coca-Cola, the taste is amazing and I still enjoy every day to use it. In my fridge is always a coca cola...
Coke Zero

138 reviews

Coke zero has replaced regular coke for me. I think it tastes pretty much like regular coke without the sugar or calories. It also tastes good in mixed drinks with rum or whiskey. Since purchasing coke zero I have no gone back to regular coke.
Diet Pepsi

72 reviews

My favourite drink. I do try not to drink too much of it but I prefer it over Diet Coke any day! I prefer it in cans over a bottle as it stays fizzy longer.
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

54 reviews

The wild cherry taste is ok if it's ice cold but as it warms up it becomes too artificial for me. It is a good alternative to Pepsi if u want a change but a little bit for me goes a long way. I wouldn't buy it unless it was on sale or they were out of regular peosi
Diet Coke

79 reviews

I am unfortunately addicted to Diet Coke but it’s a welcome change from being addicted to the full sugar version. I know it’s not good to drink this all the time but it’s so lovely and refreshing and tastes so great! When I’m feeling like drinking a cola drink, this is...
Coca Cola Cans

50 reviews

This is very nice but u have to drink it straight away as it goes fly quickly and the taste goes very quickly but vanilla is much more taster and the diet is worse
Dr. Pepper

28 reviews

J’ai découvert le Dr Pepper plus jeune . mais ce n'est pas un breuvage que je bois régulièrement, pour moi c’est un spécial, et ça se prend avec un repas sucré
Schweppes Bluberry Peach Ginger Ale

19 reviews

Please make this flavour (Blueberry / Peach) a regular flavour.....it is excellent and very addictive....lo. i bought up all the cases from all the supermarkets and drug stores around me in Scarborough, Ontario. Thank You......as far as your Csnada Dry side....the Lemonade...
Pepsi 355ml

14 reviews

never flat always good taste when u need a good cold drink... has that kick to it so def need to go get u some pepsi n have a awesome drink.. u wont regeret it
Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale

46 reviews

Great flavour for those looking for a stronger ginger ale taste. Mixes even better with whiskey than regular Canada Dry. I personally really like this varietal and hope they come out with a diet version soon.
coke zero cherry

29 reviews

Found at Walmart the other day and was super excited to try it! Same great taste as coke zero. Would be great with some whiskey too! Good price too. All the good taste of Coke with cherry and of course no sugar added and no calorie. I really recommend.
Cherry Coke

51 reviews

Once I discovered Cherry Coke nothing else could compare! Coke has always been a favorite of mine but the touch of cherry flavour make it perfect! I drink it every chance I get! Mmmm, refreshing!
Zevia Cola Beverages

48 reviews

I started buying these when I started the keto diet and they are a lifesaver. No sugar or added chemicals. So delicious and refreshing. Every flavour is good!
Coca Cola Vanilla

35 reviews

This flavour of Coca-Cola is really good! It tastes to me like a really good Coke float and I looove it! It tastes like if you mixed melted vanilla ice cream into a can of coke! I totally dig it! Would recommend!