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Soft Drinks Reviews

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Canada Dry Blackberry Ginger Ale

426 reviews

I found this product too sweet. The flavor is not distinguishable as blackberry.It might be able to be used in a berry punch as a summer drink mixed with some fresh or frozen blueberries or blackberries. It is not as good as the dark gingerale that launched last year.
Canada Dry Ginger Ale

432 reviews

Ahhhhh this drink reminds me of summer! I'm not a big fizzy drink person, but whoa this is good. I tend not to like drinks like this due to artificial taste but this one taste completely real, clean, crisp and fresh. 4.8/10
Pepsi Cola

295 reviews

I'm not one to drink soft drinks like this a lot, but from time to time, I like to treat myself with a little glass! I like the taste of it and it's not too pricey.
A & W Rootbeer

236 reviews

It's refreshing and the right amount of sweetness. I buy this product on my weekly shopping trip. The kids enjoy it as much as I do! My son likes to use A & W root beer to make ice cream floats.
Canada Dry Cranberry Ginger Ale

193 reviews

This is my favorite pop.I drink it all the time. I recommend it to all my family and friends. It is only available during the holidays (at least in my area) and I make sure to stock up so I have some throughout the year.
Coca-Cola Classic

119 reviews

Coca Cola is a classic, with an unmistakable taste. Super-sweet, slightly tinny (in a good way, if there is one...) and extremely refreshing. Nothing like a nice tall glass of Coke over ice on a hot day. Can't deny myself - yes, there's tons of sugar, but everything in...
Coke Zero

137 reviews

So surprised but excited about this product. Always hated the Diet Coke flavour but now I get a coke flavour with a zero calorie effect! I tell everyone they must try it at least once and not many feel any different as I do. We Love it!
Diet Pepsi

72 reviews

My favourite drink. I do try not to drink too much of it but I prefer it over Diet Coke any day! I prefer it in cans over a bottle as it stays fizzy longer.
Pepsi Cola Wild Cherry

53 reviews

I drink Pepsi on the daily and when I heard about this new flavor I had to try it but for me I didn't enjoy the taste I found it to be to strong. I'm just going to stick to the original Pepsi taste.
Diet Coke

77 reviews

Diet Coke is my favourite drink I find it doesn’t taste like syrup and no Sugar very good Cold and you can buy anywhere comes in different flavours but could be very addicting
Coca Cola Cans

47 reviews

Original flavor that has been around for over 100 years. When consuming it should be ice cold, then it has a super crisp and fizzy taste the way it was intended to be. Extra sweet for that sweet tooth.
Schweppes Dark Ginger Ale

46 reviews

Great flavour for those looking for a stronger ginger ale taste. Mixes even better with whiskey than regular Canada Dry. I personally really like this varietal and hope they come out with a diet version soon.
Cherry Coke

51 reviews

Once I discovered Cherry Coke nothing else could compare! Coke has always been a favorite of mine but the touch of cherry flavour make it perfect! I drink it every chance I get! Mmmm, refreshing!
Schweppes Bluberry Peach Ginger Ale

17 reviews

I think this is a great flavour! Great alone or add a little vodka into it and off we go!! Definitely one of my favourite flavours! Will buy again for another weekend drink.
Pepsi 355ml

12 reviews

I've been a proud Pepsi Cola Drinker for Many Years Now and definitely find that it is far better tasting than other competitor colas because I notice that Pepsi doesn't get that flat or left out or open taste after a short period of time when it is left in a glass like other...
Dr. Pepper

25 reviews

Dr. Pepper definitely stands out as a totally unique alternative out there to the traditional colas, un-colas, citrus soft drinks, ginger ales, root beers and cream sodas. It definitely has that kick that one likes to have for a nice change from the common!
Zevia Cola Beverages

48 reviews

I started buying these when I started the keto diet and they are a lifesaver. No sugar or added chemicals. So delicious and refreshing. Every flavour is good!
coke zero cherry

27 reviews

Coke zero cherry 🍒 Is very good you can taste The cherry in it I like it better than the plan Coke Zero and it’s not a strong cherry tasting to so not over powering
Canada Dry pomegranate ginger ale

7 reviews

I recently discovered this flavor on the store shelves and has become my favorite. The flavor is outstanding & the effervescence is perfect for my needs.
Coca Cola Vanilla

34 reviews

I LOVE this drink!! First time I had it years ago, I bought it everyday for a month, and now anytime it's available, I'll take it over any other pop! I think I'm gonna go buy some now!