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Kraft Smooth Peanut Butter
Whenever I am craving a peanut butter sandwich, I turn to Kraft! I love the smooth peanut butter because it just tastes peanuty and delicious! I have tried other brands and still go back to Kraft because their price is on point and their quality is really good. It is easy to...

541 reviews
Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations
I tried a few different flavors of this and I am not really the biggest fan. I can see why people like this based on the nutritional content because it is a way to stay on the lower calorie and fat side and easy to portion control as well. I feel like the portions are a bit...

352 reviews
Becel® Original margarine
Becel Original Margarine is delicious! Spreads easily, can be used in baking & cooking and the taste is outstanding. While it is a bit more expensive than other margarines, it is worth it for the quality. We are a Becel family!

215 reviews
Becel Olive Plus™ Oil Blend
I've been using Olive oil a of y life and the taste has always bothered me but since I got Becel Olive Plus Oil Blend #gotitfree my cooking has chage, I love so much this product, it has no smell and most of all it has no awfull taste. I will most certainly but this product...

193 reviews
Becel® Olive Oil margarine
Becel olive oil is the only margarine we will use in our house it's very good for people who are dieting healthier option we love this I use it to cook I use it on our bread I use it on everything highly recommend

201 reviews
Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
Tout le monde ou presque connait la fameuse soupe lipton qui régale nos papilles lorsque nous somme malades ou que nous avons simplement froid je n'ai rien a dire appart que cette soupe est l'une des plus délicieuse

189 reviews
Triscuit Crackers
I love to have triscuits on hand for snacks or for entertaining, they are full of flavour and have enough substance to pair with any toppings. My favourite flavour is the cracked black pepper ones that have a bit of a bite to then and they pair well with aged white cheddar.

189 reviews
Becel® Vegan margarine
Becal Vegan margarine is absolutely delicious on hot toasted whole wheat bread. It is very much appreciated that this product does not have trans fats, which makes it a healthy option for our arteries! It has a buttery light flavor and the perfect saltiness that really adds a...

143 reviews
Becel Canola and Sunflower Oil
Nous a la maison on utilise que les produits becel et on adore . Je trouve que c'est un choix santé . Tu retrouve le bon goût du beurre, mais en plus santé. Je recommande à tous

135 reviews
Renee's Gourmet Caesar Salad Dressing
Renee's is the only brand I will shop for Caesar salad dressing, especially when I am making a nice big one! Sounds like any 4 recipe with sloppy dressing but its not. Real bacon Chunks, not bits, Fresh Homemade Cheese & Garlic baked Croutons, Iceburg Romaine lettuce, is nothing...

131 reviews
Black Diamond Cheesestrings
Black Diamond Cheesestrings taste great and they are easy to peel. I love how you can peel this cheese and make fun shapes rather than eat it in a large cube. I find the cheese does not taste waxy and artificial as some brands do. The marble cheesestrings are my favorite...

131 reviews
Knorr® Chicken Boullion Cubes
Its a must have in a kitchen ...especially when you want to discover new flavors.. You can do pretty much anything with chicken base cubes from soup to a pie :) The limite is the sky Bon appetit

95 reviews
Heinz White Vinegar
Heinz Vinegar is the only vinegar I buy. I use it for all my cooking needs as well as my cleaning needs and more. I mix it with water and clean my counter tops and floors, I also use it to remove stains from clothing and to spray on ant hills to repel them. It is a great...

98 reviews
Becel® Buttery Taste
Tastes great. Used in cookies and they were gone very quickly!! The whole family enjoyed it on meals without any complaints about it not being real butter. Which is a regular complaint in our house

88 reviews
Knorr® Beef Boullion Cubes
Well I have to admit that I favour my own soup stocks, and bases,but I gotta tella ya, this is a sure fire winner in the kitchen when ur pressed for time. Excellent flavour profile, not too salty, like most ready mades, blends well, no lumps:) which I appreciate, and notice a...

71 reviews
Sabra Hummus
I grew up eating humus, mostly homemade. Recently I don't always have the time so I like to buy it. I tried Sabra humus and did not enjoy it at all. There is something strange about the taste and I find it leaves a weird film in your mouth. This did not taste like classic...

99 reviews
Premium Plus Salted Tops Crackers
I've tried generic brand salted crackers but they just don't live up to the quality of Premium Plus crackers. These crackers are more expensive than other brands but the quality is worth the difference in price. I love how there is enough salt on the crackers to compliment the...

73 reviews
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar Crackers
Quelques fois par année lorsqu'ils sont en rabais chez Costco je me laisse tenter par ces petits poissons plein de saveurs de fromage et de sel. L'emballage individuelles de petit sac me plaît beaucoup, cela permet de les conserver plus longtemps. Ils sont aussi impeccable...

82 reviews
Driscoll's Raspberries
These berries taste fairly fresh. I grew up eating raspberries picked out of tree, and these taste quite similar- with a little bit less of the freshness. I tend to prefer getting the packs where the berries are a bit less ripe and squished which can sometimes be hard.I don't...

77 reviews
Knorr Sidekicks Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta
Cette semaine j'ai acheté plusieurs Knorr side kick grace a des coupons et chaque membre de ma famille a un préféré les Alfredo sont les préfères de mes 2 grands garçons quand au plus jeune et moi on préfère celui au poulet

84 reviews

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