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Deodorant/Anti-perspirant - Natural Reviews

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Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant

2382 reviews

I first tried this deodorant in the summer. The fragrances available were unique and smelled nice. Unfortunately, this deodorant left white, chalky marks that then turned into white drip marks in the heat of the summer!! I decided to give this deodorant a chance in cooler...
Green Beaver NaturaDri™ Antiperspirant, Fresh Verve

453 reviews

I have been struggling to find a natural deodorant that would be good enough to use in public. Usually, I'd try out a new kind but only wear it on days off when around the house as I wouldn't trust it to get me through a day of work. I didn't even know there was such a thing as...
Schmidt's Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant

325 reviews

Je me suis procuré ce déodorant fait par la compagnie Schmidt's rose + black pepper. J'ai été attiré par les composantes de celui-ci qui sont à base de produit naturels. Sans Aluminium sans Thc, sans CbD , et formulé avec de l'huile de chanvre du jojoba, huile de coco...
Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant

367 reviews

My favorite deodorant but the downside is that with prolonged use, bumps on the deodorant appear and I have to throw the entire container away because it will irritate my underarm area. Wish that I knew how to remedy these odd bumps that appear on the product.
Schmidt's Aluminum Free Coconut + Pineapple Natural Deodorant for Women and Men

313 reviews

I love the smell but it didn't last long and definitely didn't work as well for me as the other Schmidts deodorants. Wouldn't buy this particular one again but love the others
Schmidt's Aluminum Free Sandalwood + Citrus Natural Deodorant for Women and Men

293 reviews

# freeSchmidt’s Tank you Sandalwood & citrus and . Coconut & Pineapple and.. I tested the 2 scents. With its antibacterial agents and its fragrances, the deodorant masks bad smells as well as eliminates the bacteria that are at the origin of them. I love that it's made with...
ATTITUDE Super Leaves Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant, Red Vine Leaves

210 reviews

J'ai eu la chance de tester le produit gratuitement grâce à ChickAdvisor et ça me rend très heureuse d'avoir pu tester un nouveau produit qui est plus écologique! L'emballage est vraiment très bien fait et très mignon. L'odeur n'était pas désagréable, mais j'ai une...
ATTITUDE Super Leaves Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant, Orange Leaves

211 reviews

This product is an amazing option to use for everyday wear. A little goes a long way so it will last a while. It has a very pleasant smell, perfect for summer time! I wouldn't recommend it for someone who sweats excessively or before heavy activity.
Dove Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit, Coconut + Pink Jasmine

95 reviews

I recieved the Dove refillable deodorant in coconut and jasmine and thought "Wow, This is so pretty!" It glides on like silk, combats odor and has a very soft scent that isn't cloying or overwhelming. I loved the refill, it was easy to put in and I used it faithfully for 4 days...
Dove Refillable Deodorant Starter Kit, Cucumber + Green Tea

95 reviews

The deodorant itself smells amazing and goes on smooth. It keeps me dry and fresh all day. The packaging is so nice looking. I love the look! I also love that it’s reusable so it will last forever. Just buy the refill and it’s less plastic waste in our planet. It’s small...
hello sage + eucalyptus deodorant with shea butter

65 reviews

This is my first time using a natural deodorant and I really liked it. I loved that it is made with natural ingredients. The scent was very pleasant. It had a nice fresh herbal aroma. I also liked how it can be recycled. What I didn’t like is that it’s a lot harder to apply...
hello fresh citrus deodorant with shea butter

65 reviews

I have been using hello naturally friendly deodorant for the past few weeks and I am so impressed with the effectiveness and quality of it. This eco-friendly, vegan deodorant goes on smooth and is dry to the touch almost immediately after applying, and it smells great! The fresh...
hello clean + fresh deodorant with charcoal

64 reviews

Le déodorant Hello Clean+fresh est un produit à base de charbon qui ne contient pas d'aluminium de bicarbonate ou de parabène. Il est très efficace contre les odeurs. Son parfum est frais et agréable, on sent bon toute la journée. Il ne laisse pas de dépot sur les...
hello sweet coconut deodorant with shea butter

61 reviews

I was advised by my laser hair removal specialist to switch to natural deodorant. I was hesitant at first, but then received this complimentary trial from butterly so I gave it a shot. Let me tell you I am sold. I love knowing I am doing something better for my body and still...
Dove Care by Plants – Lemongrass

69 reviews

I like the idea that this is plant based, the scent is very nice and goes on easy no mess and no staining on clothes. I don’t sweat too much right now since it is winter but will like to see it’s effectiveness in the summer
Dove Care by Plants – Sandalwood

65 reviews

I have been looking to try an all natural deodorant, and as my go-to deodorant is by Dove, I was intrigued to try Dove Care By Plants. Unfortunately, I did not care for this one. The sandalwood scent was overpowering and it was all I could smell for hours after application. It...
Dove Care by Plants – Tea Tree

67 reviews

Okay so, after finally receiving this full size Dove Care by Plants - Tea Tree deodorant I have to say it was worth the wait! If come across other natural deodorants in the past that left a weird feeling/texture or would only mask the scent of body odor. This is not one of...
Dove Care by Plants – Eucalyptus

66 reviews

Being a loyal user of Dove products, I was quite happy to have received this product to review. I have never used a deodorant made from natural origin ingredients before. Initially, I loved the Eucalyptus scent, but as the day progressed, I found the scent to be overpowering...
Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Spray, Lavender + Sage

45 reviews

Loved the smell of this but the way it sprayed was very weird. It literally sprays my whole underarm and my chest! Made me feel wet and I need to take a towel to dry my underarms
Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Spray, Rose + Vanilla

42 reviews

I love this product because not only is it convenient to use but it doesn’t leave a residue! The light scent also lasts all day which is amazing. The only issue I have with it (why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5) is that when it sprays some of the product dribbles down the...