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Deodorant/Anti-perspirant - Natural Reviews

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Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant

499 reviews

The smell is nice but after using It I got a rash and create sweat stains under my arm pits causing unsightly look and the smell does not last long and the cap keeps coming off
Green Beaver NaturaDri™ Antiperspirant, Fresh Verve

452 reviews

I recently discovered this product and I must say it’s totally worth what I paid. Leaves you feeling fresh the whole day . Will definitely recommend to my family
Schmidt's Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant

323 reviews

the product smelled really good, made my skin feel really soft and did not leave any marks on clothes. love it and must recommend it. the product smelled really good, made my skin feel really soft and did not leave any marks on clothes.
Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant

337 reviews

I received the SCHMIDT'S ROSE+VANILLA natural deodorant for free from CHICKADVISOR. I have tried it for a few days and it's a best deodorant. So I bought LAVENDER+SAGE deodorant. I'm a lavenderlover. This deodorant works great and lasts all day. No rash. Great for sensitive...
Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Rose + Vanilla

40 reviews

This deodorant was very effective, however the smell was too strong for me. You have to hold it against your skin to warm it up before applying or it’s chalky, but if it’s slightly warm then it applies well. I would recommend this deodorant, but not this fragrance. Good...
Schmidt natural deodorant Rose +Vanilla

32 reviews

I had a hard time finding a deodorant that keeps me fresh while moving and lifting a lot at work. I've tried a lot of brands nothing worked. @Chickadvisor gave me the opportunity to try @Schmidtnaturals for free. I was so happy with the product. It kept me fresh all day, i...
Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant Deodorant stick

5 reviews

I love this smell. It smells like awesome. It is worth of its price. It is very effective to remove bad odour. I encourage to buy. I feel very happy every day when I use this.
Native Candy Cane Natural Deodorant

3 reviews

I really like the idea of natural deodorant, Native is one of my favourites and when they came out with candy cane scented I just had to buy it. It smells just like a candy cane, goes on smooth, and lasts all day for me. I love that I can trust the ingredients.
The Green Beaver company natural Deodorant Lavender

32 reviews

Many deodorants have toxic ingredients like aluminum which when put directly on our underarm can go into our glands and disrupt our hormones. This deodorant is aluminum free and its non gmo. They have different types and it lasts a very long time. You dont have to worry about...
Native Deodorant Teen Loco for Coco

1 review

I bought this for my daughter since I love the adult version so much. The smell is amazing, smells just like a pina Colada. Goes on smooth, not gritty. And does not irritate her skin. I love that it’s paraban, aluminum and cruelty free.
Adidas aluminum free cotton tech deodorant in scent fitness fresh

2 reviews

Love the fresh clean scent of this deodorant. It goes on clear and doesn’t leaves any residue. Stays on all the day and Leaves a nice pleasant odour. It’s great to travel with in your handbag or gym bag. I love the fact that it’s aluminum free and that it effective.
Schmidt's Aluminum Free Coconut + Pineapple Natural Deodorant for Women and Men

6 reviews

Wow, I will most definitely buy this product again, I loved the scent, the fact that it kept the odor and wetness away as I tend to sweat a lot and it bothers me.
Degree® Women Revitalizing Botanicals Odour Protect Aluminum Free Deodorant

1 review

this degree deodarent is my only fav.. it works for me , no clothing stains on underarm,, no body odour even after sweating. i buy this product for my freinds and family so they can try it.. i love, love, love this product
Routine's The Curator - Stick

1 review

I have been using Routine's deodorants for a few years now. I didn't love having to scoop it out of the jar and rub it in. And, as I seemed to have developed a sensitivity to baking soda, I was on the hunt for a new one. I was thrilled to see Routine come out with their...
The green Beaver company Sweet escape natural antiperspirant

1 review

I've spent a lot of money trying different natural antiperspirant and deodorants. This is the only one that actually works for me...keeps me dry and smelling good. No gritty feeling
Dove dry spray cool essentials perspirant

1 review

Very nice product...quick dry...keep you away all day from bad odors..feel confident after using this..nice fragrance..strongly recommend it..will definitely like to purchase it again
Schmidt's Deodorant Bergamot & Lime

3 reviews

This deodorant is soft and aluminum free! I love the scent and feel of this product, it ensures no body odour for the day fairly well. I definitely recommend this product to friends and family.
Each and every aluminium free natural deodorant rose and vanilla

1 review

I love the natural deodorants. I got a chance to try one the fragrances from Each and Every aluminium free natural deodorants. Its is so good and it works very well. No extra residue and long lasting throughout the day. It does not contain any harmful ingredients, and also...
Wildroot Natural Deodorant

1 review

This Tall Pine deodorant from Wildroot is oh so amazing! If you enjoy woodsy scents like pine and cedarwood than this is the deo for you! The lovely ladies that own this small business make their variety of deodorants from natural ingredients and essential oils and the best part...
Tom's Natural Strength Deodorant

1 review

My friend recommended me to try this natural deodorant. It’s good and it’s easy to use. It doesn’t leave any stain on my clothes. Price is a bit more expensive but worth it