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Deodorant/Anti-perspirant - Natural Reviews

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Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla Natural Deodorant

2368 reviews

I really liked Schmidt's Rose and Vanilla natural deodorant. It has a really light scent suitable for those who are sensitive to smell. It kept me smelling good for the whole day and I would definitely recommend this product to others.
Green Beaver NaturaDri™ Antiperspirant, Fresh Verve

453 reviews

I have been struggling to find a natural deodorant that would be good enough to use in public. Usually, I'd try out a new kind but only wear it on days off when around the house as I wouldn't trust it to get me through a day of work. I didn't even know there was such a thing as...
Schmidt's Rose + Black Pepper Natural Deodorant

324 reviews

After trying many many many natural/aluminum free deodorants I found the Schmidt line up of deodorants. The first one I tried from them had baking soda as an ingredient, which caused irritation. Sadly I had to switch to another less effective brand until Schmidt came out with...
Schmidt's Aluminum Free Coconut + Pineapple Natural Deodorant for Women and Men

312 reviews

Love everything about this product. The smell,is amazing. It keeps working even when things are getting hot. I would definitely be purchasing this brand again. The price and value are well worth. it
Schmidt's Lavender + Sage Natural Deodorant

356 reviews

I gave this the ultimate test and wore it to a wedding on a hot day. It smells lovely and the scent is very strong and lasts a long time. Unfortunately my underarms were soaked through. It just didn't work at all... I'm honestly using it as a perfume now.
Schmidt's Aluminum Free Sandalwood + Citrus Natural Deodorant for Women and Men

293 reviews

# freeSchmidt’s Tank you Sandalwood & citrus and . Coconut & Pineapple and.. I tested the 2 scents. With its antibacterial agents and its fragrances, the deodorant masks bad smells as well as eliminates the bacteria that are at the origin of them. I love that it's made with...
ATTITUDE Super Leaves Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant, Orange Leaves

14 reviews

I really like how this deodorant came in a plastic free, environmentally friendly packaging. It smells amazing and has a strong scent od oranges, which i love. It also went on smoothly. I would definitely purchase this again as I only use natural deodorants. Looking forward to...
ATTITUDE Super Leaves Plastic-Free Natural Deodorant, Red Vine Leaves

11 reviews

I really like how this deodorant came in a plastic free, environmentally friendly packaging. It smells great and went on smooth. I would definitely purchase this again as I only use natural deodorants. Looking forward to trying the other scents. Thank you ☺
Schmidt’s natural deodorant stick

14 reviews

I recieved a free sample of this deodorant and I must say I have enjoyed the scent alot! I've tried another deodorant from this company- I believe it was the Rose one which I wasn't a fan of. I found the rose one to feel gritty. Like sanding my armpit! But not with the charcoal...
schmidts naturel deodorant

7 reviews

i have been looking around for a natural product and tried several that just didn't do the job. I then tried Schmidt's Rose+Vanilla Natural Deodorant and was not disappointed. I had no reactions from it, it went on smoothly, didn't feel sticky and i completely forgot about it...
Super Leaves Science Deodorant

2 reviews

WOW this deodorant made a huge impact in my life thank you so much because it smells really good and smell really original. It also stayed for a long time. DEF BUY IT AGAIN IN THE FUTURE!!!!
Live Clean cool and fresh deodorant

21 reviews

I love Live Clean Cool & Fresh Deodorant because: First, it is free from aluminum, propylene glycol & parabens. Second, it is 99% naturally derived ingredients. It has light and refreshing scent too.
Humble deodorant

1 review

palo santo frankincense has a almost anise fennel smell. It works better the any other deodorant I have ever tried . One thing though it doesn't last many swipes but it's ok because it's not needed to be applied everyday unlike most aluminium product that seem to have to use...
Nivea Natural Comfort Aluminum Free Roll-on Deodorant

3 reviews

I’m trying to lighten my underarms and a deodorant without aluminum was recommended. This product does last all day without any odor from your underarm. Inexpensive and works.
Dove invisible dry clean touch

2 reviews

After using dove invisible dry clean touch deodorant I noticed an instant difference in the softness of my underarms. The fragrance of the deodorant is fresh and clean smelling. I have recommended this to several of my friends and all have recently started using. This product...
Schmidt’s Rose and Vanilla all natural deodorant stick

2 reviews

Thank you @chickadvisor the opportunity to let me try this product! I appreciate the ingredients of this desodorant as it's 100% natural, no artificial fragrance, no aluminum salts. But the smell is very weird for me, i don't like it. I will maybe try with other scent.
Tom's of Maine Prebiotic Deodorant in Clean Coast

2 reviews

I got this on sale at a local store a while back and was interested since it’s aluminum free and the prebiotic factor of promoting good bacteria was interesting. It works really well and applies better than some other natural deodorant brands. The smell was really subtle and...
Native Candy Cane Natural Deodorant

4 reviews

Wow. Love this seasonal scent. It goes on smooth and there is no need to reapply like other natural deodorant. I had a problem with my order and the customer service was very accommodating. Love it
Dove Advance care roll-on antiperspirant

1 review

Perfect for when your on the go and need a quick freshen up while on the move it's perfect to fit into your handbag weather it's for w day out or for a night out this deodorant will be your best friend

1 review

I discovered this brand via the website "Local Boom" based in Vancouver (BC), promoting local and Canadian brands. Their goal is to "create/promote" a full cycle shopping movement that inspires Canadians and that supports small Canadian businesses. So far I'm completely...