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Hair Colour Reviews

Go from Blonde, Brunnette, to black! Whatever you want your hair color to be, a simple hair dye these days can make it happen for you. You can visit the salon to dye your hair or you can easily do it at home now with many wonderful hair dying kits. They usually come with a bottle to mix the solutions in, the solutions, gloves, and a conditioner to use.

Garnier, L'Oreal, and Clairol are just some of the brands that offer a wide range of hair dyes. Some hair dyes even provide special combs or tools to create highlights!

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göt2b Creative

450 reviews

I've coloured my hair all kinds of colours since I was a young teen (49 now) and I wish this was around back then. My hair would be less damaged. Great product. Will definitely recommend to others, esp ones with teens.
göt2b Head Turner

385 reviews

I have light blonde hair and wanted something that I could put in my hair for the weekend or special occasions but would still wash out by Monday and this did exactly that! Love the color! Just make sure you well saturate your hair and blow dry it completely!
Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Colour Cream Hair Color

266 reviews

I've been using this for years. I prefer to do my colour at home, this gives me a lot of flexibility in changing colour whenever I want without the salon hassle. This product works great, I do find my stubborn greys at the temple need touch ups before the rest, but I don't mind...
göt2b Lightened

248 reviews

I tried this product after stripping the color from my hair using L'oreal color remover, I was a medium brown to start. The color remover gave me a lovely orangutan color lol. I waited 4 days in between. So I wanted Got2be to get me the rest of the way. It did nothing for the...
Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Colour

174 reviews

I bought the Baby Blonde hair colour. I was very excited to try it but unfortunately my blonde hair turned out a little pinky, brasssy which was not what I had hoped for.
John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour

140 reviews

I've been using the extra light blonde colour of this hair dye for almost a decade now, after receiving a free sample to try. It's more expensive than many other brands but is so easy to apply and leaves my hair in fabulous condition every time. It doesn't have a horrid ammonia...
göt2b Unlimited

87 reviews

My daughter wanted to color her hair, so I went with the non-permanent color, she is only 11. I did the three colors in all her hair. It looks wonderful. Only thing is that the first time, it sisn't last! She went swimming in the pool the day after and it all came off. The...
L'Oreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color

95 reviews

Feria I find really comes out true to box color, especially if you've dyed your hair before, the hair dye seems to take up better. It does contains a fair amount of bleach so make sure to use a conditioning mask after and not to leave it on for more than 40 minutes because your...
Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Colour

123 reviews

For greys I found out that this product has full coverage and works best out of all the other brands that I’ve tried. It makes my hair soft and manageable and has a great shine.
Garnier Belle Color

62 reviews

I bought this product for the first time as it was on sale and i thought id try it, i got the color 110, my hair was getting to be a darker brown when i did use this product, and it worked out really great! The color turned out nice and butterly blonde id say, My hair feels...
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

73 reviews

I absolutely love this product, it’s my favourite. I use the the shampoo as well and conditioner and I started to use this product as well and I couldn’t be happier with it, it’s amazing! I’ve tried so many hair products nothing every worked or made my feel be as nice...
Garnier HerbaShine Hair Colour

80 reviews

I have used this hair dye in a red tone before. Its super affordable and usually on sale. It does on nicely, very simple mixing, it just fades really fast.
Garnier - Nutrisse Mousse - Nourishing Colour Foam

27 reviews

I used to dye my hair so often and I would always use this brand and line. The formula does not smell like typical hair dye and the colour is amazing.
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Colour

51 reviews

This product has never steered me wrong, I have been buying the London Lux for a few years now and the color is amazing. I have dark brown hair with greys and it covers all of them with ease.
Schwarzkopf Color Ultime Professional Quality Color

18 reviews

Used the purple passion and it is absolutely amazing, the shine is phenomenal and the colour stay is amazing. I would definitely recommend this to everyone and will definitely be using it again
Splat hair dye

19 reviews

I've bought several different types of hair dye from this brand. One of the first products I tried was the "Ocean Ombre" kit. Once the hair was dyed as directed, the colors washed out after about a week of regular showering. I've died my hair many times, and this was the first...
Joico hair color

1 review

Thanks to quarantine, I’m back to box dye 🤷‍♀️ After searching the shelves for the best one, I picked this one because I figured why not, my hair could use some more hydration. Not disappointed. My hair looks and feels amazing
Arctic Fox Poison

3 reviews

The pigment is great but it doesnt last long! Its gentle on your hair and leaves little damage. I find sometimes it leaves my hair a little dry but nothing a leave in conditioner cant fix! I usually use arctic fox for a pick me refresh between full colors to make my hair...
Punky cotton candy

1 review

It might be a light pink colour like cotton candy, it is vibrant and holds it own against the deeper colors. An excellent product. When used with with the purple and teal it looks just like cotton candy from the fair .
Manic Panic fuchsia

1 review

I love every color in manic panic. I especially love this color. It's so beautiful. Highly recommend wearing gloves as this product really does stain. But my outcome has always been great with this product. I did my sisters hair 2 weeks ago and it still looks amazing. Color...