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Hair Colour Reviews

Go from Blonde, Brunnette, to black! Whatever you want your hair color to be, a simple hair dye these days can make it happen for you. You can visit the salon to dye your hair or you can easily do it at home now with many wonderful hair dying kits. They usually come with a bottle to mix the solutions in, the solutions, gloves, and a conditioner to use.

Garnier, L'Oreal, and Clairol are just some of the brands that offer a wide range of hair dyes. Some hair dyes even provide special combs or tools to create highlights!

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göt2b Creative

450 reviews

I've coloured my hair all kinds of colours since I was a young teen (49 now) and I wish this was around back then. My hair would be less damaged. Great product. Will definitely recommend to others, esp ones with teens.
göt2b Head Turner

385 reviews

I have light blonde hair and wanted something that I could put in my hair for the weekend or special occasions but would still wash out by Monday and this did exactly that! Love the color! Just make sure you well saturate your hair and blow dry it completely!
Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Colour Cream Hair Color

271 reviews

It does not cover greys, even when kept for longest period of time. as explained in product guide. definitely not working ok black hair color. and coloured hair looks bluish when in sun.
Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Colour

248 reviews

Honestly? Absolutely no one knows I dye my hair. I have been been using this for years now and not a single person suspects a thing. ;) So I would appreciate it if you don't tell!! :D
göt2b Lightened

248 reviews

I tried this product after stripping the color from my hair using L'oreal color remover, I was a medium brown to start. The color remover gave me a lovely orangutan color lol. I waited 4 days in between. So I wanted Got2be to get me the rest of the way. It did nothing for the...
John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Colour

141 reviews

So with lockdown stopping me having my salon appointment so I decided to try this. WOW it did not disappoint. My hair looks like it has been coloured in the salon but for a fraction of the cost. So easy to use, cheap mad amazing results. Will definitely use again.
göt2b Unlimited

88 reviews

I love got2b hair dyes! Colour shows vibrant & lasts awhile it’s a favorite of mine - Not damaging as other hair colouring products I recommend to anyone looking for a vibrant colour they have a wide selection of the perfect hairdyes
Garnier Olia No Ammonia Oil Powered Hair Colour

138 reviews

Great hair dye without the chemical smell. My husband is very sensitive to scents and has a hard time sleeping in the same room after I've dyed my hair. He had no issues with this product. My hair felt soft after coloring and the color was even and vibrant.
L'Oreal Feria Multi Faceted Shimmering Hair Color

97 reviews

I have tried so many different products to help cover my ever growing grey hair collection haha. I have found now that I am using this, the length between coloring has increased, and my grey appears so much more healthy, not so dull.
Garnier Belle Color

65 reviews

Bought this hair dye on sale at Shoppers, think it was only $5 or $6 so great price! But I felt like I ran out of both the hair dye and conditioner too quickly. I rarely run out of dye when I colour my hair but I did with this box. So unfortunately for me, not all of my grey...
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

77 reviews

My hair is dark blonde, and I wanted to try this product to lighten it gradually. This spray works well, it does it work and you can see that the hair gradually change shade.
Garnier - Nutrisse Mousse - Nourishing Colour Foam

36 reviews

I quite enjoy this produ, no residue and works well. I feel it’s a great price for the value you get. I will definitely buy this product again. Enjoy and smell food
Garnier HerbaShine Hair Colour

80 reviews

I have used this hair dye in a red tone before. Its super affordable and usually on sale. It does on nicely, very simple mixing, it just fades really fast.
Loreal Age All Excellence Age Perfect Hair Color

19 reviews

Je recommande l'achat de ce produit car il couvre bien les cheveux gris. Les couleurs sont riches et le temps de pose est correct. Facile de faire le tout a la maison sans dégât.
Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Blonde Lightening Spray

1 review

I don't know why this spray is so hard to find nowadays. I've used it quite a few times in my life, with every new hair growth. And it does what it says! For reference, I'm in my early 20s. I have thick, wavy, untreated hair. I'm a natural dark blonde with reddish undertones...
garnier olia no ammonia hair colour

2 reviews

First time using this product and I noticed there was a pleasant scent to the dye unlike other brands I had tried before. Easy to apply but I would have a wet rag close by in case spills. I found there was enough dye to color my long hair however next time I will use a shade...
Beyond the zone radical bleach

1 review

This bleach is good for highlights, it did a good job on my hair, easy to follow directions. Effective and affordable, I love how it looks on my hair, will probably die my hair in a few days. I only sit the bleach for 30mins but it really did a good job.
Clairol L'Image Ultimate Color

30 reviews

The product worked well, I had blue and pink color along with my naturally dark brown roots and it took everything out, even the green tinge most leave behind however.... Applying the first bottle (I use two because I have ALOT of hair) it instantly made me gag and my eyes...
L'Oreal excellence

1 review

I have been lightening my hair gradually from brown to light blonde and I think I've gone through every single hair dye brand on the market but every single time, I get orangey roots. I bought L'Oréal excellence as a last resort (not sure why I left it so long to use) but it...
L'Oreal Excellence Creme in dark brunette 400

1 review

Un très bon produit pour se faire une coloration à la maison. Les tubes sont indiqués avec des numéros donc facile à utiliser. La couleur est superbe , ressemble le plus à ma véritable couleur, ce produit hydrate bien les cheveux et donne un très bon résultat.