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Baby Gear - Carriers Reviews

Baby carriers are often underrated, and yet some will argue that they are as important or more than a good stroller.  We've been bundling babies to our bodies for centuries at least, knowing instinctively to pair convenience with the benefits of mother-child bonding.  From those age-old methods to the modern strap 'n buckle models like Infantino or Baby Bjorn, some of the most popular baby carriers are the old-is-new-again Slings and Wraps (eg. Moby).

Our Tip: choose a baby carrier with the caregiver's comfort and fit in mind as much as Baby's!

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BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original City Black

82 reviews

Being a first time mom, trying to get back to your regular routine while taking care of your lovely newborn can be very challenging. There are days when you have to get things done around the house but it’s difficult when your baby wants attention. The baby bjorn carrier was...
Tula Standard Baby Carrier

36 reviews

I have had three Tulas and highly recommend this carrier to all parents. It was a lifesaver while my babies were little and I used it until my oldest was 2.5 years old. Cute patterns for any style ( I always just went with the plain colours). Tulas also have a fantastic resale...
Tula Explore baby carrier

1 review

I am a first time Mom, and son is 3 months old. Before he was born, I figured a carrier was a carrier-I had no idea the differences!! I bought bamboo wraps and ring slings. Both were ok for some hands free time around the house or short walks. I researched soft structured...
Ergo Baby Carrier Black with Camel Lining

46 reviews

I had a baby that would not go in a stroller. I used the Ergo with him, sometimes carrying him for up to 3 hours, quite comfortably. I never had issues with my back while using the Ergo. At 15 months, however, I upgraded to a Toddler Tula. My baby was quite tall and I liked the...
Tula Free to Grow Carrier

4 reviews

We love our free to grow carrier! It is perfect from newborn stage up, which was something missing from our Ergo. However, I was pretty disappointed when after one wash, the colours were quite faded. Also, the straps are quite long unnecessarily, and are a bit of a hassle. I...
Moby 2-1 Carrier Hip Seat

1 review

This multi use carrier is perfect when you are going to different places, you can accommodate accordingly by adjusting the carrier front, back and on the hip. I find having the on the hip option to take off so much pressure by redistributing the weight and allows me to be more...
Jolly Jumper Snuggle Cover

2 reviews

I purchased this off of amazon for my LO. It is amazing. It blocks the wind and keeps him warm in the carrier. It comes with a hood and has an elastic that goes around their feet to keep the wind out. I love that it has pockets for me too!
Beluga Baby wrap

1 review

I discovered the Beluga Baby brand of wraps through a recommendation by a coworker. It’s a local Vancouver, BC, based company and that’s great for a Canadian like me. Haley, the owner, provides excellent customer service and helps ensure the wrap fits and is wrapped...
Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier

12 reviews

Fits good around your body no matter what size you are or your baby. Are supportive when holding newborn but I do find it does strain on your back after about a half an hour of use. Quick and easy to put on especially in the winter when it's cold!
Lillebaby Complete Airflow

18 reviews

I love the lillebaby carriers! I have used this carrier for over 2 years and it has held up wonderfully! It's great so you can shop and carry baby, eat and carry baby, you can do everything with this carrier! It's also perfect for breastfeeding! I love this carrier SO much that...
Babybjorn baby carrier mini

1 review

We love our BabyBjorn baby carrier mini in 3D mesh! Super lightweight and comfortable for both mommy and baby. The mesh allows maximum airflow which come in handy during our Texas summers. Baby stays comfortable and does not over heat. I definitely recommend!
Maxi Cosi Lara collapsible stroller

1 review

There's a long list of advantages to this stroller over others.Light weight and fully collapsible, it easily fits in airplane overheads, car backseats, crowded apartment spaces, and allows easier navigation of stairs. Thoughtful design: two accessible storage areas, padded...
Kangaroo baby wrap

1 review

This product is my absolute go to for any new mama. Baby is snuggled close and safe to moms chest and also warm while mom has free hands to do shopping, house chores or chasing after toddler. So easy to fold and take and easy to assemble!

1 review

Kinderpacks are great all around SSCs. They come in 3 different sizes (infant, standard, preschooler), are very adjustable for the wearer (more so than a Tula or an Ergo) and have a well designed panel for a comfortable fit for kiddo. I've used mine for years with zero issues.
Ergobaby four position 360 carrier

12 reviews

I have only great things to say about this carrier. My family went to London and decided not to bring a stroller and just carry the baby around. With the way London is set up, this was the best option for us and allowed us to be so mobile.
Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

2 reviews

You hear all these things telling you it’s unsafe to put your car seat on top of the cart, put it in the basket, but that takes up so much valuable basket space! This is the perfect solution, place your baby in the hammock and stack everything underneath! Sometimes when I’m...
K’tan baby carrier

5 reviews

I loved how comfortable it was. But I had a hard time getting it on without assistance. My daughter hated having her head squishy in the cloth so I had to hold her head anyway.
Infantino Up Close Newborn carrier

2 reviews

i used this when my daughter was about 4 months old until she was 1 years old ,, no problems what so ever , she was comforatble and i was too ,,, easy for her to sleep on me if i was taking the bus or if i was taking the train. and its not expensive
MamanKangourou Baby Carrier Amerigo Stretchy Wrap

22 reviews

J'ai reçu cette écharpe comme cadeau et je l'aime beaucoup. Il me permet de rester en contact physique proche avec mon nouveau née pendant que j'accomplis mes tâches régulières. Mon bébé tombe fréquemment endormie près de mon coeur. J'apprécie aussi qu'il est...
Inline Baby Wrap

2 reviews

Love this Inline Baby Wrap. Comes with its own carrying pouch and 'how to' DVD instructions. It is very easy to use and I really love the material which has a soft and comfortable feel. The great thing about this product is that it keeps your baby close and snug to you and...