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Beauty Bars & Bar Soap Reviews

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Dove White Beauty Bar

6465 reviews

Leaves my skin soft and silky without all that soapy residue. I have sensitive skin and it does not irritate it at all. I have recommended my friends try it. :)
Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

582 reviews

I have bought the Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar many times and will continue to. It smells nice and fresh and yet does not irritate my skin. I use it every time I shower.
Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar

353 reviews

I purchased this item for a review on this website and to my knowledge it was exactly what I was expecting. Clean and fresh and great lather to which I told a few family members about and they went out and bought some and loved it so I am happy that I did this so very grateful...
Dove Go Fresh Revive Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Beauty Bar

150 reviews

As I only buy Dove beauty bars, I can say that all of the ones I've tried (which is most of them) smell delicious. This one is no exception. The smell is so refreshing! Dove soap bars keep my skin clean, soft and hydrated. I noticed that if I use a different kind of soap bar, my...
Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Beauty Bar

129 reviews

I like this soap alot . It has nice moisturizing qualities and smells great. I use it in the hallways bathroom. Overall I am very happy and would purchase again.
Dove® Unscented Beauty Bar

119 reviews

It has been so difficult to find a body wash that is truely unscented and fragrance free. Dove unscented never disappoints. It’s a,ways a great bargain as I can usually get a deal at Walmart for 3 or more and they last quite a while too. This leaves your skin a little bit...
Dove Go Fresh Restore Beauty Bar

116 reviews

I usually resort to my Dove Dry Oil beauty bar, but when i want a change, this is the bar to choose.Smooth silky skin, refreshing scent that sticks around. It is like a whip of summer/ Cleopatra luxury vibes. You cannot go wrong with this bad boy.
Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Mandarin & Tiare Flower Scent Beauty Bar

114 reviews

I love the scent of this bar soap. It smells amazing!! I want to wash my hands all the time it smells so good. It doesn't dry my hands at all but leaves them feeling soft. I love all the dove bar soaps!!
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Bar

89 reviews

I got this soap to try a different version from the original one! And oh my gosh it is so scented. Soft and make my skin so hydrated and smells good! It is affordable and definitely worth it the money !
Dove Bar Dove Go Fresh Pear and Aloe Vera Scent Beauty Bar

58 reviews

Dove go fresh bar is awesome.. its mosturise skun automatically so need to apply lotion after bath.. there.are no harmful chemicals. It makes skin baby soft.
Olay Ultra Moisture Beauty Bar

76 reviews

I use this soap to wash my face as well as my body. These beauty bars are to die for!! They are gentle on the skin and aren't too perfumed. I love how clean i feel after a shower and it leaves no dryness or sticky film on the skin and it's one of my go to shower bars.
Ivory Pure Clean & Simple Original Soap Bar

96 reviews

Ivory bar soap is the only soap we use. It is gentle on our sensitive skin. My husband loves the scent and it doesn't cost a fortune. My favorite by far
Dove white bar soap

37 reviews

Very moisturizing for my dry skin more noticeable during the cold winter months. I use the soap for daily baths and showers. It would be great if the soap was more affordable, i rarely find sales or promotional offers for the soap. Great product
Dove Pink Beauty Bar

43 reviews

I have a thing for bar soaps and a lot of them dry me out and make me itchy. Dove really helps me with that problem! It smells so good, it works up into a lovely lather and it doesn't leave me feeling like my skin is going to crack open if I don't dump 5 pounds of lotion on...
Dove® Winter Care Beauty Bar

62 reviews

I would buy this product all year long if i could, it is extra moisturizing and so gentle on my skin especially during winter when its cold and my skin tends to get dry, smells great, cleans great, love it.
Canus Goats Milk Bar Soap

42 reviews

Je suis une personne qui réagit facilement a tout produit parfumé et non parfumé car j'ai une peau sensible. Depuis que j'ai découvert cette barre de savon, je ne m'en passerais plus. Non seulement elle ne fais aucun dommage sur ma peau maia en plus ma peau est douce. De...
Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar

34 reviews

We usually use white dove beauty bar or unscented ones. But because it's so dry in the winter, I have purchased this product to try. The skin feels great after the wash, not tense feeling unlike some other soap. We still put lotion afterwards, but it's still keeps our skin...
Irish spring bar soap

19 reviews

I don’t usually like using soap bars and I mostly only use it for the smell because it smells absolutely amazing. You won’t even need deodorant lol cus it keeps your body smelling fresh
Dove Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Beauty Bar

13 reviews

I love the smell, the way it makes your skin feel, everything about it...........................................................................:..........................
Dove white body bar

5 reviews

The dove white body bar is excellent quality. After washing with this soap you will be left with smooth clean and wonderful smelling skin. It is effective and affordable I highly recommend it!