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Beauty Bars & Bar Soap Reviews

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Dove White Beauty Bar

6867 reviews

I have developed sensitive skin in my early twenties, I find this dove soap has helped my skin keep its moisture even when it’s so sensitive and fragile.
Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar

601 reviews

Wonderful product! Leaves your skin very smooth & refreshed with a wonderful feeling of cleanliness! I have very sensitive skin & this soap leaves no redness or dry patches. Love the product!
Dove Go Fresh Cool Moisture Beauty Bar

356 reviews

This soap leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean! I love the scent of it and it’s not overpowering. The cucumber scent is light and smells great! It is easy on my skin and I use it every single day! I have combination skin and it works really well for me!
Dove Go Fresh Revive Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Beauty Bar

151 reviews

I love, love, love this soap. I've been using it for about the past 5 years now. I have fairly sensitive skin and this soap doesn't irritate it which is really important. It smells amazing, lathers great and keeps my skin feeling moisturized. It's decently priced and comes in a...
Dove Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Beauty Bar

130 reviews

I LOVE Dove body care products. This scent is wonderful and true to its name, you have hints of pistachio cream and magnolia. This bar hydrated my skin during the winter time and the scent is very luxurious. Makes me feel like a queen. I love love love love love this scent. My...
Dove® Unscented Beauty Bar

119 reviews

It has been so difficult to find a body wash that is truely unscented and fragrance free. Dove unscented never disappoints. It’s a,ways a great bargain as I can usually get a deal at Walmart for 3 or more and they last quite a while too. This leaves your skin a little bit...
Dove Go Fresh Restore Beauty Bar

116 reviews

I usually resort to my Dove Dry Oil beauty bar, but when i want a change, this is the bar to choose.Smooth silky skin, refreshing scent that sticks around. It is like a whip of summer/ Cleopatra luxury vibes. You cannot go wrong with this bad boy.
Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Mandarin & Tiare Flower Scent Beauty Bar

115 reviews

Super bon savon! Il rend la peau super douce , hydrate bien et me laisse pas de residues de savon sur le corps! Il sent super bon! La barre dur assez longtemps! Jaime qu'il mousse énormement! Jai vue le format en gèle de douche, et je compte bien l'essayer.
Dove white bar soap

84 reviews

It doesn't leave me with the squeaky clean feeling like the Dove Shea Butter Soap which I normally use. This is very affordable, and lives up to its promises of moisturizing, but I think it's more for use on the face rather than the entire body. This Dove beauty bar is the best.
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter Beauty Bar

89 reviews

I got this soap to try a different version from the original one! And oh my gosh it is so scented. Soft and make my skin so hydrated and smells good! It is affordable and definitely worth it the money !
Dove Bar Dove Go Fresh Pear and Aloe Vera Scent Beauty Bar

60 reviews

I love the way my skin feels after using this soap. As well as the wonderfully refreshing scent. Definitely on of my favorites. Which is the same scent as my deodorant.
Olay Ultra Moisture Beauty Bar

78 reviews

I have used this product first time and believe me this is so amazing. Smell is so good, so fresh. It give moisturize to skin after bath. I feel so soft and fresh after using it.
Ivory Pure Clean & Simple Original Soap Bar

102 reviews

This is a mild soap. Great for sensitive skin. Does not leave a soap feeling on the skin. It leaves you feeling fresh and leaves a mild fresh scent on skin.
Dove Pink Beauty Bar

46 reviews

From the moment u open the box the smell of absoloute luxury spills out! It lathers so nicely and mostirizes like no other. I will be sticking these in my teenage daughter easter baskets actually love it!
Irish spring bar soap

35 reviews

J’ai essayé le savon en barre irish spring acheté par mon conjoint...OUF! Pas pour moi, très irritant pour la peau, je n’ai pas cesser de m’en gratter suite à l’utilisation de ce savon..
Dove® Winter Care Beauty Bar

63 reviews

I love the scent and how moisturized it makes my skin feel. I would purchase again if it was branded cruelty free and vegan, but alas, it currently has no seal on the box.
Canus Goats Milk Bar Soap

44 reviews

I do not typically use bars of soap, however, I love this brand, specifically the bubble bath. My spouse and I use the bars of soap to wash our feet after a long day of work to erase traces of foot odor. Works well, and doesn't dry out the skin.
Dove Dry Oil Beauty Bar

35 reviews

I bought this on a whim because it was on sale and wow was I impressed! While there is a strong scent when first opened, it does fade after a bit. This bar is moisturising enough that in the summer I doubt I'll need to use moisturiser afterwards. After using for a week I found...
Dove White Beauty Bar Scented

14 reviews

I use this light scented beauty bar from head to toe and have never had my skin dry. It refreshes my face in the morning and keeps my legs soft and moisturized. Dove is definitely a staple product in my everyday skin care.
Dove Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Beauty Bar

15 reviews

Okay so I am ALL for a fresh face and smooth skin which means having to keep my clear skin and Dove most definitely is my number one go too for this! Dove is great for smoothing surfaces, limiting oily skin while leaving your face with not just a radiant glow but also super...