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Body Oil Reviews

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NIVEA Q10 Firming Body Oil

979 reviews

Je trouve qu'il ne fait rien. J'ai des vergetures mais peut être les miennes ne sont plus traitable mais peut-être que pour d'autres personnes ça fonctionne. Je les avais recu par la poste de la compagnie. Mais C'est pas des produits miracles non plus.

659 reviews

Have been using this product for more than 5 years now . It does help fade away scars and even old scars. Need to rub it in the skin until it gets absorbed. Helps moisturize the skin as well .
Bio Oil Dry Skin gel pot

9 reviews

I had a “Mommy Makeover” a few years ago, which involves Ms taking the extra skin off of my abdomen and fixing my breasts highly recommend the procedure, but still there is scarring. Bio Oil is the greatest invention ever I wish I had known to use it when I was pregnant 15...
Sephora jojoba oil

3 reviews

First time using the jojoba protecting oil from Sephora. I was really interested in the product because I have acne and eczema and I heard it helps clear it up. My eczema is around my eyes so I need something mild to put on and this was perfect for me. I can immediately see the...
Monat REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive

1 review

This amazing oil is composed of the most exquisite oils that will balance, rejuvenate, and benefit the hair and skin. This oil is composed of 13+ unique ingredients, including antioxidants, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids. This products has over 100 uses and is the most...
Kirkland organic virgin coconut oil

10 reviews

We use this coconut oil for so much! We use it to cook, as a moisturizer, lip balm, diaper cream, massage oil and makeup remover. I especially like it as a diaper cream! We know what we are using on our child and it takes the redness away very quickly! I highly recommend...
Sephora coconut nourishing oil

1 review

I just ordered the jojoba oil to try as well given that I like the coconut version so much. This oil is for face, body & hair & I used it for all three areas already! I applied it to the ends of my hair & a little went a long way. I used this lightly on my face & more liberally...
Coconut body oil

2 reviews

Tres suprise du resultat. Tres efficace pour reduire l'apparence des cicatrices. Hydrate super bien la peau. Laisse la peau douche au toucher et non grasse. Senteur delicate et exotique
Rituals - The Ritual of Dao Shower oil

1 review

I received a free sample of this and have now asked for a full size for christmas. You only have to use the tiniest bit of oil and it lathers up so well, smells lovely and just feels so different on your body. I feel like I've been to the spa every time I get out of the bath...
The Body Shop Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil

1 review

I bought this product just to try something new and I absolutely love it. It makes my skin super soft and I have noticed some firming. The only downfall is having to apply it to damp skin which adds to shower time, but it's worth it. Very minimal amount of the product needs to...
Hard candy body luminator

1 review

Love this stuff soooo much!! Reminds me a lot of the fenty body lava! Only con is it can get a little bit sticky but it looks amazing on the body! Especially if you are taking a trip to somewhere like Jamaica
Coco Flamingo Moisturizing Body Oil with Coconut Oil

1 review

Bought this item on a whim at the drug store (approx $10) due to an expected sunburn. This stuff feels so good on the skin and is super moisturizing! It has a nice mild coconut smell that doesn’t last and isn’t overwhelming which is nice compared to most body oils that can...
Kanzy Organic Jojoba Oil 120 ml

1 review

I have super sensitive skin and bought this because it is 100% organic and chemical free for my dry scalp. Upon receiving the product, I found that it worked very well on my skin as well and it feels smooth and hydrated. This is a very light oil which is multi-purpose and can...
Britsh class coconut oil

1 review

I'm always hearing how good coconut oil is for your skin, but everywhere is sooo expensive for it. Luckily a friend of mine told me about this brand. It's super cheap and works amazingly well. You can get it at most grocery stores for less than 5.00. I literally use a tiny bit...
L'argan de ro

2 reviews

I absolutely love this stuff. It is a body conditioner you apply when wet in the shower then rinse off. It smells of rose jam and So yummy. I actually prefer to use it as a moisturiser and not rinse it off as the smell is so lovely I enjoy smelling my skin all day long. I have...
Tony Moly Firming Body Oil - Nourishing body oil mist with Pink Mallow

1 review

I stumbled upon this body oil at Winners. It was $10, which makes it a great value. I never used a body oil before. But I heard this name and decided to see what is the hype about. What can I say - I’m in love! I use it on my legs to moisturize after shaving. It soothes the...
Ah Cacao Chocolate Body Oil 120ml Made in Mexico

1 review

Ok ladies, this is the Best Body Oil hands down!!! It is super moisturizing. It smells so delicious that you’d want to lick yourself. Or maybe you’ll offer to do that to your partner. ;) A little bit of it goes a long way! I use it for my hands, for body, for lips, for...
clarins body shaping supplement

1 review

I just love it! Ive used quite a lot of anti-cellulite products... with no results! but this stuff is great! First of all, it does reduce my bumps and after a period of a few weeks my thighs and butt definitely looked tighter and better. Plus i love the "idea" of just adding...
Marc Anthony 100% coconut oil extra virgin hair and body

8 reviews

This is a high end coconut oil that has a lot of wonderful skin and hair repairing and rejuvenating properties. Use it in or after your bath or shower and you will see immediate positive results.
Lipstick coconut oil

6 reviews

Best moisturizing lipstick every I tried.... I would totally recommend this product to every gal with dry lips.... this is a life saver lipstick... must give it a try....