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Body Scrub & Exfoliants Reviews

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Dove Mango & Almond Butter Exfoliating Body Polish

284 reviews

I was looking for a good scrub for a while, eventually I came across the dove body polish at my local store and immediately bought it not knowing what to expect. After using it in the shower, my skin felt so soft and smooth. The smell is really nice too. This is a must have for...
Rocky Mountain Soap Organic Sugar Scrub

238 reviews

I was looking for a body scrub that isn't too harsh and smells of either vanilla or coconut (may favorite scents). Low and behold I came across this store in my city and they had these two scents mixed together. I bought the product and love it! After using it on my body, my...
Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk

109 reviews

This is a great body polish for sensitive skin as it isnt too fragranced and it iant too rough in texture. It helps nicely smooth the skin out while moisturizing and hydrating, so you dont have to worry about it being dry.
Dove Exfoliating Body Polish Pomegranate Seeds & Shea Butter

44 reviews

I used this twice thinking that maybe the first time it was just my skin reacting to a new product, but on both occasion it left my skin very itchy. It smells great though and do an ok job. I will stick to coffee scrubs.
Dove Body scrub

4 reviews

Tried this new product the other day and it’s amazing it left my skin feeling so nice and soft and smelling amazing which is always a bonus when it comes to body products. It washes away nicely no heavy ness to it. The exfoliate in it was a nice bonus as well. I will...
Cest moi

3 reviews

So here is My Review: I've only been using it for a week day and night but, I haven't had any breakouts since using it.Love this cleanser! It removes makeup with ease, leaves my skin feeling clean, fresh and smooth. It is light weight and slightly foamy when applied.iYou can...
Soap & glory buff and ready

1 review

I always wanted to try a Soap & Glory product but thought they were overpriced. I decided to treat myself and I’m glad I did! A little product goes a long way and it works so well, I think it’s worth the price. There are so many exfoliating beads it really does a good job.
Aveeno face scrub

1 review

I have been using Aveeno face scrub for over 9 years now. I use it daily and rarely had pimples or acne. It smells amazing and doesn’t damage the skin like other scrubs do.
Scentsy sugar scrub

1 review

They do a wonderful job. You might have to stir the product a bit with your finger before using it. Truly does make your skin softer and gets rid of dead skin. A tiny bit goes a long, long way. Up to the point that I wouldn't be surprised if my scrub lasts me a good 6 months...
Soap and glory scrub of your life

11 reviews

My skin feels so soft and smooth after using this. It's very gentle on the skin, but you can tell it gives a deep exfoliation. The smell is interesting, but it's pleasant. I love this stuff!
St.Ives fresh skin deep exfoliating apricot scrub

1 review

I absolutely love this scrub and it’s the only one I’ve used for a long time !! It keeps my skin feeling fresh and I find my lotion and makeup sink in better because of it. I also have sensitive skin and this is one of the only products Iv used that doesn’t cause me to...
Palmers coconut sugar

1 review

This was life changing. Not only does it smell HEAVENLY- It is very thick, coarse scrub, hard to squeeze out of the tube!- but it works unlike anything I’ve ever used. Not only does it feel amazing exfoliating with it, but the soft, smooth skin underneath is addictive. I...
Tree Hut Shea sugar scrub marula and jasmine

1 review

I haven't tried many Tree Hut products and love body scrubs. When I saw the description I decided to take a chance since the combination of scents sounded intriguing. My skin feels soft and the fragrance lingers without being too strong.
Harper and Ari exfoliating sugar cubes

1 review

These cute little cubes will leave your skin so soft and well hydrated ! I use them in shower , you need just one for your whole body. They came in different scents but I really like most of them. Very easy to use , instead of taking scrub by hand in a jar. Love them !😍
Sunday Rain Exfoliating Cubes

2 reviews

The smell of these made me just melt into my bath.... made me feel soo clean and refreshed! My only complaint is I wish there was more in the jar. I went through them so quickly!
Lovefresh pear sugar scrub

1 review

I love Lovefresh scrubs. They work so amazing and are 100% natural! what's better than that? The scent is just like the body butter, super sweet and fruity! They are a bit pricey but I usually grab them when there on sale on well.ca or in a gift box on there website.
The body shops zesty lemon exfoliating gel and body scrub

1 review

I am obsessed with this product. It smells clean and fresh which is a big deal for me since I have allergies. I love the way my skin feels after I use this product.
Lalicious coconut sugar scrub

1 review

Texture is amazing, whipped fluffy goodness. super effective when removing dead skin cells. Moisturizes great afterwards since it contains coconut oil. Scent is beautiful, I love anything coconut and this does the job! thumbs up.
Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Scrub

1 review

This brown sugar scrub is AMAZING! Leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. The scrub isn’t harsh and doesn’t irritate my skin at all, not to mention it smells AMAZING. Moisturized my skin. Highly recommend.
The body shop brazilian cupuaçu scrub-in-oil

1 review

I love this exfoliating salt scrub. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel amazing. I've been using this for months and although it is expensive at $32 a container its also well worth it. I love to scrub my legs with this before I shave them, my legs end being so soft and...