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Body Wash & Shower Gel Reviews

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Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

1783 reviews

Dove is and always will be my favorite body wash to use. Leaves my skin feeling soft and not dry like some body washes and soaps tend to do. I have been using dove for many years now, I also use dove shampoo and conditioner for all the same reasons as the body wash
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, Vanilla and Oats

512 reviews

I have very sensitive and dry skin. It always gets itchy and sore and i have eczema in the winter so finding body wash that is gentle on my skin has been quite the struggle. Since using this product my skin has been soft, not itchy and i didnt even notice eczema this year. Its...
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, Apricot and Honey

472 reviews

I received it as a set gif from a friend. I found the Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash, Apricot and Honey so nutritive to my body that I really feel the difference. It does not dry my skin as other body wash. I feel the apricot and honey in my bath every morning it is...
AVEENO Positively Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash

491 reviews

I keep repurchasing this body wash. This is a great body wash for dry skin! It has little to no scent and the bottle lasts a while. It is also not harsh on skin and is great for sensitive dry skin. I would recommend this product!
Le Petit Marseillais Extra Gentle Shower Crème in Orange Blossom

418 reviews

I love this body wash, it smells so amazing and lathers great. The bottle lasted me quite a long time. I love it. The orange blossom fragrance is perfect for spring.
Dove® Go Fresh Cool Moisture Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Body Wash

389 reviews

This was a favorite throughout pregnancy. I was in love with the smell. I stopped after delivery only because of the perfumes but will definitely start using again. Glad I came across thus product, will grab some today!
Dove Shower Foam Deep Moisture Foaming Body Wash

287 reviews

I've been using the dove foam products since they came out. I use less soap and its like an instant lather. Great for shaving my legs with. Doesn't dry my skin like other soaps and I have sensitive skin so I'm a great test subject for it.
Dove Purely Pampering Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Body Wash

269 reviews

I honestly love all of the dove's moisturizing body wash because they leave your skin really soft and smooth! Though, this is my favorite because shea butter allows your skin to be extra moisturized. I love the smell. It doesn't come off too strong either. It smells like a baby!...
Vichy Ideal Body Spa Shower Gel-Cream

261 reviews

J’adore ce produit!! La senteur de fleur est geniale,il rend ma peau douce et j’ai l’impression de me faire dorloter! Par contre il coute cher pour un gel douche alors jen achete pas souvent mais cest sur si vous ne lavez pas essayer vous devriez au moins une fois!...
Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Body Wash

279 reviews

I have sensitive skin. My skin feel so soft and stay hydrated. It was smell good after I’m using. I love it! I can’t use others soap like Victoria’s Sercet or whatever you name it because I easily can get the sensitive skin.
Dove Shower Foam Shea Butter with Warm Vanilla Foaming Body Wash

217 reviews

The dove shower foam makes it easy to use since I just use the pump to get the soap on the loofah . It takes the hassle of rubbing soap on the loofah . I likes the Shea butter as it made my skin feel soft . The only downside is that I didn’t know how many pumps of shower foam...
Dove Go Fresh Revive Pomegranate & Lemon Verbena Body Wash

238 reviews

This Dove go fresh revive pomegranate and lemon verbena body wash is my go to pick for daily showers. It’s so creamy and fresh scented plus cleaning, Your skin will feel softer.
Dove Shower Foam Cucumber & Green Tea Scent Foaming Body Wash

217 reviews

I hate buying soaps and shower gels that don’t foam, but with this I have nothing to worry about. It’s incredibly foamy, smells amazing, and leaves you squeaky clean.
Aveeno Active Naturals Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

216 reviews

Je me suis fait tatouer cet été et il me fallait un nettoyant doux, hydratant et naturel alors j'ai adoré l'utiliser. Doux pour la peau sensible et hydratant pour la peau sèche
Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter

178 reviews

I buy this product regularly and love it. I like how it lathers easily. It cleans well but it doesn't dry my skin. I like that it is minimally scented.
Le Petit Marseillais White Peach & Nectarine Extra Gentle Shower Gel

163 reviews

Amazing smell! I’m not sure it’s worth the full price I would get it on sale! But the product does smell great and leaves your skin soft and silky addicted to the scent
Aveeno Active Naturals Calming Body Wash

193 reviews

It’s really good for sensitive skin and the smell isn’t strong. Some stores have this product and can be alittle bit more pricier then other stores but usually this product on sale and also they come in different varieties
St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Hydrating Body Wash

188 reviews

I use St Ives body wash year round but in winter I like to this variety for the soothing smell and feel on my skin, plus the extra hydration is provides to drier winter skin. I buy it on sale and find this variety less easy to find in stores so I stock up on it when I find it...
Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk with Jasmine Petals Body Wash

165 reviews

The body washes from dove are my favourite. I love them. They are just incredible, they do not strip your skin and make your skin feel dry. This body wash leaves your skin nourished and feeling soft. I have been using them for a very long time now and I love them so much.
Ivory Original Body Wash

170 reviews

I love how thick the ivory body wash is. I can't get enough of the clean and fresh scent. It is the only bodywash I can use in the winter because of my eczema. I love that it is so soft on skin that even our toddler can use it!